Saturday, November 12, 2022

New Place, New Adventures, New Smells

 Yuma Lakes RV Resort

We woke up on Saturday, Nov. 12th around 5:30 but didn’t get up until 6. Our optical and dental appointments were early, 8:15 and 9 respectively. I had a tea and Bill had cereal. We left the Suite at 7:15 and drove west through a section of Yuma onto I-8 catching the Algodones Road at the casino.

I keep trying to get a good picture of the
Yuma Territorial Prison as we drive by
but with the cement barriers along the highway
it is quite challenging
It's a place that although fascinating, gives me the creeps

We're still bouncing back and forth from 
Arizona to California
ignoring the time changes

We were early, but that just made for a quicker walk through to O & A Optical. The vendors weren’t all out at their booths yet. 😊 Not expecting Laura or Miguel to be in, we sauntered down towards their alley. Alas, he was out sweeping the tiles and welcomed us in to pick up our glasses. It wasn’t even 8 o’clock yet. That was fast and since we were both happy with the fit, we left after he took a picture for his web site. Happy customers.

if you have to wait anywhere, this is a 
beautiful sunny courtyard to wait

Since I don't have Miguel's picture of us
I thought we'd take our own
Bill sporting his new transition glasses

I didn't get the transition lenses but I do
like what we both ended up with
I love the shadows on the stucco wall

From there, we walked, even slower to Dr. Eva’s for our dental appointments. Rather than sit inside her office for 45 minutes, we sat in the sunny courtyard next door. I waited here once before with Ken, Kim and Keith while Bill was having work done inside. We people watched and at 8:45 went in to see Maria, the receptionist.

This little fountain, which isn't working right now,
is for my sister, Donna
and my girlfriend, Brenda
They both love elephants

Bill was in and out fairly quickly with a cleaning and to have his crown, that came off over the summer, reglued. I went in before he came out for my cleaning. We were both surprised that we only had to pay for the cleaning, $35 each, n/c for the crown. 😊 Bill said Dr. Eva did a fair bit of work to get it back on so that was an extra feather in her cap.

Maria, George's daughter, had to step out
but she was quite chatty with me this morning 😃
She's a sweet young lady

We had a few things we wanted to pick up before crossing back into California and had success finding what we were looking for. At the Purple Pharmacy, I picked up a couple more bottles of my shingles pills at $11/ea and we walked directly across with no line up or delay. It was 10:30 AZ time. Back home, Gibbs was happy to see us and it felt like coming home. We have a nice site and it looks and feels welcoming with our things set out. Our little greeter helped too.

I sat outside before the sun disappeared from
the patio
It was hot and although there were flies,
they were not as persistent and the wind
was non-existent!

We changed into shorts since the day was warming up quickly and read some before I went outside to sit in the sun. We had a few small things to do, a water jug to fill in the fridge, Gibb’s food container to be filled and Bill attached the sewer hose and dumped our tanks. None of that took long at all but it was 11:30 when I realized just how hungry I was. I hadn’t eaten yet!

One of the staff, I'm assuming, has gone all out
at their site with many decorations
This turkey won't be on anyone's table
come Thanksgiving but the winds on Wednesday
may have a heyday with it

We took care of our lunch and then relaxed some more. I walked up to see if there was a puzzle and there wasn’t but there were lots to choose from. Of course, I started one! Need you ask? 😊 There were card games going on behind me but I wasn’t fazed as I set to work. It’s a cute picture but not the best pieces for staying together. I made good progress in an hour and a half before I wandered back. Tomorrow, I’m hoping for a pool day!

This is the puzzle I chose today
Isn't it cute?

Gibbs and I went for a nice walk around the park and he got a lot of sniffs taken care of. ‘There were a lot of dogs here, Mom!’ Good thing I love the little bum. For supper tonight, we had leftovers. Bill had the last of the chili with toast and I had the last of the hamburger and peas mixture with some asparagus. I’ve wrapped the vegetable in tin foil hoping that will keep it fresh long enough until I can eat it all. It was a big bunch! Thank you, Suzie for that tip. 😊

We might be snacking later 

After loading the dishwasher, we had a quiet evening. I worked on my post and then we read. I’m also working on a grocery list for tomorrow, the fridge and freezer are looking pretty sparse and that makes for tough meal planning. It was a great day but we’re going to skip the dance at the clubhouse (or wherever it is). Bill’s arm doesn’t twist too well and without another couple to go with, there wasn’t a lot of interest on my part either.

Just up the road from us.....
Tom and Deb, does the Stinger "B"
have an offspring? 😂
good night y'all!

Thank you for coming by.


  1. I like the courtyard, very inviting. The glasses look pretty spiffy too!


  2. Beautiful day for a visit to Mexico. Glad you got everything done. You almost fooled me. I wondered how Tom and Deb could get from New Mexico so fast.

  3. That foil trick works for celery and other veggies too. It's nice to get glasses at a reasonable price. Great courtyard to wait in.

  4. The sunny courtyard is awesome. I hope Gibbs is used to all the dog smells now.

    God bless.

    1. Ha ha, I don't think Gibbs will ever be used to all the smells. Too funny.

  5. Sounds like a good day. You've got some good medical people there.
    Are the flies always this bad, or this just an anomaly?

    1. I've noticed the flies more in the last couple of years down here but hoping Quartzsite will be a different story. ;)

  6. Elva actually told me about the foil trick and yes, it does work! :) I love the pics of you and Bill in your new glasses! Great price for a cleaning! Love the turkey on top of the motor home!

    1. We all need food tips to keep our veggies etc. fresh. The prices for dental work are great!

  7. Looks like another successful trip over to Algodones for you. Nice glasses! Hopefully you get your wish for a swim in the pool while you are at this RV park and yes, the puzzle is cute.

    1. Yes, thinking this is the last trip to L.A. Unless we are going with friends, we just like to go and get home to the baby. :)

  8. It looks like the weather is still cooperating while you enjoy the freedom of the southwest.
    Nice glasses for the both of you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. It's a beautiful day. Enjoy your time in the pool. Jerry set up a table in the outside room for puzzles. Now we just need puzzles.

    1. It was a beauty of a day. Thank you, the pool awaits! Yay, puzzles!

  10. I love the little fountain. Any chance you could toss it in the truck bed?

  11. Those cheaper specs and dental work in Algodones are a major benefit! Had to give in and recognize winter here when we woke up to the white stuff.

    1. Yes, it is a great savings for us when we're here. :) Oooh, winter. Be safe.