Saturday, August 28, 2021

Just a Blink of a Post

The Ridge

On Saturday, Aug. 28th, it was around 7:30 when we got up. Gibbs slept with us last night and with windows open, we were all quite comfortable. I left with the laundry before 8 and had no interruptions or new discoveries at the Mat. Before leaving Durham, I made a bank stop and a stop for water, and then stopped at a garage sale.

Bill and I took a different route to Durham
this afternoon, we each needed things at
Home Hardware
this is called Camp Oliver Road

I was the first customer and left with a new, in the box, HP printer for $10. There was no bargaining required, they were selling their parent’s stuff and taking what they could get. 😊 Ours has been giving us grief for a couple of years, working sometimes, not others and it is very heavy to move around. It is up in the top cupboard making it very difficult to work with when it jams.

the printer should work out just fine 

Anyway, this one is so lightweight, I figured for $10 it was worth a shot. I’ll let you know once the ink runs out on the old one. I hung the clothes back home and watched the clouds move in a couple of times. No rain, even with the occasional threat, and they dried nicely by 2. During the day, Bill worked away at the pump again and I took my wagon up the hill to pick up yesterday’s vines. They were dried from the heat so much easier to cram into the loads.

Supper - simple and yummy

When Bill had the sprinkler working again, I was so hot that I actually stood right in its path. That felt great! Around 4:30, we all came inside and that was it for the day. No more work. We dozed a bit and both agreed on a simple supper after last night’s evening out. So, toasted tomato, cheese and lettuce sandwiches it was. Together we put them together and they hit the spot with a custard for dessert. It also made dishes simple too. 😉

Gibbs can entertain himself giving us time
to ourselves too - sometimes. 🐕🐾

The evening was spent watching movies and unless the rains come through the wee hours, we’ve had another dry day. Good thing I watered my planters, the flowers were getting pretty droopy. It got very hot and humid today, almost unbearable out there. However, we had another good day chocked up and we’re halfway through the weekend already.

Because I didn't take many pictures today,
a look back at 4 years ago today
A visit to our former workplace in London
It never hurts to see pictures of my two sweeties!
Good night!

Thank you for popping around.


  1. Patsy read Jim & Barb's Adventure it is what they had to go through to cross into Canada>

    1. Thanks Kathy, we both just read. That truly was an adventure aka ordeal, wasn't it? It sounds like they jumped through the hoops with ease.

  2. What a deal on that printer!!! Love seeing Clemson!!

    1. I agree, too good a deal to walk away from. :)
      Me too, about Clemson! 💗

  3. That printer was a real deal! Your dinner looks awesome! Simple and tasty. Some days those are best!

    1. The printer cartridges look to be cheaper too which is always a bonus! :)

  4. Printers are so inexpensive these days but the ink cartridges are stupidly expensive. For awhile I just bought a new printer when the ink ran out, but with the current model I own I've been biting the bullet to buy the ink. Good luck with the new printer - that was a good deal!

    1. Looks like the cartridges are about 8$ less than our old one so not a big savings there. The printer deal itself was too good to leave at the sale. :)

  5. Great deal on the printer. So far I am loving my new Epson Eco Tank though it was pretty expensive, the ink bottles cost the same as the smaller HP ones we needed to purchase and will print way more pages.

    I love simple suppers and try to fit in at least one a week.

    God bless.