Saturday, August 14, 2021

Where Did Friday Go? New Samsungs, Campfire, Memory Photos


The Ridge

On Friday, Aug. 13th (Friday the 13th!!) our morning routine was pretty normal. As it turned out yesterday, Black Beauty wasn’t going to be ready until today sometime so Bill went about his little project first thing. I’m not remembering what I did for the morning but that just means it wasn’t blog worthy, I guess. 😊 By the way, for those who haven’t noticed, he has written a post about one of the jobs he did if your interested at On Our Way. Thanks for the gentle push, F.G.

A lovely morning sky
Looking east from our laneway

On Baptist Church Road, I took one across
the wheat field when the sun popped

I know Gibbs and I sat outside while I completed my blog and I kept an eye on Mona, the caterpillar. She was definitely in the ‘J’ stage and would soon be forming her next stage of life. It was nice to see K & K enjoying the outdoors at their ‘site’ with their books. To me that means that they are getting some relaxing time in on their mini vacay.

We didn't make it to Turbine Lane today
It is up there on the left

The signs of tiring

Want to  go home, Gibbs?

Bill was waiting for a phone call from Joe about the truck and when we hadn’t heard by 11, he called and it was ready to go. Perfect! We had a nibble for lunch and headed over that way. First, we stopped in Hanover at the Bell store to pick up our new phones. They are A52’s and with the new plan, including our US coverage, 60 GB of data (60 high speed and then unlimited at a slower pace) to share plus the daily Mexico coverage when needed, we are saving $10/month. Compared to a shared 20 GB then unlimited. We’re quite pleased.

Can you say knackered?

They took about 30 minutes to transfer everything so we left them with Jaclyn and drove to Walkerton to get the truck. It worked out perfectly and after picking up our phones, we went our separate ways. 

The flower arrangements in Durham are
If the cars hadn't  been parked along the bridge,
I could have shown more on the rail

I had a few groceries on the list so stopped at Walmart to pick those up and as I swung back home through Durham, I stopped at a Yard Sale I had noticed driving through earlier. I’m a bit of a Hawk eye when it comes to sales. 😊

For $1/book, it was worth taking
a chance on these

I found a couple of framed pictures and 4 books that sound interesting. Cheap cheap. The afternoon was another slow one and that was good as it warmed up quite quickly. When we returned, we checked Mona and of course, I’d missed her transformation but that didn’t surprise me since we were gone for 3 ½ hours and I knew she was ready. It is still very cool to see it all close up although how cool it would have been watching her shed her skin!

a blurry picture of the 'buddy'
which apparently is what they're called in this stage

We had a nice Happy Hour in the shade of the afternoon and before 6 I started the roast beef in Madame IP. It wasn’t Sunday but that was the kind of meal we were having today. I’d taken the roast out of the freezer to thaw when I emptied the fridge. With onions and a few of Mrs. F.G.’s potatoes, it cooked within 35 minutes and a 12-minute release. I made some gravy on Sauté and cooked our last 2 cobs of corn for our side. It was a delicious meal.

A bowl of Mrs. F.G.'s potatoes

Gerry had invited us over for a fire and since we weren’t eating until 7:30, we put the dishes in the dishwasher and headed over at 8ish. The air had sure cooled down outside and I realized that it was the first we put long pants on in a long time! We enjoyed the campfire with Donna and Gerry, Ken and Kim (& Gibbs, of course), with the last hour or so with heads tilted towards the sky watching the beginnings of the meteor shower. That was awesome and if we could have stayed up until the wee hours, Ken said it would have been amazing.

Donna's roaring campfire

Practicing with my phone camera

Gibbs settled down once we settled down 😅
He worries about anyone who walks away
or else he's just nosy!

As it was, time flew and it was around 11 when we drove home, slowly, keeping an eye out for deer and other night wanderers. We didn’t see any tonight. This was a wonderful day. We’re happy with the new phones and the added perks but as with anything new, it will take a bit to get used to the few changes. 😊

After seeing Mr. & Mrs.F.G., I went back to 
see when we first met them
This is July 30, 2017
Photo courtesy of Furry Gnome

Picture courtesy of George Yates
Good night y'all!

I’m glad you took the time to stop in. Thank you!


  1. Well we both thank you for the mentions, and George (posthumously!) for the photo. Mrs. F.G. Suggests getting some Sumach roots for that slope where things are slow to grow. They love poor grsvelly soil.

    1. You are very welcome!
      Thank Mrs. FG for the suggestion. I'll have to look into that about Sumach. I'm game for anything!

  2. Oh cool ... can't wait to see Mona come back to life. I so know that puppy look. In fact, I've come to know it enough so as to head back at the exact right time that does not require carrying!! LOL