Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Wednesday Work, Away and at Home

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Aug. 4th Bill and Gibbs were up before 6 and I prepared myself for the little bum to join me. I heard my sweetie say ‘you can stay down here with Daddy today’ and he closed the door to upstairs. 😊 I’m sure I dropped off to sleep again and woke around 6:30 when I stretched, got up and made the bed. It was a work day for me too, well, a work morning.

Good Wednesday morning!

My newly planted Moonflowers are already blooming

Downstairs, the boys were getting along and Bill was almost ready to head out. I gathered the sheets and our Kokopelli blanket that we took off the other night and set the basket on the bed. May as well get them done today since it would be another good day to hang them. Gibbs and I saw ‘Daddy’ off and then came inside for his breakfast. We did a walkabout and I put him in his crate before slipping out the door. I didn’t hear any argument this time!

At noon, as I was eating lunch
Gibbs was ready for another nap

I was down the lane and around the corner onto Baptist Church Road when I remembered the basket of sheets – still on the bed. Oh well, I’m not going back, they will get done on Friday. I don’t like doing them on the day I do our full week’s laundry, the umbrella line just isn’t big enough to hold everything at the same time. There were 2 washers being used when I arrived but no one around. That is never an issue for me, I’d rather them wait in their vehicles anyway, as a rule.

And he knows how to nap!

He was a regular and when he came in to transfer to the dryers, we said our usual hellos. He informed me that the change machine was not accepting ‘any’ bills today and that isn’t good. Jamie just filled it on Monday so that wasn’t the problem. I didn’t know what shift he was on this week but I texted him at 8 and put a large sign on the machine. It was giving change for loonies and twonies so I told him that.

Lunch was jam packed wrap
with NO jam
It was delicious

Jamie responded immediately with a thank you and by 8:30, his daughter Emma stopped in to have a look. 😊 With his direction on the phone, she unplugged and plugged it back in before testing $5, $10 & $20 bills. They all worked, bonus! I chatted with her briefly before she left and I followed soon after. I had a Lotto Max ticket to cash in for a whole $5 so stopped at the variety in town to so that as well as get the tickets with our regular numbers. Can’t win if you don’t play!

 Mountain Ash up on the berm

Back home, Gibbs and I relaxed while I had my tea. I used the frother to blend in the coconut oil in my tea and it worked better than it did for my coffee yesterday. I only tried it with cream then. After getting my caffeine boost, I vacuumed the Suite top to bottom and then carried on with my dusting mitt and then with some good furniture polish on the table and wood counter tops. They came up quite nicely. Our kitchen table is getting pretty rough looking in spots but this helped bring it back to life.

And there he is!
He is so tiny, barely an inch long
I picked a couple of the leaves and 
hope to watch him grow
Two sisters and a niece all have Monarch caterpillars
so it was my turn to find one

Gibbs went outside on his rope tether for about 45 minutes while I dusted so I wasn’t tripping over him. 😊 He likes to move around and flop whereever we are and I wouldn’t change that for the world, but it is nice not to have to step over him too! When I brought him in, I had my shower while he rested downstairs on his blanket. We usually leave the bathroom door open when we shower and sometimes, he sits at the shower doors trying to lap up the water. Funny to watch him.

I went up on the berm to see what
they were doing in the field behind us

Today, they were baling

After my shower, I mixed up a couple of boxes of Strawberry Jello and put it in the fridge to set I pulled some Mild Italian sausage out of the freezer for supper. I slipped into a bathing suit with a coverup today so after lunch I went out and spent some more ‘me’ time in the hammock and lounge chair with my book. With the temperature reaching 25C (30 with the humidex)/77F, Gibbs was quite happy inside in the cool a/c resting around 22C.  

He wasted no time zipping through the fields

There is work to do around the property, trimming, weeding and a hosta to move but it isn’t going to happen today. Tomorrow morning before it gets hot, I’ll tackle at least one of those jobs, if it isn’t raining. I felt no guilt at all sitting outside in the heat. Around 2:45, I could hear gravel crunching on the laneway and hurried to put on my coverup, figuring it might be FedEx with my Norwex. Nope, heart racing, fully clothed now, I see Black Beauty. I should have known. FedEx and UPS tear up the lane trying to stay on their schedules. 😊

The bales are huge

I was pretty much roasted after about 90 minutes so came in with Bill. They boys both went up for a snooze, all Bill has to do is mention the word and Gibbs is on his feet ready to follow. I love that. They slept for about an hour and I sat and flipped pages in my book. It is quite interesting. Bill wanted to do something down at the Hangar with his plane so after watching a YouTube video, he headed down.

Sometimes, Gibbs sleeps back here behind my chair

Our first garden tomatoes

I opened up Word for the recipe for Sausage and Potato Casserole. I knew I had one in there but couldn’t remember if I’ve ever made it. The directions were for baking in an oven but I wanted to try it in Madame IP to save time. If it can cook for anything less than the hour recommended, it is a bonus. I tried it on Manual for 15 minutes with 10 minutes Natural Release. I texted Bill to give him a time line and mixed salad on our plates.

This was tasty!

Strawberry Jello and yogourt

It was good! Enough leftovers for another night so again – bonus. We had some Jello for dessert and I added some of my 11% Plain yogourt to mine. I’d been doing dishes throughout my preparations all day so sent Bill back down to finish what he was doing and I cleaned up the few from supper. This was another great day. Gibbs curled up at the door when Bill went out and fell asleep. I’m sure we’ll be out a few times before and after his supper. 😊

I mentioned Donna's Rose of Sharon yesterday
Here is a picture - I'm envious!!

The sun was just a beautiful red ball tonight
Good night!

Thank you for coming in for a peek. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Great looking tomatoes! We STILL don't have any red ones.

    1. They're small even though I bought Best Boy and Beefsteak. Strange conditions, I guess.

  2. Great pictures! Love seeing the green everywhere. That Rose of Sharon is incredible! Lunch and dinner both looked yummy! I agree with The Furry Gnome, tomatoes look awesome and nothing better than home grown!

    1. Thanks Shirley. I sure don't have the green thumb for the rose of sharon.

  3. I see nobody's asked about the sausage and potato casserole. Well, I'm asking!! Looks good. As do your tomatoes. No matter the size or shape, homegrown ones are the best.