Sunday, August 1, 2021

Long Weekend Weather Continues

The Ridge

So, Sunday, Aug. 1st brought us a similar day to our last July day. Boy, is this typical weather for the Civic Holiday long weekend? No, not really. We would expect this perhaps in May or September but it has ‘traditionally’ been a hot, mostly dry three days in the past. As a family, we were up around 8 and I skipped a walk again today. That’s just too many days without getting out there on the road so I’ll have to make up for it this week.

Mr. Bunny came right up to the patio this morning

There isn’t much to write about today. With the weather forecasting a lot of rain periods, we weren’t planning on going over to the Acreage and even the 4 campers over there talked about going home for the day and returning tomorrow. Another ‘different’ plan for this weekend but when you can’t do anything but sit under cover or inside, you may as well be at home. Bill and I don’t have a choice but are quite used to that and quite comfortable with that.

I wanted to show you the books
that I picked up this week at
the second hand stores

As it turned out, the day wasn’t a wash out and for much of the morning and early afternoon, we were all outside. Gibbs is a little rascal and has taken to running away from us when he is off leash. Not off the property, that would be hard to do, but just away when we want to reign him in for one reason or another. Therefore, to give him some freedom and us some control, I let him out with his leash dragging behind him. We can slow him down quickly as long as we can get within the 3’ leash length, and we can usually do that.

The sky changed 25 times today
to the east

to the north

He was good and got lots of exercise. I was able to dig and plant the Moonflower plants that I got from Gayle, finding a patch of good earth along the east side of the Bunky. Bill had the sprinkler going for a while and Gibbs had me laughing as he tried to get a drink from it. He looked like a little drowned rat after a few chases around the garden, through the spray. We chatted with our friends, Ron and Loree, while outside and it was during that call that a baby robin dropped out of the tree by the hammock.

In case this is too hard to look at,
I left the picture medium
We think it's a robin

He fell from the nest way up in that tree
didn't have a chance 😢

Gibbs was pretty gentle with it but barked up a storm while playing with it. Sadly, the little bird didn’t survive the fall so I scooped it up from the furry little paws as he pushed it around. The rain shooed us inside around 2 and Bill and Gibbs went up for a snooze. Since I’d finished my book last night (Fifty Fifty by James Patterson), a book I highly recommend for a fast, page-turning crime mystery, I played my Scrabble-go games and began a new one in between my own dozes.

He was barking at the sprinkler

Trying to drink (without success)

Our drowned little rascal

This book is called Rain Gods by James Lee Burke. It has started out good too so should be another quick read. I’d taken steak out of the freezer this morning for a nice Sunday supper but with this weather, we won’t be bbq’ing. Instead, I pulled out 2 pieces of haddock and Bill can have fries while I have my leftover fettucine alfredo from Thursday’s meal. Tomorrow will be a dry day and nicer for our steak.

I added a couple of hats that I picked up at
the thrift stores

Supper turned out well, nice and easy and after dishes, we did our usual evening television watching. It was the finale of Why Women Kill as well as The Good Witch. That always leaves a void for a few weeks until we find something else to watch in the coming weeks. LOL This has been a strange summer, just not feeling like summer to me. The days have gone quickly but the weather seems to have turned the season upside down.

Very bland looking, not suitable for a Food mag
but very tasty

I planted my Moonflowers before the rain

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and have been able to get out and about a bit with family and/or friends.

More sky confusion

Below these clouds, a blue sky appeared
to give us a clear finish to the weekend (we hope)
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. That Gibbs is a card!!! Sorry he played with the baby bird but after that fall he wouldn’t have survived. Poor baby. We are having the same weird weather. Dinner looks yummy!!!

    1. Gibbs is definitely a Hallmark. haha He didn't kill the bird at least, he survived for a while but couldn't lift his head. :(
      The weather is so silly this summer.

  2. I would send you some heat if I could. We've been sitting around the 30C marks for...ever it seems. No rain in the forecast either.

    Poor little bird, it probably got pushed out by it's siblings.

    Here's hoping the weather improves for tomorrow so you can enjoy your long weekend with the family.

    1. thank you, but I believe the heat has been coming our way, yesterday was gorgeous and so on today. ;)
      I'm glad for the rains as it means no hand watering is necessary - wish I could send you some though!

  3. Moonflowers are gorgeous. This is the first year I have not planted them on my deck. I love the way they open at night. And the blossoms are huge.

    God bless.

    1. I had one moonflower plant but after 3 years it died for some reason. I hope these take, they are so pretty!

  4. Lila next door did the same thing with a baby bird that fell out of the tree! Sad for the baby. It does seem as though you guys have had a lot of rain this summer. Wish we did! Love the hanging hats!

    1. Not much you can do for the baby birds, I wouldn't know what to try and feed him even if I had an eye dropper.
      Yes, lots of rain and cool nights. Weird.

  5. Well, we're having a good day now, once today arrived!

  6. James Lee Burke can be fun. Makes you feel and smell the Louisiana bayous....Hope you enjoy. I haven't read that one...

    1. Yes, I've read a couple of his and fully enjoyed them. This one starts out good too. :)