Friday, January 27, 2023

Filling the Fridge and Cupboards

Park Place RV Park

On Friday, Jan. 27th after Bill took Gibbs out, he didn’t come back to bed. Gibbs joined me but because our government pensions had been deposited into our accounts overnight, he was downstairs doing the banking. Bill is the financial officer of the household. When I got up at 7:30, he was ready to fill me in on the details of how the funds had been moved. 😊

Good Friday morning!

First things first, I took Gibbs around the park perimeter and then was prepared to listen while having my cup of tea. Hmm, maybe that was the other way around. I’ve forgotten already. The sky was clear blue and that meant the sun was in full force BUT it was still quite chilly on my legs and through my lightweight gloves. It was 36F/2.2C so I skipped my walk.

Remember our friends remote cars?
This is the little ramp they created for them to go up

We’d decided yesterday to go to Parker and stock up on groceries at Walmart. There is a Safeway across the street but Walmart has everything we need, including the ink tanks for our printer and subsequently the best price too. We indeed stocked up and walked out with everything on the list for less than $200. Gotta’ love that. The line ups were long enough with people doing the same thing, carts much fuller than ours, so we used the self-checkout.

Driving into Parker
Look at that view!
Every town should have mountains surrounding it

Bill used the Allpoint ATM at the CVS store to withdraw some cash and we were home by 11:30. Putting things away was fun, the freezer is jammed full and that puts the ‘chef’ at ease for upcoming meals.

We managed to get a few good deals
These thighs for 4 meals - $5.82??? Wow!
Also, bacon, fish, ground beef, sausageand burgers

After a wrap for lunch, I went to the puzzle until 2:30. Gibbs and I sat outside in the sunny bits peeking in the gazebo while I read. He is quite heavy on my left arm, the way he likes to sit with us, so I put him in after an hour and made my tea to go back out on my own. 😊 Our big chairs are quite cozy.

this is a nice puzzle to work on
No frustration here

For supper, Bill grilled bacon cheeseburgers and we relaxed for the evening. My book is so good that I wanted to read it tonight. That meant starting and finishing my blog asap. I didn’t take many pictures today so I may have to bring some forward from past memories. This has been a nice day with the shopping out of the way.

Burgers, loaded

Finished off the ice cream
good night

Thank you for the visit.


  1. It’s always nice to have a full fridge/freezer! A lot of work but worth the effort to get things separated and put away.


  2. Oh yeah ..... ice cream! It's not only nice to have a full freezer, but it's nice to have a BIG freezer. The chicken is a good deal ... Foster Farms is about ten miles from my house. Their chicken is pretty good!!! Now if they can just get them to lay eggs!!

  3. You did very well to walk out of Walmart under $200 with groceries and ink cartridges. As soon as I add in the "other stuff" they sell beyond groceries, the total clicks up quickly.

  4. That is a cute ramp for the remote cars they built. Something our grandson would love to play with, I am sure. You are right with the view of the mountains and I sure wish we had some back home where we live.

  5. Well done on getting your cupboards and freezer filled for such a great price.

    God bless.