Saturday, August 21, 2021

Now THIS Was a Hot, Hot Day

The Ridge

On Saturday, Aug. 21st, we were up and about around 7:30 again. Gibbs got fed right away and he and I went for our Baptist Church Rd. walk. Not all the way to Turbine Lane but it was already quite warm so I understood. His tolerance of heat in his furry coat is much less than mine – or is it? I sure tested that theory later today.

Good morning, Saturday!

I had my tea and Bill went out to connect our new macerator. He dumped the black tank and I messed around inside mostly. After we had lunch, I loaded some items we wanted to sell in the back of Ptooties. I wasn’t looking forward to dead heading M’s flowers today but I told him I’d be over today. When I arrived, I unloaded the chairs and tools, pricing them to sell. Then I went about taking care of the flowers.

A bright patch of Goldenrod
along our road

It was so hot and with so many blooms, they needed a lot of attention. It seemed that even the ones I looked after the other day were already needing to be cleaned up. We didn’t sell anything and after an hour and 15 minutes, I was melting through my clothing. The radio announcer said it felt like 38C/100F and I didn’t doubt that for a minute. I could work on the rest of the flowers on Tuesday.

Time to go home, I guess

Up the lane towards Daddy

When I got home at 2:30, after proofreading Bill’s blog post (On Our Way) for him, I changed into my bathing suit. Donna had invited me over for a swim. I knew Bill wasn’t interested so I loaded my hat, towel, water shoes and pool noodle in the car and drove to the Acreage. Gerry had disappeared to the back where their trailer is parked so Donna and I had some time to ourselves. 😉

Darkening skies as I headed home
from my swim at the Acreage

The pond water was cool at first but felt absolutely wonderful! Donna said it was 76F which is a nice temperature for getting refreshed on a 100-degree day. We were only in for about 15 minutes before getting out to sit outside together. The sun had disappeared behind the clouds and by 4:15, it felt like the calm before a storm. I checked the weather network and sure enough we were under a severe weather watch.

we expected something but
it wasn't really anything to write
home about

I scooted out the lane and stopped down the road at the Dairy Farm to pick up ½ dozen cobs of freshly picked sweet corn. Bill and Gibbs were outside waiting for me, sweet! The clouds to the southwest were very black and we came inside to wait for whatever was coming. The warning (or watch?) was from 5 to 6:30 and they were pretty bang on with the time. There was a bit of rain but nothing much at all and it had passed over.

This guy was sitting on our railing

For supper, we had pancakes and sausage and it didn’t take much to fill us so I’m glad we didn’t go to a lot of trouble for a big meal. Donna texted to see if we were having a fire here tonight but I was feeling too tired. Party pooper, maybe, but I think the sun and swim today did me in! So maybe it isn’t just Gibbs today that had a low tolerance for the heat.

when we weren't paying attention,
THIS guy jumped up on the couch again

But couldn't figure out how to get down

Bill's supper suggestion
I could only eat 2 of these pancakes but they were good
with our real maple syrup

After dishes we relaxed in front of the tv. Bill actually had to do a temporary fix on my laptop charging cord first. Yes, when my laptop got moved off the table to the floor for our meal, Gibbs found it necessary to chew on the cord. Woops! We couldn’t get angry at him, he was just doing what he always does. Never missing an opportunity. 😊 So, I ordered a new one on Amazon and Bill set me up until it arrives.

The sky cleared up nicely

Good night!

This was another good day. I hope you can say the same. Thank you for your visit.



  1. Sounds like a good day starting with a beautiful Saturday sunrise followed by a swim in the summer heat. I am glad Gibbs could take the heat! It must have felt good in the water, didn't Gibbs join you for the swim? I think that section of the couch belongs to Gibbs and he knows it. Pancakes and sausages looks good. I never imagined one eats pancakes for dinner. To me it is breakfast food like cereal and milk. But why not?

    1. Thank you for your nice comment.
      I didn't take Gibbs for a swim but when Bill goes, we will.
      You just never know what will end up on our supper plate!!!

  2. Me thinks Gibbs is a big boy now!! Well, except for still chewing on stuff. I guess I was lucky, Cooper never chewed on anything other than his toys. It's only been in the 90's here and funny, I seem to be getting used to it. Dinner looks yummy!!!

    1. He is a big boy now. Clemson never chewed either except on his toys. Funny how they can be so different.

  3. Breakfast for that often.

    I think our weather might be slipping your way. We had 5 days in a row of temperatures 38 or higher. Actually until now most of our days were in the mid to high 30's with one day hitting 40.

    God bless.

    1. I think you're right about the weather. And got a few days yet before it settled back to normal. Whatever that is!! This summer has not been normal in any way!🤣

  4. If it moves on from here, the cooler weather may head your way. It's a mere 14C this morning and the rain is coming down nicely. I'll take it after all the heat we've had.

    Saku, one of my cats, was a pest when it came to cords when he was young. Thankfully that phase passed. I'm sure it will with Gibbs too.

    1. I think after next weekend we will see some of that coolness but not quite as low as yours. I hope!!
      We can't blame Gibbs about the cord, we know he chews whatever he can. Hopefully, it will pass for him too!

  5. In one of the RV parks we stayed at there was a lady with three dachshunds and we would walk our dogs together. One of her dogs had a distorted face and you could tell it was a bit handicapped. The lady told me that as a puppy that dog had chewed on a live power cord and was almost electrocuted. It is for sure another scorcher today and I hope you guys are staying cool.

    1. Ah, that is a sad story but all the more reason to be on the ball for Gibbs' sake. Thank you Marlene.
      we love our a/c, let me tell you!! :)

  6. Like you we both felt the effects of the heat on Saturday.
    Puppies love to chew on things all the time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. This has been a very odd summer - for many reasons. Weather being one of them!