Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Totally Enjoying the Day, Getting Smarter

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Aug. 2nd Bill was a bit messed up when he woke up. Our bedroom clocks must have been affected by the power surge yesterday while Bill was working on the Bunky outlets. We never noticed until this morning. I’d gone up to bed at 9:40 last night before Private Eyes was even over. I couldn’t stay awake, the day's gardening and the sun affected me, I guess.

Good morning sunshine

So, this morning when he looked at the clock, it read 5:30 when he took Gibbs out for his piddle. When he came back in, after he’d been washed and dressed, he commented on how dark out it was. LOL, that was when we concluded that it was only 4:30 and the clocks had jumped on us. So, he rested on top of the covers and we all went back to sleep until the ‘real’ 6 o’clock. That’s too bad, an interrupted sleep makes it hard to start your day.

Walking with my shadow buddy

Gibbs was pretty good on his walk today

He left just before 7 and Gibbs and I went out to see him drive away. That seems to put the little guy’s mind at ease and he doesn’t pine for him. I had planned on a walk and a walk with Gibbs so I put my runners on, his harness on him and clipped his retractable leash on him. Right off the get-go, going down the lane, he seemed to get the idea. It was only 7 when we headed out and never met one vehicle, out and back. 😊

The geese were in the freshly cut wheat field

Are you coming, Mom?

We went further today, much closer to Turbine Lane, and turned back for home. His legs are short and he doesn’t take many breaks (except when I offer him a treat). I figured that was far enough today, about 1 ½ miles. What a good little walker he is on the road. I reign him in some of the time, encouraging him to walk beside me, and other times I let him roam without pulling. We came in for my tea and his breakfast.

Everything is so green after all the rains

I had some yogourt and after a jaunt for his business, put him in the crate with a treat and a toy. I’d slipped into a tank top, long skirt and sandals for a change. I like to dress it up a bit rather than the humdrum of shorts and capris all the time. I took Ptooties to Hanover for a few things. First, Mark’s to see what their clearance sale is all about. I love their Denver Hayes clothing and found a couple of lightweight sleeveless tee’s for under $20.

No caterpillars but milkweed pods 😀

Then Walmart for food items and lastly to Canadian Tire to pick up a Milk Frother. I used one at Gayle’s this past week to blend the coconut oil that I put in my tea. It worked nicely so the oil didn’t float on top. Donna suggested C.T. and I easily found one for under $10. Bonus! I also saw a rack with Country Leather belts, men’s and women’s for $5.99 and Bill and I discussed just yesterday how we each needed new belts. Mine are shameful, mainly because I hate to spend big $$ to hold my pants up! 😊 I bought a green and a brown one.

The drive back from Hanover was a pretty one

Then I stopped around at Donna’s to see her gardens. More green thumbs there, a larger grouping of my one small garden. She has good earth to work with and that certainly is key. Everything is coming up……well, not exactly roses but her Rose of Sharon, like Gayle’s, is another amazing spectacle loaded with buds ready to bloom. Beautiful! It was about half hour later when I headed home to Gibbs. He looked so cute sitting in his crate with his fluffy head curls sticking through the bars.

twisted bacon in the air fryer

After I put groceries away, he played with the bags for a while and I made myself a bite to eat with crackers, yogourt, a frothed coffee, pepperoni and cheese. I took some advice from Gayle and cooked some twisted strips of bacon in Rosy, the air fryer. I’d never done this and after about 15 minutes, they came out quite yummy looking. We’ll be using some of them tonight with our burgers. With the dishes done, Gibbs and I went out for a walk around the property and sat on the patio.

I had a brain wave. He was doing a lot of little ‘pesty’ things, digging under the steps and chewing on the stones so I decided to take some time for ‘me’. The sun was hot and I’ve been craving some natural Vitamin D. I put him inside and took my book outside. He was tired and never made a peep. The hammock was my go-to and I relaxed and dozed for a little over an hour. The bugs were leaving me alone for the most part and I patted myself on the back for that idea.

Goldfinches are still circulating

I’ll do it more often rather than get frustrated with “No, Gibbs”, “What have you got?”, “Stop digging there” etc. I love him dearly and have NO regrets with him in our lives but I also need time to ‘breathe’. I did that today and it was good. When I came in, he was curled up in front of the door and we walked a bit before settling inside. It was 4:30 and Daddy would soon be home. 😊 We waited inside and I turned tv on at 5 to watch NCIS.

Burger on lettuce

It wasn’t until 5:45 that Bill came in. He had stopped in Walkerton on the way home, delaying his return. We caught up on the day and I began bbqing supper. Bill had his burger the usual way and I ate mine on a bed of lettuce, with all the fixings. It was delicious! On the side, I prepared a Caesar salad. The day was still warm and the a/c was keeping the Suite comfortable inside. A few days of this is on the horizon and here we go with another round of Ontario weather.

Black Cherry ice cream is the creamiest
Good night y'all!

After dishes, Bill made his lunch and we sat together for the evening. My book is so good that I’m happy to be able to get some more chapters read, during commercials. This was a wonderful relaxing day and we have stocked up on a few food items that we needed. 😊

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. The good news is puppies get better. They never give up on play time, but it doesn't last quite as long. Don't feel bad ... sometimes I lock Cooper up in the bedroom so I can be alone! LOL

    1. Yes, they do get better. Good thing too! :)
      I appreciate you saying that, I have to convince myself that he is happy where he is while i go outside. :O

  2. Gibbs is adorable, but I can see how you could need a break here and there :) Your burger looks delicious!

  3. Gibbs seems to be taking to the leash quite well.

    You really make me want to get an air fryer. Mine is one of the first additions and you can only air fry certain things. It does make wonderful french fries though.

    God bless.

    1. I think my air fryer is an early one too, Jackie, and I had stopped using it for a few things but do like learning new recipes for it. :)

  4. Sounds like the little beastie is getting better behaved all the time. Good work!