Tuesday, January 17, 2023

And It’s Up!!


Park Place Rv Park

On Tuesday, Jan. 17th we were very pleased to see a clear blue sky when we woke and rose. Yay! It wasn’t warm, only 44F/6.6C but the sun was shining! Gibbs and I went for our walk, 15 minutes this time, and then I went off on my own. Bill wasn’t flying this morning so we invited Nancy along to go to town with us. It was 10:30 when we picked her up and we all walked through the vendors in Tyson Wells.

Shadows are a good thing!

So are clear skies

Bill was looking for h.d. stakes and ratchet straps for my/our gazebo, Nancy was looking for a couple of things and I was as well. We found some things, not all that we were seeking but we came home with something. I fell in love with a heavy patchwork poncho last time we were in TW so when Bill mentioned Valentine’s Day coming up, I didn’t balk when he offered today to buy it for me.

Can you say 'Puddles?'
I had to make a few jumps and detours
when the water crossed the sidewalk

Back home around 12:30, we had lunch and then he and Gibbs had their snooze. I sat beside them and read my J.A. Jance book instead of going to the puzzle. It is the day to put the gazebo up. 

One of the side roads in Tyson Wells

It only takes 60 seconds ‘say the sellers’ but when it doesn’t come with paper instructions (for me to read) it was a bit bumbling from the get-go. However, within 5 minutes, it popped open and we had it standing. 😊

and the gazebo is up
Pictures from outside and inside

It's a one-piece unit and is large and wonderful! Bill had the difficult task of staking and it down. It’s not easy pounding the stakes in since the ground here is almost as bad as our rocky ground on The Ridge. He succeeded and added the straps, found at K & B, to secure it. I finished my book outside and was very impressed with how this screen-sided ‘tent’ actually blocks the wind. Perfect!

Bill took a picture while I tested it out πŸ˜ƒ
I love it!

Nancy brought us 4 delicious looking and smelling garlic biscuits to go along with our supper, which was fish and chips tonight. Everything tasted wonderful! 

A yummy supper
Thanks for the biscuits, Nancy!

We watched 2 premiere episodes of the new Night Court and then the 2-hour series finale of New Amsterdam. I’m sad to have that show end, it’s one of my favourites. This is a great day! We reached a high of 59F/15C and with full sunny skies, that was awesome!

A few clouds moved in just in time
for a special sunset

All around us, the clouds were gorgeous
good night!

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  1. The gazebo looks like nice. Windy here too and a brisk one at that.


  2. What a nice gazebo. It will be great at the Ridge too. πŸ‘

  3. The gazebo is wonderful...a great place to sit and read while keeping bugs out. Or have a meal. Very nice.
    Glad the sun came out for you.

  4. The "game room" gazebo is a great addition. Nice place to have dinner too. It was a fun morning. Thanks for taking me along!!!

  5. You certainly had some rain there! Love the gazebo! Dinner looks great and so do the biscuits!

  6. Neat gazebo! That looks really useful.

  7. Years ago we had a "dining tent" that Dad bought for camping. It looked very similar to your gazebo. Not sure if there are mosquitos down there but that would sure help keep them away.

    God bless.

  8. You are going to enjoy your outdoor room. We bought one for "the camp property " to keep out mosquitoes and it worked great. Then here in Wellton we used it to house the Christmas tree and Christmas stuff. Worked great for that too.