Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Warmer Day, Happy Hour at La Posa, Birthday Wishes

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Jan. 24th Bill was up first and in and out of the shower before I even opened my eyes. Almost. 😊 Gibbs was busy chewing on his Yak Cheese Bone beside me and after hiding it in many different hidey-holes last night, he finally was getting a taste of it. There was no letting go, not even for a walk, so I hopped in the shower next.

A nice morning

No winds this morning at all

Bill left for the flying field before 8:30 and I sat with Gibbs to drink my tea and at the same time letting my hair dry. It doesn’t take long. I chatted with my sister, Donna, via a voice message but not before sending my sister-in-law, Liz, a birthday song. Well, at least I thought I did. When I checked later on, there was no singing message sent. So, I sent her a proper text message and was happy at the end of the day when she let me know that her card arrived. 😊

Happy Birthday, Liz!

After Gibbs and I walked around the outskirts of the park, the short block, I left him at home and went to work on the puzzle. Nancy joined me for a while and when Bill returned, they both went to get a propane tank filled at RV Lifestyles. We each needed one. I stayed and worked away at putting pieces in. Bill and I had toasted omelette buns (for lack of what to call them) an they were delicious! Yum!

Lunch was good
and we cleaned up the last of the burger buns

I’d connected with Dave and Cheryl this morning, out at La Posa South, about joining the for an afternoon Happy Hour, so picked Nancy up at 2 and drove out to find them. He gave us easy directions. It’s like one of those ‘turn left at the fork in the road, drive over a hill, watch for the white dog and we’re on the right’. Almost exactly like that and yet it works for those of us who traverse in the desert.

Along Hwy 95, there were a lot of
boondocking rv's on the west side

Entering the LTVA boondocking area
of La Posa south
2 weeks/$40
is the price to stay

It was great to see them again and before long, Brian and Deb joined us and then later, Ray and his wife, whose name we have forgotten (sorry!), brought their chairs over too. It was one of a few Happy Hours that we’ve had so far and it was a lot of fun. Laughter an stories filled the 3 hours while we sat in the warmth of the sun and endured the cool winds that blew in across our seating area.

Bill, Dave, Cheryl, Deb, Nancy, Brian

I handed Bill the camera so I could be in a picture too

We returned home at 5:30 and I started supper right away. Sometimes I impress myself! We were eating air fried chicken thighs with boiled potatoes and green beans by 6:15. The bonus is that the meal was awesome! We cleaned up and watched 9-1-1 Lone Star while I worked on today’s blog.

Later, Ray joined us

And so did his wife
(again apologies for her name!)

This was a really nice day with sunshine and a high of 61F/16C and that is an improvement over yesterday. Tomorrow will be even better. 😊

Supper was good

The honey mustard dressing packets
from the Free table in the clubhouse
was great for dipping my chicken
I need to look for it.
good night!

Thank you for the pop in.


  1. Rays wife's name is Deb and she makes some great looking food.

    1. Golly! We wondered that but missed hearing what Ray said. Thank you!

  2. That was a fun visit. I haven't laughed that much in a long time!! Great people those Canadians!!!

  3. I follow Ray and Deb's blog too! When you said Ray, I wondered if it was them, and when I saw the pictures I knew it was.
    Nice that you were able to have a Happy Hour, even if it was a bit windy.

    1. We laughed when he couldn't remember the name of their blog. He's a funny guy!

  4. How nice that you all got together for a happy hour.

    I always thought Arizona was so much warmer. My sister in law posted pictures of them hiking through snow somewhere down there.

    God bless.

  5. Happy Birthday Liz! Nice that you've gotten to see Dave and Cheryl a few times! They are great people! Once again dinner looks yummy!

  6. Well you'll be glad to know it's snowing like mad here!