Monday, August 9, 2021

Ridge Campout Begins

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 9th we woke around 6:30 to another warm day on the horizon. I didn’t catch the sunrise but it wasn’t much different from yesterdays anyway. We made our morning drinks and Bill took his coffee out with him to begin weed trimming around the fields. The efforts that he puts into making and keeping this property looking good is commendable. Things like the fence lines are not important to me since they aren't visible to me. 😏

Gibbs and I were late heading out for our walk
Look at how bushy this laneway looks again!

Bill is busy trimming out at the road

I had a blog post to finish, having gotten very lazy last night, deciding not to add the final touches. By the time I finished my tea and the blog, it was almost 8:30. That meant the already warm morning was heating up to a hot day. I like to keep not only myself but also Gibbs, active with our walks now that we’ve got back into every other day routine. I think it also helps keep his sharp nails trimmed to a certain extent too, walking on the gravel.

As we walked by the wheat field
we were being kept in Chippy's sights

someone was feeling the heat this morning

Bill had finished the back-field trimming and was out front at the end of the lane. I motioned to him that we were heading for our walk and headed off. Better every time, Gibbs strutted along like nobody’s business. He was doing more panting this morning than usual and I don’t carry water with me. We went as far as M’s and turned back. First, I set up my funky tripod and tried for a selfie. Never easy getting a puppy to pose on cue for a selfie. 😊

First attempt at a selfie on BCRd

Look at the tongue hanging out 🐕

I didn’t have anything, work related, on my plate this morning before our guests arrived, so sat with Gibbs and my book. Bill was doing some serious trimming/hacking of branches down at the end of the lane and borrowed Gerry’s utility trailer from the Acreage so we could do clean up with one load instead of many in the small garden trailer.

Second attempt but he was too tired to sit up

This worked great and I got the easy job! Drive the truck up the lane while Bill loaded the branches. I did get out and help him offload at the bramble pile before coming back to sit on the patio. Already, it was very hot and humid. There is more wind today with considerable gusts occasionally. It would be unbearable in the sun without it. Bill had 2 pressure washers that he wanted to test so set them up to wash Black Beauty.

My hair was due for a trim again
I'm not keen on the closeup of 
these aged features but my 
before cut and after cut sides

So I wet it and took care of it 
A nice length though and any stragglers
were cleaned up before it dried

One, of his Dad’s, was garbage but the one we bought at an auction worked great. Cool! Clean vehicles again. I made us toasted blt’s with tomatoes from the garden and that was a nice lunch. Bill had two but I had a butter tart instead of another sandwich. I wouldn’t have had room for another. The tart was delicious! Or should I say Dee-lish-ous! The clouds were playing tag with the sun and yet by noon hour, we were already at our high of 29C/84F for the day.

Then I went outside and helped Bill
by driving and off loading the branches

Bill took Gerry's trailer back to the Acreage

After dishes, Bill filled the water jug inside and he and Gibbs had a snooze. He’d been on the go all morning so I wasn’t surprised. Ken and Kim arrived just after 3 and settled into ‘their’ site easily. 😊 We remembered this time to tell them to plug in and turn their a/c on right away. They will need it this week by the looks of the temperatures that are forecasted. We know there will be chances of rain on a daily basis, but it shouldn’t be a wash out at all.

The Wilsons arrive!
Yay! 😍

Since it was so close to Happy Hour, Ken did the basic set up and brought their chairs over. Let the good times roll! I won’t tell you how long we sat and chatted, laughed and drank but let’s just say that we had a great time catching up again. Gibbs was out with us for a lot of the time but when he was getting into the fire pit and I wanted to relax, I put the little guy inside. He had plenty to say about it with his pitiful whimpering behind the closed door.

Within 20 minutes we were relaxing in the shade

We played it safe (& lazy) tonight for supper
be still enjoyed it

We had a late supper and therefore it wasn’t a healthy one. Mac and cheese with weiners but it filled us and we were cleaned up quickly after it. This was a fun afternoon and we’re happy that someone was able to join us this week. I work in the morning so I wanted to finish my post before bed. The campout will continue tomorrow!

Mona is getting bigger and she was up on
the lid
Before too long, she was back down on the new
leaves I left for her
Good night!

Thank you for your visit today.


  1. Mona ... hmmmmm ... me thinks you have some weird pets!!

    1. ha ha, I know! This one was from the word Monarch - and she won't be around long. :)

  2. Enjoy your company! It's nice that the weather is cooperating so you can get in a good visit.

  3. So fun to have a campout with friends. Hello to Ken and Kim. Enjoy your time together!

  4. Hi to everyone from us. Have fun and please some group photos!

  5. Have a wonderful campout. It is great that you get company on the Ridge.

    God bless.