Monday, November 27, 2023

Back to Poker Pool, Visitors, Delays Back Home ☹

Park Place RV Park

On Monday, Nov. 27th the day started out pretty much the same as any. The boys were up first and then later, Gibbs and I got up around 7. I noticed that it was 50F/10C so was expecting a bit warmer start than yesterday. I made my tea and sat to finish it while playing my Wordle games. Bill had a mission and began to dismantle the dishwasher – parts that could be removed. It needed a good cleaning and by the time he finished, the dishes could probably clean themselves!

Strange sky this morning to the east

Gibbs and I went for our walk and it was a chilly walk, that wind and those clouds not helping matters. My fingers were quite cold when we got home. It felt a lot cooler than what the thermometer said. Bill left for the field around 8:45 and it was shortly after 9 that I walked over to the clubhouse with my pool stick. 😊 I missed playing, Thursday was a no-go because of the holiday, so was looking forward to it, as always.

Susan just shot but oh-oh, where did that cue ball go?

There were only 5 of us today, Adele, Sheila, Susan, Dora and myself. We played until 11:30 when 2 left and the last 3 finished around noon hour. I didn’t do terrible but I didn’t come in near the lead either! Fun times! 

By the time I walked home at noon,
the sky had cleared out nicely.

Back home, Bill and I had lunch, trying to eat the bread up. We sat together until our afternoon company arrived. Lorne and Sue probably weren’t expecting to be dragged inside to help us with our tv programming so I hope they didn’t mind the ‘different’ Happy Hour.

Gibbs found Sue's lap to be the most welcoming

Sue is a whiz with a phone and a remote so got us set up in a way that we will be able to access our Canadian programming. Yay! Thank you so much, Sue! And thanks Lorne for your patience while we peppered your wife with questions. After hugs goodbye, they were on their way. I remembered to give them a painted rock before they left, as I knew we would not see them anymore this season and I hadn’t gifted them with one yet. 😊

But he soon became tired of the whole tv thing. 
Not the lap, though. πŸ’˜

I made a cup of tea and sat quietly while Bill and Gibbs snoozed upstairs. Just before 5:30, L.J. and I went for our walk. He pulls hard towards Carol Ann and Kobos’ place but no one was out, so I had to convince him to keep walking. He missed out on those pets today. Bill used the Fry Daddy for our fries and I fried the pollock filets on the stove for supper. They were all good, of course, garnished with my green olives.

When we walked, I caught the tip of the
sun dropping behind the rv's

Finishing my blog, the dishwasher was running and Bill was watching a movie upstairs. In his glory, now that he has his home stations to watch again. I’ll get back into one of my two series as well later. We were invited to a fire at Roadrunner this evening but with supper at 6 and driving out in the dark and home in the dark 2 hours later, wasn’t in the cards tonight. Not to mention the chilly night. Another time, we hope it works out.

and behind the mountains

We also had an invite for a weekend supper from our friends at La Posa South so look forward to finally connecting with them. This was a quiet but full day and we enjoyed it. I finished my book today so have hunted in our book cupboard for the next likely read. I'll see if I like the beginning and share it with you tomorrow.

We heard from my brother-in-law and sister back home that they are having some winter woes. The snow has arrived making for some nasty driving. Their plans to pull out of their Ontario home tomorrow will be delayed a day or two until things clear. Be safe Gayle and John!

Supper was good and filling.
Good night!

Thank you for your visit too! Your comments are welcome any time.


  1. It's always nice to have a "techie" friend, or in my case a son.
    Fingers crossed the weather improves soon for your sis and BIL.

  2. If I can't figure it out on my own, I need to wait until our youngest son gets home. He can usually straighten me out. I am getting better at a few techie things though.

    God bless.

    1. Good for you! My son is pretty far away but he is also good at it.

  3. Nice they could figure it out for you. Gibbs makes a good lap pup!!!

  4. Too bad about the snowfall back home, but we are supposed to get warmer on Thursday. Bet your sis is now really looking forward to leaving. What happened to the fish on your plate :-)

    1. Thank you, we hope so too.
      When i fry fish filets, they are never neat by the time they get to our plate but they taste good! Haha

  5. There will definitely be another fire before we leave here, hope it works out for you to join us for the next one. The golden yellow was really pretty against the blue sky last night as the sun set.