Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Winter Arrives in Quartzsite

Park Place RV Park

On the last day of January, Tuesday the 31st, we woke up to the real winter in the Q. We’ve had chilly days this month for sure, but today, we woke up to a brisk wind, mostly cloudy skies and a cool 44F/6C. No snow, so we still aren’t complaining too loudly. 😊 Everyone I’ve heard talking about it in the park agrees that this is one of the coldest days this month. All because of the wind. Brrr.

A little blue sky through the clouds this morning
It was cold so we walked fast

Bill hopped in the shower first thing and Gibbs and I bundled and went for a walk. The clothes were sorted for laundry and when I returned, I walked over with the basket. I needed to use the door code to get in the clubhouse since the office doesn’t open until 9. With 2 loads in the washers, I returned at 8:30 to wait for them to finish and made my tea and oatmeal.

You know how Gibbs has always sat behind me in my chair?
Well, look closely

Bill wasn’t flying in this wind and cold but he headed to the club’s ‘Hangar’ at Jim’s place so he could do some Presidential duties and use a tool from Jim’s workshop. The place is open to all flyers to do work on their planes at any time, no cost to the members. 😊 No wonder Bill loves this club so much! I switched the loads to the dryers and worked on the puzzle while they dried.

finished this morning

Susan and I finished the existing puzzle to find one piece missing. Funny, because there was a note in the box where I’d written that I completed it last March and it was complete. Puzzling (haha), eh? I knew it was familiar but didn’t think I’d done it before. LOL I started another one after Susan left and I’ve opened another can of worms! The border is ridiculous!

I bought these two rubber mats yesterday
at Tyson Wells and got rid of the
clear plastic carpet matting

After lunch at home with Bill, I went back to try and make heads and/or tails out of it but it isn’t easy. Robert and Adele joined me around 2:30 and she and I did our best to sort it out. Robert worked on the easy parts in the middle, but he stayed out of our way. Her words, not mine. 😊 At home around 3:30, I made Bill and I a cup of tea and we relaxed for the remainder of the day. I did go out with Gibbs briefly but it was too chilly to go too far. I know, ‘Wimp!’

A pretty picture of friendship
I thought it would be a good one

The 4 regulars playing Pokeno
Some serious pennies being bet here 😂

Side border is done
Top and bottom - in progress

I started a new book, this one by Mitch Albom called ‘The Stranger in the Lifeboat’. I’d heard bits and pieces of it in one of his podcasts and it intrigued me enough to buy the book for myself for Christmas. For supper, we had Uncle Ben’s rice with wieners, broccoli and corn. Not much of a nutritional meal but it was filling and tasted just fine. We cleaned up the pots and Bill loaded the dishwasher. 

It has been a pretty quiet day.

Bill and Gbbs read the Quartzsite pamphlet

A sweet picture of our sweet little bum

Warmer weather is forecasted to arrive starting tomorrow with some nice weather for the beginning of February. We didn’t get the rain last night and this morning the sky showed no signs of it appearing. We dodged that bullet but areas to the south of us got quite a bit of it. The winds today were from the north, between 12 and 17 mph but not enough for us to have to pull the roof in on our gazebo. 😉

Our farenheit forecast

For our back home followers
the Celcius version
Either way, it gets better

Good night!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. Well it's very cold here too Patsy. Little puppy feet can't take the cold snow for long. I read that book by Mitch Albom and it was very good.
    Hoping you get some warmer weather soon.

    1. They have little boots for dogs in different sizes and it protects their feet!

    2. We're grateful our weather will change soon.
      I am lovingall of his books.

  2. I'm so glad YOU are doing that crazy hard puzzle and not me!! Congrats on the other one. Another conquest under your belt. Gibbs makes me smile every day. It's funny how he always wants to be so close to one or both of you! Puppy love!!

    1. Haha too funny about the puzzle. Another frustrating one and i thought it would be easy!
      Puppy love is right and if you were here, he'd want to be near you too!

  3. Cold and very windy here too. Hopefully the wind dies down and the sun warms us up soon.


  4. Isn't it strange that there seemed to be a piece or two missing in a puzzle? It's like the missing sock in the dryer. Gremlins, I think!

  5. Very cold here, though warmer weather is supposed to arrive by Friday. It's all relative to what one becomes accustomed to you, so your 44F would feel chilly to me too.
    Are you planning to stay in the park until your return trip to Canada?

    1. Our weather is warming up too and yes we are here until April 1st when we start for home. Slowly.

  6. I agree. The wind has to go. Your little doggie is so sweet and attentive. Enjoy the new, I mean new again puzzle.


  7. Gibbs reading the pamphlet had me laughing out loud. I had to show that picture to Jerry. Too cute!

  8. Not a bad day here, but of course colder than there. Tomorrow temps are falling and hopefully things warm up pretty soon.

    God bless.

  9. The picture looks like Bill is reading a story to Gibbs! OH my heart! Temps look good this week. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday and meeting Gibbs!

  10. Glad Shirley is coming to see you! Always neat when Bloggers get together. It will be fun for both of you. Becky