Friday, November 11, 2022

The-y-‘re Ba-a-ck! Warm Day to Move, Remember

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

Friday, Nov. 11th is Remembrance Day for us Canadians. Veteran’s Day for our American friends. Celebrate it properly. Take time to be thankful and remember those who served in one way or another.

Thank you Mom

Bill and Gibbs were up at 6:30 and then I left them in bed while I got up half hour later. It was no surprise to hear that the winds were back. Around 5:30 a gust of 30 mph rocked the Suite although we were sleeping so didn’t notice. 😊 We had our coffee and tea and I took Gibbs and Gibbs took me for our walk. The sun was beautiful but I needed a jacket over my sleeveless top, against the gusting winds.

On our walk this morning, we
came across another one of these
stone creations

What, Mom? We're leaving this desert?

Bill was up having his cereal when we returned so I joined him. Today is moving day but not until around 2:30 so we weren’t rushing at all. We read our books and Bill went out to put things away. I latched the bedroom closet, cleaned the toilet and bathroom sink, got washed and dressed for the day. Already, at noon, it is 66F/19C with a great day coming our way. We had a bite to eat for lunch, neither one of was overly hungry.

While in the desert, we were officially
on California time, 3 hours from home time
even though Bill and I never paid attention to that
but now, officially, we're back
to the AZ time zone and 2 hours behind

Things are very dusty inside but other than the occasional wiping with my dust mitt, no huge effort has been put into it while we sit here. The floors get a dust mop every few days too but just a quick one. Now that we'll be plugged in for almost two weeks, it will get a good going through until our next dusty desert adventure. LOL We’ve learned to live with the dust and small stones just like most other rv’ers have. Having a spotless home out here is not a priority.

The never-ending Yuma farming

It was 2:30 AZ time when we pulled out and we were set up at Yuma Lakes RV Resort by 3:30. The site suggested was one section that we’d not been in before and it was a wider site with no one behind us. I like that. Facing the east will be better for Gibbs and Bill and I will be at the pool when I want to sit in the sun. Bill got the outside things set up and I dusted the wood cabinet tops before setting things out.

Bill knew exactly where we were going
and we turned onto S Laguna Dam Rd.

Which brought us to the park road

We’re here for 12 nights and we will enjoy the power and water a lot! I feel relieved. 😊 The satellite dish was set up and we got the best signal that we were able to. Inside I made a cup of tea after things were ‘unpacked’ and Bill finished with the barbecue, mat and chairs. I have taken the last container of my chili out of the freezer and that will be an easy supper. There is a chicken meal at the clubhouse tonight but chili sounds better.

Turning onto the park entrance road
I caught sight of this well-watered field

This is the park where we had the power surge last spring
that pooched our fridge etc. 
No worries, that was a fluke on the site and we now have
a surge protector anyway

Clouds have moved in, dropping today’s high temperature of 73F/23C by a few degrees by the time we were ready to eat. The good news is that the winds are almost non-existent here. 

We have a nice wide site

and a tree line behind us πŸ’“

After heating the chili, Bill made some toast and we enjoyed our quiet dinner here at home. The sun was setting out our small back window so before it dropped, I walked out and took a picture or two. We’ll miss the rising unless I’m out so this will be nice.

It was an easy, tasty supper
with an ice cream cone for dessert tonight

We loaded the dishwasher (yay for hookups and water!) and I had my shower first. Tomorrow is an early day so getting the showers out of the way tonight made sense. Oh, do I love that water pressure! 😊 An easy moving day is behind us and we’re looking forward to what the rest of the week brings.

Saying goodbye to a pretty evening
Good night!

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  1. Looks to be a beautiful site. Nice and big. Love the sunset pictures. Too bad about pilot Knob. When the Mom and Pop owners sell to the big boys, prices always go up.

    1. Thanks Doug. Yes, I think we'll like it here on this spot and in this park.

  2. What a lovely picture of your Mom!
    Glad to read you have a surge protector! Enjoy those wonderful full hookups. Great sunset pictures.

  3. That stone creation is beautiful. Don't forget about us. We are only about 30-35 minutes away.

  4. Looks like this site is a bit busier. Enjoy your time here.

    God bless.

  5. Is that where we came and saw you one of the first years and sat outside? Your chili looks amazing! I love that pic of your mom!!