Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Start of a Week, End of a Month

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 30th, Bill was able to sleep in past his usual wake up time and no alarm! 😊 It was around 7 when we got up and I left the house for work before 7:30. Today was definitely going to be a bit cooler day but still the humidity lingers. Add at least 10 degrees inside the laundromat and that’s the conditions I work in for an hour. I’m not griping though; others are working in that heat for full days.

What a beauty of a sky!

The Mat didn’t seem too dirty today, the floor needed sweeping and damp mopping. However, some customers are never satisfied and the note on the board had two more complaints added to it. True, the laundromat probably should be cleaned daily but the suggestion of 2X daily is a bit much. Jamie couldn’t pay me that often and I really don’t want to be driving into town twice a day. When I think of the number of times that I walk in and there doesn't seem enough to do for me to earn my hour's pay, it baffles me. They’ll just have to live with it until Jamie sells and someone with the funding steps in to update everything.

You know that I love this tree by now
Without the glare in the bottom corner, it would be nice framed
if we had a house to hang it in!

Back home, I had my tea and it was another one of those days where I didn’t know what to get into. Bill and I left Gibbs in charge and drove to Owen Sound. He has plans (on paper) for a model airplane he wants to build but he needs them to be enlarged so he took them to Qwik Print to see if they could assist. Feeling hopeful, we left the plans with Terry. On the way home, we stopped in at the Walmart for our groceries instead of going to Hanover. It's in a different direction.

Bill had had some cereal earlier so wasn’t hungry for much for lunch. I hadn’t eaten so had a gap to fill. I made a coffee and had a warmed piece of zucchini banana bread with butter. With some yogourt, that hit the spot.

With the fireplace removed,
it's a great space
but before you suggest shelves, I still want a heat unit here 😀

We’d picked up a portable heater at the garage sale the other day and since our fireplace is on the fritz, not shutting off again, we decided to put this unit in its place. It is a nice looking unit, doesn’t look like a fireplace but it isn’t about presentation here, just heat when we want to take the chill off as seasons change. So, today, Bill removed the original unit and we set this one inside. 😊 It looks fine. There is a lot of room on each side and on the top so we’re thinking of ways to make better use of those’ gaps’.

Bill wanted to toss this out but tried
to fiddle with it first
Thank goodness!

Funny story about the heater. Bill decided to take the fireplace unit apart once more and when he touched the relay board on the heater itself, everything worked. It fired up and it shut off with the remote. What the?? Now that is a bit freaky. He tried a couple of times and it continued to work fine. In the manual, he found the product code for the board in their parts list. He put it back in the opening and we are back to square one.

Gibbs refused to carry the recycle bin
He just likes to lead the way and make sure I follow

That’s okay about the heater because Bill can use it down in the Hangar for those cold fall and spring days. 😊 That was really what drew his attention to it at the sale in the first place. He will place an order from Dimplex for a new board because more than likely during travel, we could encounter the issue again with the current one. He took the new heater down to his 'cave' and tucked it away for now. Hopefully he won't need it TOO soon!

He ran so hard and fast that he bee-lined right
for the shade by the Hangar

With 2 ½ soft bananas left in the freezer, I made some regular banana nut bread for Bill. The only thing ‘keto’ is the sugar substitute and he doesn’t mind that, not being able to taste the difference. It is cooking right now, 2 loaves, so I hope he enjoys them. Gibbs and I went out after they were done baking and we walked down to get the recycle bin and check for mail. The latter was junk but we brought the bin back and I let him run with his leash. He can really move! I hope he never stops making me laugh.🐕

Next time I'll only use one loaf pan
Not sure why they had me divide it, each slice was only about 1 1/2" high
I sent a couple of buttered pieces with Bill for his lunch Tuesday

The little bum and I hung around outside at the Hangar and in the hammock. He must have heard something in the wood pile, Chippy maybe?, and so I got some more entertainment watching him root around the chunks of wood. He also ran around and found his pool at the end of the Suite which had about 2 – 3” of rain water in it. It started out with him trying to get a drink and next thing I knew, he was right in it, splashing and drinking. 😊 When he dried ‘out’, we came indoors. The energy!!

Before I dump it this time, it needs a good scrubbing

We watched NCIS for an hour before we started making supper. Fish and chips tonight. I’d wanted burgers but forgot that we cooked the last of the them last week. Woops! Too bad I didn’t remember that when we were at Walmart. LOL I have to go to Hanover this week to get my yogourt from Independent anyway so will pick some up then.

He sat on the corral hill surveying the property and
had a good view of Bill's Hangar from here too
LOL that grass needs cutting again!

Supper was great. Bill had fish and fries and I had fish and my leftover lasagna. I know, I know, it doesn’t go together but when you have leftovers that need to be eaten, you do what you have to. It was spicy, I’d forgotten that and if I ever were to have it again at QB, I would ask them to skip the hot peppers. 😊 Why would you do that to lasagna? We did the dishes together, as usual, and had a quiet evening. I worked on my blog but decided to finish it in the morning. Just because.

My supper was good even though not traditional

This was a really nice day, a surprise day off for Bill. The fact that he got the fireplace working again is a bonus! If we hadn't bought the heater, that never would have happened, right? 👍 Already we are nearing the finale of August! I can't believe it! In case you're wondering, we are trying very hard to be positive about our winter plans. Of course, deep down we have some minor worries about 'what if?' but other thana few inklings of ideas, we aren't dwelling on it - yet.

a spot to fill so here is Clemson
Aug. 30, 2018
after a haircut
Such a sweet little guy 💗💖
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Really makes you wonder about people complaining. From what I can see you and Jamie do a great job on the mat! It's the customers that make the mess. Your bread looks awesome! Ken and I both add hot sauce to our lasagna so we would probably love QB's. :) Keeping a positive outlook for winter travels, I like that!

    1. Legitimate complaints are understandable but sometimes they are unfair.
      Bill liked the bread. Yes you would like their lasagna.:)

  2. Gosh, people just love to complain don't they? The fact is, if they don't like the service, they can use their feet to walk to another laundromat. Assuming there is another one in town that is.

    That Gibbs is such a hoot. I laughed out loud at the photo of him in the pool. Fingers crossed, your winter plans come to fruition.

    1. The town is too small for two laundromats but Hanover is 20 minutes away. We've heard complaints about theirs too from the people who praise 'ours'.
      I'm glad Gibbs made you laugh, thank you for saying that. 💕
      Thanks for the crossed fingers too!

  3. I can picture Mr. Gibbs clearly now! A ball of energy.