Friday, January 13, 2023

Home, Parker, Home Again

Park Place RV Park

Friday, Jan. 13th, (huh, didn’t realize it was Friday the 13th until Bill pointed it out at supper time), our day followed the normal route. The sky was pink to the north when I looked out my little window and I recited Daddy’s phrase. “red sky at night………” and was glad I wasn’t a sailor. 😉 Gibbs and I walked our 12 minutes and then I headed up and around the big block. I didn’t meet Bill, so he’d already be at the field. It was a calm, coolish (41F/5C) morning and it was a lovely walk

This was taken last night
Gibbs always falls asleep on me in my chair before bed
I hated to disturb him but I was also falling asleep and wanted
to go up to bed. 💗

More clouds than sun today but we did utilize our solar power all day. I sorted and took the 2 loads of clothes over to the clubhouse laundromat around 8:45. No one would be over there that early and they weren’t. 

The pink sky was gone but
this was just as rewarding to me

I worked on some ‘homework’ that I have left unattended to since we returned home in the spring. Usually, I go through my ledger book (for want of a better word) that details every .5¢ we spend each winter.

It isn't neat but it works
as long as I remember to record each
receipt/purchase 😀

I worked away at that, tallying up each category and will eventually follow up by typing it into a Word document. It’s always interesting to see the differences. I worked on the puzzle and my Wordle games in between doing the appropriate laundry chores. I was done and had my clothes put away by the time Bill returned home at 10:40. 😊 That’s it for another week.

A drive to Parker,Az - mostly flat
Such different views from a drive to Blythe, Ca - mostly mountainous

We had an early lunch and then drove to Parker for a few groceries, stocking up until payday. The Walmart had everything on our food list, so before we headed home, we made a stop at Ace Hardware and then made our way back to camp. With the food put away, I went over to the puzzle and worked with Adele, Robert and Susan. This is a crazy one but it is fun, finding the odd things happening in the picture. It’s called Camping World and there are some very funny goings-on.

I like the old, refurbished caboose in Parker
I also am reminded of my little sister, Wendy when I see it
She worked in the Railroad Museum many years

Back home at 4, Bill and I read until supper time. We had air fried chicken thighs, a potato between us, corn and asparagus. It was a good supper. We ate it in two stages though. The chicken was so thick in the middle, so we ate our veggies while I popped the thighs back in for another 8 minutes. Then they were perfect 😊 We cleaned up and listened to the Jukebox Oldies while I worked on my post. Fire Country is recording an when I’m done, we’ll watch it together. No commercials.

remember our diesel price here? It is now $4.09/gal
this is in Parker, today

We reached a high of 68F/20C today which was pretty warm, even under cloudy skies. I’m sure it was another lovely sunset but probably no different than last nights so I stayed inside and readied our meal instead of photographing it. This was a quiet day but we are stocked up on food again for a bit and the clothes are clean. I hope your day was a good one.

Supper, before I cut into my chicken thigh and chose to cook it longer
They were just a bit too pink around the bone and we
are 'bone-picking' people! 
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. I just put gas in my Jeep yesterday here in Borrego Springs and it was $4.99. These Californians must be rich. You got a couple of choirs done today and that's always good. Cute caboose.

    1. We're saving lots on fuel this winter by sitting still but it helps that the price is down.

  2. Glad to see fuel coming down a bit. Seems they raise it every weekend. Not sure what time, but I'll see you tomorrow.

  3. Curious how busy the Parker Walmart was when you were there? Someone posted a video on FB a few days ago and it looked like a zoo! Was so loud too LOL. Nice to see prices going down, it's about time! I've got a book like that too. I add it up at the end of the trip, but that's where it stays..LOL. :)

    1. The Walmart was very busy. Longest we've ever waited in line to check out. Didn't notice that it was noisy though. ? They had 7 out of 10 cashiers working and there were line-ups for self-checkout. It was a Friday though so it didn't faze us too much. :) We're retired! haha

  4. We have been having lovely if cloudy weather up here. The last couple of days have been just at freezing or just above. I am hoping it stays this way for awhile.

    Your supper looks awesome.

    God bless.

    1. I'm glad back home isn't bad for weather now but I hope that it isn't waiting until spring! haha