Friday, August 27, 2021

Weekend Around the Corner

The Ridge

On Thursday, Aug. 26th, I woke to hear Bill pulling the blankets up on his side. I was facing the window so wasn’t sure what time it was or if he was coming back to bed. I dropped off again when I remembered that he was getting up at 5:30. I didn’t have to! Next thing I felt was a lovable cuddle around my neck. Gibbs! Even though Bill tells him to leave me alone, he wants to give me a morning kiss. 😊

He has been sleeping downstairs on his own every night, with the door closed, and we haven’t had an accident nor heard a peep from him. I do like that he comes up with me while Bill gets ready for work though. Bill said he had an interrupted sleep last night but it was because he felt hot and regretted turning the a/c on up there. I have my window open but it is close to my face, so I slept well.

In Durham, ready to turn to the Mat

After he left at 6:30 for Mildmay to meet Mike, Gibbs and I relaxed until I had to leave for work at 7:15. The day was looking cloudy but as I drove to Durham, the sky was giving me glimpses of a more promising day. The forecast was for possibility of rain again and I would welcome it. My flowers need something to drink and if I don’t have to provide it, all the better. The pump system has had a setback.

I guess I'm pretty naive in today's
this was on the floor behind the chairs and
I'd never seen anything like it
For vaping, I assume

When I finished cleaning the Mat, with no interruptions at all, I drove to the Police station and dropped off the jack knife that I’d found on Tuesday. The receptionist wasn’t surprised that I wanted to get rid of it. It was pretty, that’s the only positive thing I can say about it. LOL 

Other than being pretty, there
was nothing positive about this
Usually I keep 'neat' things that I find
but no thank you.

Back home, I had my tea, fed Gibbs and worked away at my puzzle. I was getting frustrated with it, but only one puzzle in my lifetime has got the better of me so I wasn’t giving up on this one.

I had a yummy breakfast tortilla for lunch
for a change, I cooked the egg in a microwave cup
for 1 1/4 minutes - perfect!

Mona is really close to breaking
out of her chrysalis

The day was pretty quiet, another hot one, and Gibbs and I spent much of it indoors again. I did keep an eye on Mona as she was about to eclose; her chrysalis turned black overnight and her wings were visible. I knew it would happen soon and Donna confirmed that for me so I brought the container into the Suite. Soon enough, I watched Mona make an appearance. It took quite a while and I took several video clips of the process. Pretty amazing!!

Now, as a beautiful butterfly, I waited for her wings to open up but there seemed to be a problem. I didn’t know how long it would take but it was like she couldn’t unfurl them. It’s sad because she dropped the 2” from her casing and the stick I’d put inside and then didn’t seem to be able to move anything other than her antennae. I felt really bad and still do, after all her work! Donna said to leave her overnight outside and see if she survives until morning. I’m not feeling very positive.

It was a long wait for her to unfurl her wings

It never happened before she dropped
and either she had a damaged wing or hurt it in the fall 😟
I'm sorry that I don't have a happy ending with a Monarch
flying off

Bill was home early, around 2:15 and he had stopped at the Acreage for a bladder of water. For supper, he bbq’d Italian sausage and I cooked 2 cobs of corn inside. It wasn’t much of a meal but it was filling and we could have dessert later. 

The puzzle is coming but it comes in spurts
between frustrations and successes

I had zucchini to use up so made a keto
Banana Zucchini cake/loaf
with pecans and date pieces
Bill won't lie it but warmed with cream, I love it!

Bill went out to finish cutting the front field and I did the dishes. Gibbs and I sat in the hammock, okay, we laid in the hammock, and waited for him to finish. Gibbs got quite excited when he saw Bill come up on the mower to the corral. 😊

Waiting for Daddy, so I put him out on his leash

He's getting so big! Still has the darker streak down his back 💓

Putting the mower away
Gibbs is happy again

After we came in, we spent a quiet evening together until bed time. I worked on my blog and the puzzle. Neither got finished tonight. This was a good day.

An Arizona (?) sunset??
Good night y'all!

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  1. I hope Mona is better this morning. They don't fly right away. It takes a few hours for their wings to dry before they can take off. I can't believe Gibbs sleeps in the other room without crying. Cooper would be barking and howling up a storm!!

    1. thank you, her wings don't look too great. She's still alive but just barely. Her wings don't move now. :(
      Gibbs surprised us totally so yes we are very lucky.

  2. Looks like another great day in the books. How do you like your puzzle mat?

    1. Yes it was. I like the puzzle mat but anything larger than a 500 pc won't work on it. all the pieces have to be flat AND in the white lines around the edge before you roll it.

  3. Hoping Mona is up this am! Your lunch looks yummy! Nice that Gibbs sleeps by himself and shares some cuddle time.

    1. thank you. We are impressed with Gibbs too. He comes and tries to sneak upstairs with us but still not a peep once we close the door.

  4. I hope Mona has recovered and is ready to test her wings. That was a cool video - I've never see the process in real life.

    That's a bong - likely worth $40 or more.

    1. Thank you, I thought some might enjoy the video. I'd never seen the full transformation before.
      So, the bong. It is for vaping? Is the empty bottle returnable?

  5. Maybe your manager needs to invest in some security cameras.

    1. We do have security cameras in the Mat, 6, I think. He knows there are a couple of homeless who sleep over on occasion but has too good of a 💗 to kick them out. Plus, he can't watch them constantly. :(

  6. That was a pretty knife you found. It would have made a nice letter opener although these days not too much snail mail is circulating anymore. Did you do the egg on high power?

    1. It was pretty and if it was something I'd use, I'd have kept it. :) LOL on the letter opener. haha
      Yes, I did the egg on high power but don't cover it, it will pop. :S

  7. Awww, hope Mona gets to fly. I enjoyed the video too.
    We have had 2 bad storms here this week. Tuesday during the night was terrible. Big trees down, one on a car and just missed the house just about a couple kilometers from here. Much of Port Lambton had so many branches scattered and we had no power for the rest of the night and much of the next day. Another one yesterday afternoon, lots of rain and wind.
    Gibbs is growing into a beautiful little pup.

    1. Ooh, those storms sound nasty. Is it because of your closeness to water? Glad you guys are okay and got missed.

  8. I need one of those puzzle mats. I really enjoy working on them but such a pain to have laying out if I need to use the desk table, which is more often than you think. I'm sorry about Mona. Gibbs is quite the character and seems to be quite happy with his Mom and Dad! How nice he is okay to sleep downstairs by himself now, and makes it through the night without issues. He's growing up! Sure makes for a better sleep for all!

    1. The puzzle mat comes in handy and was given to me from a fellow rv'er. :) She's a sweetheart, heard me say I wanted one and wasn't using hers. 💕
      Gibbs is quite the card, I laugh at him a lot and when he misbehaves, which he still does, he isn't in the 'doghouse' (haha) for very long!