Monday, January 30, 2023

Starting the Work Week with Lovely Sunrise Photos

Park Place RV Park

Monday, Jan. 30th we were starting a new week but soon about to close off another month. This has been 2 months of us being in the park and that is just crazy to me! The time is literally zipping by. Gibbs and I walked and because I noticed the clouds and pretty sky over the Plomosa Mountains, I steered him across the desert. I hope you don't mind that I share a few of those photos, I didn't take many other pictures today.

When I saw the east sky, I knew it would be
a pretty sunrise

Even looking to the west
I like the way the shadows make the mountains
look black

I wanted to be sure to capture the sun popping up this morning, because it would be different than what has been ‘normal’ for a few days. It was quite mild this morning with a temperature of 50F/10C and no wind so it was a pleasant walk even without much sun. The sky was mostly blanketed in clouds an that’s what we expected all day. The forecasted rain for today was pushed back towards the evening/overnight and even tomorrow.

I can't pick a favourite
they were mere minutes apart

Bill was able to go flying and after I had my oatmeal and a tea, I went to the clubhouse for Ladies’ Poker Pool. The same 4 of us played again this morning and the scores pretty much were no surprise. I lost pretty badly today with Patti not far behind but it wasn’t for lack of trying. 😊 It was still a lot of fun and I had, like the others, a lot of great shots. Picking the best hand of cards seems to be the ticket.

Gibbs was so good each time
I just said 'wait' and he'd stop until he heard
the 'click'. 💓

Back home, Bill had vacuumed the Suite, giving me a break, since he was home first. We had lunch and took a drive into Tyson Wells to peruse a couple of vendors tents. The Kitchen Tent was not open for some reason and, of course, it was one I wanted to stop into. Another time, I need a new spatula. We slipped over to Main St. and I found a few food items at Ken’s Grocery Tents. I'll get a picture for tomorrow's post of the mats we bought for under our table and chairs. 

then the grand finale

It was around 2:30 when we returned and I went over to see if the new puzzle was being worked on. Robert and Adele started it last night and had the border done (it was already separated in a baggie) on which I gave her high credit. Susan and I worked on it alone and managed to get a lot done. I picked this puzzle again and it was a pretty easy one with nice big interlocking pieces. At 4:30, we parted ways and I came home to take Gibbs out for a short walk.

A circus puzzle
I can't take credit for much of this
Susan did the top half

There were a few drops of rain and the temperature began to drop. Hamburger stew was on the menu so I let Madame IP do her thing. Potatoes, carrots, celery and onion were added to the pot with the ground beef and broth. It smelled so good while it was cooking and it tasted just as good. Supper was later but it was filling and worth the wait. Next time, I need to cut back on the liquid, we ate it in soup bowls.

Late afternoon, the sky, which had cleared out off and
on earlier, was again covered in clouds

After loading the dishwasher, we finished watching America’s Got Talent All-Stars and I finished writing this post. Today was a fun day. We visited Tyson Wells again and saw the difference a day makes. Yesterday, with the show on its last day, the streets were packed. Bill was there. We are still up and down with our weather but we are still happy to be here. I hope you can all say the same! I had a brief 'texting' chat with my laundromat boss back home and they are doing well. Nice to hear from Kaitlin. 

Supper turned out pretty good
It was runnier than I'd hoped but still a 
good hearty meal. 
Good night!

Thank you for the visit. Your comments are always welcome and read.


  1. Time is definitely flying by. Lots of rain here today, so it will be an inside day. Maybe an inside quilt shop day! LOL

  2. Brrrrr is the word for the day here. Very chilly today, lots of wind.


  3. Walking before sunrise. I'll have to try that sometime. You do take beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures. I have a hard time getting them right. Hope your last day of January is enjoyable.

  4. We have been in Wellton 3 months. That time frame seems unreal. I still have people to see...places to go!

  5. Wow I can not believe you have been in that park two months already. Where does the time go.

    I like that puzzle.

    God bless.