Sunday, August 15, 2021

A Slow Down on Saturday, Mixed Weather

The Ridge

So, on Saturday, Aug. 14th we basically took it slow – again. We were up in our household around 7 and I left for the Mat with the sorted dirty laundry soon after. It wasn’t busy and I was able to snag the 2 washers that I like and get right into cleaning. No complaints today! Just the usual dirty floor but everything else was in pretty good shape and no new machines were broke down, nor was the change machine. Yay! 😊

Driving to Durham

I did stop on the way and filled Ptooties’ tank since it was between half and quarter. The pump was acting up, jolting and stopping depending on how I was using the handle so it made it difficult to tell exactly how full it was near the top up point. I stopped it at $38.01 regardless. Trust me, I try to stop it on the dollar but it never seems to work for me. Ha ha. I stopped on the way home at yet another garage sale that was just setting out stuff when I got into town.

4 more books
I've already read Louise Penny's
but Bill hasn't so I'll keep it for him
I love that they are hard covers or large soft covers

More books and a straw hat. The lady said it was her aunts and her aunt would be happy that it was being hung up on a wall. 😊 Cute! Back home, I hung the clothes and with the breeze, trust that they will dry quickly. I made a coffee and sat and finished my blog from yesterday. Well, started AND finished it. I didn’t realize I hadn’t got at it at all! The day was definitely a cooler one from Friday, only forecasting a high of 20C/70F.

Bill called my attention to the turbine behind us
(the one at Turbine Lane)
where they were washing or doing something
to the blade

Hard to tell what he's doing but they were working
from the basket all day
until about 8 pm.

That was kinda cool!

That meant we could unplug from power and use our solar panels since we wouldn’t need the a/c. That’s rare this summer! We are very pleased with our monthly hydro bill though with how many times our a/c has been on, day in and day out. That’s great news and a nice price for us to be comfortable. Bill had some water left in the bladder from our last tank top up so he hosed it into the pool for Gibbs and I. It wouldn’t be too warm but he drinks the water and seems to enjoy getting in and out of it.

Bill did some work in the Hangar/cargo trailer and later while I sat out with Gibbs, he had a snooze in the shaded hammock. There were a lot of big fluffy clouds that made it feel cool, but in the sun, it got quite toasty. 

There's someone sleeping in the hammock
but Gibbs doesn't like it - yet

This would be our ‘last chance’ for a group Happy Hour so we invited D & G and R & P over this afternoon. It’s always great to have friends come for a visit so it will leave us feeling ‘empty’ when the Happy Hour’s end and the Wilson’s pull out tomorrow.

The farmer was doing something in the field
again but here are all their bales of wheat
This is back where the turbine is

Between 3 and 4, we all came together once more but today it was a little different. Instead of sitting in the shade, we all opted for the sunny position on the lawn. The wind made it quite cool if you were shaded. I was in shorts and a tee and until after everyone left but us 4 campers, I was quite comfortable. It was 6 when we said goodnight and came in to start supper.

One of my gladiolas are starting to bloom

Bill took the Happy Hour picture for me today
It's a good way to end the week!

Gibbs settled down a couple of times and then after everyone left

It was after eating that I remembered the clothes on the line needed to be brought inside. Bill did dishes and I took care of the laundry. Unfortunately, when I returned, I was putting the butter in the cupboard when a roly poly wine glass fell out onto the floor and shattered. Woops! We got that cleaned up and vacuumed and then had the last of the ice cream. Bill had his in a dish and I had mine in a cone. It was good.

Not much to show for tomatoes
this year but they taste good

Gibbs and I walked down the lane before Happy Hour
and the pasture is filled with the Queen's lace

At our field, I let him run with his leash

And with Clemson's spirit, he ran
checking to make sure Mom was coming 😁💓

The evening winds dropped off, as they usually do, and it didn’t feel as chilly around 7:30 as it had earlier because the sun was still brilliant in the west sky. We all expected to maybe turn the furnace on or at the very least, add a blanket to our beds. 

Lo and behold, my transplanted Spirea bush is happy
now and has purple flowers 💗

Bill and Ken took a drive just before lunch (I think) to 6 & 6 Auctions to pick up our ‘winnings’. He got a few garden hoses, which will come in handy, and I got a 3 (4?) step folding stool for the bunky. $5 was all it took and it is a real sturdy one. 😊

Leftovers made for an easy meal
I heated the fries in the air fryer (Rosy)
and they were pretty good!
Good night!

This was a nice day. Thank you all for popping in for a visit.


  1. Looking at the picture of the turbine blade and the people fixing it makes you realize how huge these things are. Lovely get-together with your friends again. I know you guys have a lot of rocks in the yard but seeing that Spirea amongst them its a wonder it thrives there. Gibbs steals the show again!

    1. I know, they are huge and to hang in a basket working on them all day, you need to enjoy heights!
      I'm surprised that spirea has survived too!

  2. How fast the week goes..Wonderful Happy Hour once again! Those blades are huge! I agree with Marlene! I'm interested in the book "The first phone call from heaven" will have to look it up. Love garage sales, even though I don't get to them in the last few years.

    1. time sure does fly.
      Yes, I'll have to let you know how that book is. It looks like a fast read as are all of his books. :)

  3. The spirea looks great, you obviously found the right spot for it. Sad to see your friends leave, but I'm sure it was lovely to have such gracious guests.

    1. Yes, thank you for the suggestion to move it. It was sure looking dead before I did that. :)
      Our friends are all very gracious guests indeed. We just wish more were able to come to fill the Ridge top.