Friday, June 30, 2023

On the Brink of a Long Weekend, Working Hard Today

The Ridge

On Friday, June 30th, not only did we rise to the last day of this month, we also find ourselves on the brink of our long Canada Day weekend. It was warm overnight but with the windows open and just a sheet over us, I slept well. Bill, not so much, but it wasn’t because of his injury, he just isn’t a good sleeper most times. I had to clean so I left the boys in bed, although Gibbs came down to ‘bark’ me off. 😊

The morning sky was interesting

The Mat was in need of attention but not terribly so. There were no customers in until I was just closing up at 8:30. With nothing else to do at that time, I headed home. It was already incredibly muggy but it was nice in the laundromat because of the a/c. Thank you Sandy! When I got home, our original plans had changed a bit but it made sense.

It doesn't look like much but a lot
of the smaller things were underneath
for safe travel

Bill left before 9 and drove to Murray’s to pick up his 14’ flat bed trailer. I was going to go along but there was really no need for that. Bill stopped in Hanover to pick up the lumber he needs for our new gate and I helped him unload. They are heavy! We left Gibbs at home and went down to the end of the lane to load up all the scrap metal from the old gate plus anything else that has been accumulating over the years.

At the Flesherton scrap yard, 15 – 20 minutes away, we weighed the load, off-loaded it and weighed the empty trailer. Surprising to me, it was 600 lb.! Bill wasn’t too surprised since he had an idea how heavy those gates and metal posts were. It felt good to get rid of it all and the $60 in our pocket was welcome and would help pay for the new addition. 😊 He dropped me at home and took the trailer back.

I sat outside for a while with Gibbs,
and got into this cute story

The bird feeders are almost empty
but I'm amazed that it was almost a full week
since I've filled them!

M had asked if I could run him into town and I needed a few groceries and fuel so we left around 12:30. It was crazy busy in Durham. Weekends in the summer are always a constant flow of traffic but with the long weekend, it was nuts! Taking an extra 10 minutes to pull out of any venue but we were home by 1:30. Bill returned within 10 minutes after me.

I can't recall the name of this flower
in my garden, but it is so dainty and so pretty

We were pretty hot and tired so relaxed inside where it was a bit cooler. It was a nice surprise, for Bill especially, when Mike and Billy stopped by on the way home from checking out a possible job further north. We had a nice visit with a cold beer in the shade of the patio. I watered my vegetables and went to finish the puzzle.

I finished the puzzle (woops, forgot a picture!) and 
came indoors to start supper prep
What we have in this picture is a failure to communicate.
Me: 'come inside with Mom' 'come get your supper'
Gibbs: 'But, Daddy is still out here' 'I'm not coming'

It was around 5 when Bill told me about thunderstorms, with strong winds and possible tornadoes later. Oh, great. here we go again. We had grilled sausages on buns with the last of the Jello for dessert. It all tasted quite good but our minds were a bit preoccupied with what to pack up ‘just in case’.

It looks a bit crispy but it was delicious!
These D'Italiano buns are my favourite!

It is still quite warm up here on the Ridge but the breeze in the shade is lovely. We reached 29C/84F today but now resting at a comfortable 24C/75F. Bill and Gibbs are outside enjoying that while I am inside writing this. 

Aren't you coming out, Mom?

He sat there without moving for a long time
and finally, I gave in and joined him

Poor Gibbs is waiting and watching for me to join them so I might have to do that. Bill decided to do some weed trimming at the front and down the lane so Gibbs and I sat out and waited until I had to come in. I have prepped a salad for tomorrow, our Canada Day barbecue, and have everything else planned for an early morning start.

It appears that the first storms have missed us 💓

there could be more storms around midnight
but at least we had a lovely red sunset.

This has been a very productive day, we feel good about what we got done. I texted Sandy from the Mat and gave him my hours for June and I got word that Robin is back to look after her plants now. 😃 That means a bit of cash coming my way. 

He's not stubborn at all!
He wouldn't come in until Bill was finished. LOL
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Happy Canada Day!!! A good hot dog is a burned hot dog ... or sausage as the case may be. It's funny how Gibbs needs both of you inside for HIM to come in. He's such a good watch pup!! Praying for NO tornado.

  2. Happy Canada Day! Hope it is a good weather day, and you're able to relax and enjoy the day.

  3. Sounds busy but good, and I believe those flowers are dianthus. I have some that winter over here in Colo. Have a great weekend/holiday.

  4. The dog on the book cover looks just like my fur buddy "Boots". I may have to order the book. Thanks for your great blog. I sure enjoy it.
    Don in Okla.

  5. I know those little pink flowers as 'Pinks'.