Thursday, January 25, 2024

Feeling a Bit Funky First Thing, Big Group for Happy Hour

Park Place RV Park

On Thursday, Jan. 25th I didn’t feel too bad when I got up. I went to bed last night at – okay, early – 8:30. I couldn’t keep my eyes open while reading so it was the best choice and the figured the sleep would be good. It was an off/on kind of night but that’s to be expected when I go at such a time. 😊 However, I slept well (with Vicks and ‘sockettes’ and a Tylenol in my system.

Good morning!
(it's not raining!)

I planned on a shower before Poker Pool but once I sat in my recliner, a feeling of ‘the bug’ still hanging on, I decided to skip one of my favourite things here in the park. I messaged Nancy that I wouldn’t be playing and she soon responded that she was skipping it as well. Too bad, it would have been our last opportunity this winter. Maybe the two of us can squeeze a game in before Monday. So, I put the shower off until later and took Gibbs for his walk after my tea.

Here is our 9 year old sofa bed

Yah, it was getting bad
and leather isn't easy to cover with
blankets. They don't stay in place.

It was a nice morning, a bit windy with clouds though. Bill had opted to stay home this morning since it was Thursday night flying and he’d be going later. I played my online Wordle games and we both read our books. This is a different style of Patterson’s writing, called Alex Cross’s Trial, written in the early 1900’s. I’m enjoying the story line, a piece of history. Yesterday, Bill picked up a parcel that I didn’t say much about until we tried the contents.

Sometimes, we just hit it right and buy
just the perfect thing!!
We love it and it sure brightens up the room.

So, we moved the coffee table, pulled his recliner out of position and he shimmied the huge sofa bed forward so he could get behind it. First off, this act enabled us to vacuum in an area that doesn’t get cleaned so that was Bonus #1. 😊 Secondly, we stripped the sofa of the 3 cushions and replaced the two black covers with this new bright blue sofa cover. We are both loving it and the brightness it adds to our already dark Suite. It went on easily, fits perfectly and is soft to the touch.

The pleather couch (real leather, my ***), is splitting and peeling and cracking beyond repair so we had to do something. This cover is easier and much, much cheaper than replacing a couch! We had lunch, my appetite is waning, I noticed it at supper last night and today so just had some toast with turmeric honey. It was still almost too much. While he and Gibbs dozed, I had my shower and we all, plus Nancy, drove out to Roadrunner blm for Happy Hour with the group.

Gibbs got to go and rode in the back on Nancy's lap.
Peeking up front, over my shoulder. 💕

The clouds turned our sunny heat into
a cool sit. Jackets on, jackets off. 

Gibbs loves Nancy and visa versa.
Ken and Kim here also.

L to R: Deb K, Riley Tom, Deb D, Doug & Yuma

Doug and Yuma arrived in his Jeep for a visit so we all wanted to be together. Each of us has our own difficulties in this lifestyle but we all also have our own joys and ideas of what works for us. Doug is making decisions regarding his White Lion mh and we are supportive of what he is going through. It was great seeing everyone. I knew it was time to leave when my head started aching just before 4. I think my ball cap was too tight because when I took it off, it eased considerably. Duh! I need to find my visor.

L to R: Bill, Nancy, Gibbs, Ken, Kim, Keith

Back home, after Bill left at 5ish, I called Nancy over to see our couch cover and got the thumbs up. 😊 She agrees that it was a good choice. I’ll cook wieners and beans for our supper when Bill is on his way home. We have buns and will make hotdogs for a change. We reached a mild 66F/19C today, hotter when the sun is not covered by clouds, but all in all a nice day. I read my book until Bill texted and we'll spend the evening reading.

A lovely afternoon and warmer temps
are coming. So they say!

I’ve had a good day. Tomorrow, I hope to work on the new puzzle Susan started.

Nancy popped into the clubhouse to get a picture
of the latest puzzle for me. Nice job ladies!
It was fun to work on.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. 1st pic. of Gibbs......I'll smile in the next one mom!
    2nd pic. SMILING sitting on Nancy's lap! Yes, think they have a connection!
    Hope you feel better more ball caps.
    YUMA? Knew that dog right away! Glad Yuma and Doug made it to the desert!

    1. Funny about the Gibbs pictures.
      Yes, Doug and Yuma are here for an overnight visit.

  2. Hope you shake that bug off soonest.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your couch. It's amazing how much brighter it is in your rig now. GREAT choice!! We are all hoping Doug comes up with a solution soon.

    1. Thank you Nancy. We love it too, the Suite needed a brighter touch. :)

  4. Absolutely love the pop of colour - great choice on the new sofa!

  5. I actually thought you'd purchased a new couch! Love the color, it looks amazing.
    You certainly had a good sized group for your Happy Hour. It's nice you're all able to get together.

    1. I didn't know how it would cover the poufiness of the sofa but it worked great! It was a nice time at H.H.

  6. The sofa cover looks great!

  7. You couch looks great! Good find :-)

  8. OHHHHH, I just love the cover, such a pretty blue.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. We almost chose red, which would be nice too, but love the blue.