Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Bocce Ball, Laundry and Help with the Puzzle 😊

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

On Tuesday, Nov. 22 after Gibbs and I got out for our walk around the park’s west perimeter, Bill and I walked up to the Bocce Ball court. I took my mug-to-go with my tea. It was a beautiful morning, 53F/12C, sunny skies and very little wind. I wore my wind breaker; Bill was in a t-shirt. As Janet, at the courts, said ‘you must be Canadian to dress like that’. 😊 We’re proud to say we are!

The sky this morning on our walk

There were 5 courts in play today with 22 participants That is a great turnout. Out of 5 games, I only came out the victor in two and Bill did the same or less. We had fun and he agreed that they are a good bunch of people. That will be it for our play here at the park though, so we walked back home around 11. 

We decided to have lunch before laundry so I made us each a grilled cheese sandwich. They were delicious and a great change.

It was a nice turnout 
and a nice morning to play Bocce Ball

We sorted clothes and I stripped the bed to wash the sheets as well. Bill drove up with me because I wanted to stay and work on the puzzle in between cycles. No point in the truck sitting there for 2 hours. There were poker games going on in the other room as I worked away. When Jasmine, a young Californian girl, came in to work on a puzzle, I invited her to join me. She was shy at first but we soon hit it off and made it our sole job to finish it today. πŸ˜‰


Bill helped me fold and took the basket back while I went in to help Jasmine. By 3:15, we’d finished and although disappointed to find 3 pieces missing, we were proud of the finished picture. She is probably close to 20 (?) but is here for the week with her brother and parents. That was fun! We took pictures and parted ways. Back home, Bill and Gibbs were outside beginning the pack up. It doesn’t take long but the mat and bbq were away already.

Thanks to Jasmine, the puzzle
got finished before I left πŸ˜„

I made the bed and Bill went to fill a water bottle so we’re well stocked on drinking water – Gibbs and I. 😊 I poured myself a beer margarita and started my post. I have a book to finish so Bill can read it next. He finished his book this afternoon and I’ll start it tonight. We’ve both read a lot of books so far since we left home and there are more to come!

Supper was good

For supper, we had leftover hamburger helper with a salad. That was good and filling. We watched another episode of The Voice tonight and then watched the shows we recorded last night. This has been a great day!

Last year, Nov. 22nd we were 
staying in a Walmart in Benson
It was a bounce around trip because
of leaving home later
Good night!

Thanks for the pop in.


  1. Another well rounded day. Games, puzzles, reading and a little laundry to top the day off. Enjoy the weather.

  2. Looks like the RV Park offers lots of fun things to do.
    You probably have your favorites.
    While your in Arizona don’t you do any touristy side trips
    or check out the areas where your staying for that time period?
    I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go every day since you
    are able to enjoy the Park your in.
    Hope you enjoy your winter and you get lots of sunshineπŸ€—
    Linda a.

  3. Glad enjoyed your day. Amazing how laundry just keeps piling up so quickly isn’t it? The puzzle looked interesting, very busy. Unfortunately I just don’t seem to have patience to do puzzles any more, yet I can read for hours in the sun. Safe journey.


    1. Thank you Deb. It would be nicer to do a puzzle in the sun! haha

  4. Anything over 50C is definitely lovely weather, especially when you're going to be active. Sounds like the bocce was fun.
    Safe travels today!

    1. If we'd been there longer, I would have gotten into the shuffleboard and horseshoes. thank you Maebeme.

  5. I had to laugh. The last time we were in Vegas I was getting ready to go swimming and was just watching a lady do laps. Some friendly Americans looked at me and said "You must be Canadian as only you guys go swimming when it is this cold." I laughed and said that 70 was a perfect temperature for swimming. Especially after leaving a place that still had snow on the ground.

    That puzzle looks awesome.

    God bless.

    1. You're absolutely right! Usually they ask like this "you must be Canadian, eh?" It gets a good laugh. :)

  6. Looks like another awesome day! A great grilled cheese is awesome to have now and then! Glad you played bocce ball, I remember how you enjoyed it!

    1. Yes, I've loved Bocce Ball at Pilot Knob and these guys were fun too. I could have played more games but they only play 5. :)