Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A Great ‘Do-Nothing’ Day

The Ridge

Bill was up and off to work before 7:30 on Wed. Aug. 25th and Gibbs and I trekked on down the lane for our walk. He was really strutting along and I tried to slow him down. Already, it was 22C/72F and I didn’t want him worn out before we got to the corner! 

The sun was drawing up water
but it never did rain

The sky was pretty this morning, but mostly covered in patchy clouds.

Pretty sky this morning

We made it to Turbine Lane today so I was proud of the little guy. We both walked slower on the return trip. He was funny, obviously trying to cool off, as he would alternate between the road and the long grass. 

Are we going to walk to Turbine Lane today?

Nice and cool on the bare tummy

I’m sure it felt cool on his newer sleek body. 😊 Back home, I had my tea and only once did I go out for any reason other than to take him out. I closed windows in the Bunky and put the chair cushions away. We were forecasted to get a thunder storm of some kind.


Inside, I vacuumed the Suite and then got my dusting mitt out and did the entertainment centre and coffee table on the main floor.  We talked last night about putting Gibbs’s crate away in the basement so I thought I’d tackle that now. Once I figured out how to fold it, I put it away. I did that before I got the vacuum out. Then, I had to decide what to do with the remainder of my day. Aha! A puzzle would be a great idea.

His crate folded up - for now

From under the bed, I got the puzzle mat out and found a seemingly easy 500 pc. puzzle to work on at the kitchen table. I figured, I could roll it up for meals etc. Well, I was mistaken! This puzzle is a cute picture BUT there are no borders. It isn’t square so I had my work cut out for me. Not to be bested by a ‘game’, I determined to get started.

The challenge is on!

Gibbs was really good this afternoon although he couldn’t seem to settle down. Usually he sleeps a lot of the afternoon in between needing to go out each time he moves. Today, he just followed me around while I abandoned the puzzle for an hour and made 6 ramekins of IP custard. Bill arrived home around 3:30, while it was cooking, and soon stretched out in his chair to watch NCIS. Gibbs actually rested with him so I continued onto the puzzle.

My second gladiola is a pretty orange

At one point after lunch, Gibbs and I had walked down to get the mail. My new laptop adaptor arrived, not expected until Aug. 30 to Sept. 8th, so once again Amazon gets my vote! 😊 Bill bbq’d a couple of pork chops for supper, thin ones, the only kind I like. I made mashed potatoes and mixed veggies for a side dish. 

I noticed Mona's shedded skin tonight

and she has started to eclose
I know it says she changes to a butterfly in 24 hours
but I'm hoping she'll wait until morning

We had to gently set the placemats on top of the puzzle to eat but it worked. These pieces do not go together very well so I had no intention of rolling the mat, as I’d planned. For dessert, we had a custard each and it was good as well as our main meal.

Someone is getting a tummy rub
and then he turned into a little imp inside 

After dishes, we relaxed further into the evening watching America’s Got Talent and I worked on my blog. It was an incredibly hot day and we were wise to stay inside. I had no guilt about that at all and Bill agreed that it was a good place for us to be. The humidex reached 38C/100F. This was a good day.

A good supper tonight
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Come on Mom ..... go FASTER!!! He's so darn cute!! Some days Cooper follows me everywhere. If I get out of sight in the house, he barks ... like where are you ... I'm ALONE!! Can't wait for Mona to hatch.

    1. That's exactly what he's thinking! You wouldn't think those little legs could move so fast. :) I love their unconditional love. 🧡

  2. Gibbs looks much sleeker and gas to be cooler without all that fur! My puzzles will stay in boxes til late fall.....I get too involved and wouldn't get any outside work done!

    1. Yes, he does look longer too, I'm sure he feels a difference in his body temp. He must!
      I miss doing them and it isn't just a fall project for me. :) In the heat, there is no outside work to do, sis.

  3. Puzzles come out here in the winter. Harvey loves a good puzzle, however the last one I bought he is finding very difficult as the pieces are strange shapes. He put it away unfinished this past winter. Good on you for keeping on yours.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, for most people they are winter projects but I do enjoy them and don't have the same 'seasonal' things going on here as people with houses so my crafts are different. :) It's a challenge but when it's too hot outside, there's nothing better!

  4. One of the side-effects of my injury is that my body thermometer is wonky. I'm enjoying this heat and I haven't felt the humidity yet. Mind you it helps that when I go for a ride I generate a good breeze for myself too!

    1. See there? A positive side. I wish I didn't feel the humidity but the older I get, the more I feel it. you're right about the breeze, I remember that from riding my bike but I hated to stop! :)