Thursday, January 19, 2023

Ladies Pool, Happy Hour and Supper with Good Friends

Park Place RV Park

Thursday, Jan. 19th was another cold start to a beautiful day. Gibbs slept in until 6:45 before waking Bill up to go out. When they returned, we all slept until almost 8! We slipped out for our walk and that 36F/2.2C felt darn cold!! No time for my own walk, but that didn’t upset me too much, I felt very wimpish and wanted to warm up inside our home.

The sun pops over the Plomosa Mountains

are you warm enough, little bum?
We can see our breath out here

At 9:20, I walked to our poker pool games. Today, just 4 of us, but we had a great time again. I didn’t actually lose the game but came in second. Luck of the cards is all it is, we all made some beautiful shots! 😊 

From behind our park, this in Nancy's rv spot

We didn't know if this picture would turn out
but Bill noticed the sun had almost a complete
sun dog around its circumference
I wonder what that means!!

Bill told me at noon that we were having company for Happy Hour so that was exciting. We had bacon and eggs for lunch and then I went out to sit in the gazebo with my phone and book. It was nice and warm in there.

We were hungry for a better lunch today

At 2, I made Bill and I each a drink and we sat together and waited for Dave, Cheryl and then Nancy to arrive. They all came at the same time, and after marvelous hugs from our friends, whom we haven’t seen since December of 2019, introductions were made. They have both read our blogs about Nancy and have seen hers as well on my sidebar. It’s nice to put faces to names, isn’t it? We had a great 2-hour Happy Hour, boy we miss those!

Dave, Cheryl, my chair, Bill, Nancy
and of course, Gibbs

After promises of seeing each other again soon, they left and at 5:30, we drove back to pick Nancy up for supper. We didn’t have a whole lot of luck with our choices of The Mountain Quail Café, Times 3 Restaurant and the Chinese Food diner on Main St. so we ended up on Kuehn St. at Gringos in Tyson Wells. We ate there last trip down, a couple of times, and slipped in just before they closed.

Driving away from the park,
I just miss the sunset behind the mountains

The chicken quesadilla I ordered was very good but half of it came home with me. It was huge! Thank you, Nancy for the treat, it’s so nice not to have to plan and cook and not having to pay was a bonus! 😊 The air was cool when we drove home but it was warm inside the Suite once we had the blue flame heater on. Nothing was on tv, so we listened to the Jukebox Oldies again. Bill read and I did too when I finished my blog post.

I don't care for their salsa but that's okay
the sour cream was what I wanted

This was a really nice day! We’re so happy that Dave and Cheryl were able to come back to the desert this year. We’ll see them again soon.

It's blurry but we arrived home under a pretty
evening sky
At 6:30 we commented on how it was still a bit
light out
Good night!
Before ending this post, I wanted to send a special birthday wish out to our 'kind of' son-in-law. 💖 Happy Birthday, Chris! I'll do better next year! I hope it was a really nice day!

Keep on rockin', Chris!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying that gazebo! What a nice surprise to read that Dave and Cheryl came south this year. Dinner looks delicious. Nice catch of the sun dog.

    1. We are sure trying!!
      We are thrilled that they came south again.

  2. Great to have friends drop by. I love that gazebo. Looks so comfy and spacious.

  3. I can't believe everyone in town goes out to eat. I think we need to open a restaurant here!!

  4. You are going to get a lot of use out of that gazebo. How nice to reconnect with friends.

  5. Nice to have friends come by for a visit. A dinner out was definitely a bonus.
    Like Elva, I'm thinking that gazebo was a great purchase.

  6. How wonderful that you were all able to get together and the gazebo is a perfect place for Happy Hour.

    God bless.