Tuesday, November 28, 2023

From One Set of Friends to Another 😊

Park Place RV Park

Tuesday, Nov. 28th started out quite normally, for us here in the park. The bonus for today was that our government pensions went into our bank back home (CPP & OAS) so when I came downstairs at 7:15 my personal banker was at his laptop moving funds around. Paying bills back home and transferring what we needed down here. As great as that is, it still is flabbergasting that we are 2 days from the end of another month. Our first month in the park.

the sky story
from beginning to noon

After my tea, but before Bill left for the flying field, Gibbs and I slipped out for our walk. It was chilly and I soon wimped out from my original plan. I was going to drop him off and head up to the Family Dollar for a box of Christmas cards so I could get a head start on those. My fingers were cold so I ixnayed that idea and took a coffee over to the clubhouse and the puzzle. Susan, Adele and I worked on it until lunch time.

It looks easy but it is a challenge at the same time as being darn cute. All those puppy dogs! For lunch, I mixed up chicken salad and had a sandwich in my keto bread while Bill had his on the last of the homemade bread. We have a bit of French bread to eat up so I’ll hold off on the next loaf until tomorrow or Thursday. We had to go to the post office, I had a couple of things to mail back home to two of my siblings. I didn’t see them this summer so a hand delivery was not possible.

No puzzle pix today but
this is the book I've started.
Still undecided about it, only a couple of chapters in.

The P.O. here is always, always, always crazy busy but I stood in a line, behind 9 others, to wait my turn. It took me longer to do my own business than I had hoped and by the time I left, there were at least 15 patrons behind me. I’m glad I’ve bought my Christmas stamps already because I’d hate to go back! After we left there, we drove out to Roadrunner BLM to see if the gang was ready for Happy Hour. We left Gibbs at home today.

The drive out to Roadrunner
means directions like turn at the Y's

They were all inside their rv’s doing this and that but came out and we gathered at the Duchaine’s around 3. It was good to see them all again and we were not surprised that there was one rv and 3 rv’ers short. 😊 Lorne and Sue left this morning for their next destination. It had turned into a wonderfully hot day, 70F/21C and the sky was totally blue. No awning, please, we said as we sat and soaked up the sun.

Until the sun played in the clouds,
it was wonderful and hot, hot, hot!

I tried to capture their 
frequent flyer but you
still can't see his red throat.

It was lively conversation, as usual, with only an occasional lull and at 5 Bill gave me the word “Well”. That means it’s time to move and head home. 

The clouds were amazing.
It looks like the sun is jumping
into an bag of cotton balls.

A name that stuck.
This mountain range is locally known
as the
Sleeping Indian.
I hope you can see it.

For supper, I’d planned on spaghetti but it’s like Old Mother Hubbard…….my pasta container only had about 15 noodles left. Improvise is the name of the game so I made mac & cheese and mixed it with the hamburger and onions and voila! Success! 

The drive home past the Saguaro's
and just before sunset was beautiful.

We had some Oregon Cherry ice cream for dessert but I should have forgot the chocolate sauce – it didn’t do it justice.


That was it for our day. We started out with friends: Bill at the field and me at the puzzle, and we ended it with our group of 5, Ken, Kim, Deb K, Deb D, & Tom. Always good times. 😊

You all know our little cookie monster.
Except, he's not sneaking cookies or flip flops.
When he's lacking attention (like when we're eating),
he grabs the tea towel and waits for us to get it.
We ignored him, so he laid his head on it to
go to sleep. ♥
Good night all (you too, Gibbs).

Thank you for taking the time to check out today’s story.


  1. We will miss you all (Sue)

  2. I definitely see the face in the mountain and the cloud formations are very interesting.
    Good reminder to me, it's time to work on the Christmas cards!

  3. Sometimes the best supper creations come about because one ingredient is missing! I see the sleeping Indian...interesting.

  4. Add me to those who can see a face in the rocks. My cards are all out now.

    God bless.

    1. 😊 I'm not surprised you are done your cards. You are so organized!