Thursday, August 12, 2021

What a Great Day!

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Aug. 11th, we were all up around 7. Gibbs and I went for our walk, all the way to Turbine Lane before I took time for my tea. It was going to be a very hot day and I wanted to get out and back before the heat set in again. Bill was up and bustling around to prepare for the fridge fix. The rain wasn’t supposed to grace our presence until around supper hour. πŸ‘

It was a lovely morning for a walk
as is reflected here on the pond

We made it to Turbine Lane again today
Good job, Gibbs! 🐾🐾

When I got back from our walk, I made my tea and worked a bit on my blog. I didn’t make much progress, instead started emptying the freezer and fridge into the cooler and our grocery bags that Bill had brought in for me. Ken and Bill got to work around 9. I basically stayed out of the way and kept Gibbs out of the way too by sitting with him in my chair or holding him in my arms instead of working on my post. 😊

This is the valve that needed to be

Bill 'manufactured' a platform
to slide the fridge on

My job was to empty the fridge
I filled many bags and our cooler

Hard at it, prying and pulling

It was out like this and back in a few
times because of the tight fit
on each side

It was about 2 ½ hours and they were finished. It wasn’t an easy job, at all, our fridge is a monster and very heavy. I was happy with the finished results because now our doors will stay open at least, when before they would swing shut. I was also happy that the water dispenser works again BUT we are both thrilled that we now have our ice maker back! How we’ve missed those automatic cubes for our drinks.

This panel from the outside needed
to come off - see the green of the
valve? It could not be accessed
without the fridge being pushed out

Such a small compartment to work in
but they did a great job!

Back in place with just the front
floor panel to replace

Getting the Supervisor's approval

After thanking Ken, I hopped into the shower, another delay from posting my blog and had a nibble to eat while Bill had his. We were outside around 1 with Kim and found the shade over by the Bunky. It was already around 30C/87F and Ken joined us around 1:15. When Furry Gnome and Mrs. F.G. pulled in the lane, we were very pleased that they made it for a short visit. 😊 When they arrived, she handed me a bag with a variety of potatoes and some garlic. We chatted a bit, catching up while they got to know Ken, Kim and of course, Gibbs.

Can you see the surprise on this face?
He jumped up on the couch without a moment's
It surprised us all but then he was afraid to jump down πŸ˜‚

Within 15 minutes or so, Suzie also pulled in the lane. I was hoping she would arrive before they left, since they met George and Suzie here in 2017. I know F.G. has mentioned in the past that he was very happy to have met George before he passed since he’d been reading his blog for a few years. 

We were thrilled to have Suzie and the blogger of
Seasons in the Valley, Furry Gnome & Mrs. F.G.
visit us for a pre-Happy Hour

I showed Mrs. F.G. my gardens and had a couple of my spicy peppers to offer them. They might have stayed 45 minutes to an hour before heading off out the lane.

Again, don't we all wish we could relax like this
It was after our morning walk that he just flopped

My favourite position for Gibbs and I when we're outside

Hard to see him, but our hummer is back

Happy Hour began around 2:30 and Gayle, John, Rob and Pat came next and by 4:30, Donna and Gerry also arrived. It turned into a lovely afternoon and there was a lot of conversation as a group and in groups. Gibbs was out with us the whole time and was being a very good little puppy. He’d get excited when new arrivals came and/or when someone left the circle and came back. He likes to be on top of everything that is going on.

We were spread out in a large loose circle
grabbing shade where we could
there was a lot of heat but also a lovely breeze
keeping us comfortable

The sky to the west darkened considerably around 5ish and we began saying goodbye soon after the thunder started. Still no rain but we didn’t want to get caught in it so packed things up and said our goodbyes. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the
later arrivals, Donna and Gerry, but I did
get a picture of them leaving!

Bill and I didn’t have plans for supper tonight so I fried up some mini sausages, heated a can of brown beans and cooked a cob of corn for myself. This fresh corn is wonderful, with the taste of being picked in the field just this morning!

Cherry pie with a tsp of cream

The evening ended with a piece of cherry pie and some AGT on the tube.

A couple of interesting sunset pictures
The latter one looks like a message in the clouds
Very cool!

Good night!

Thank you for popping in to see what we’re up to today.


  1. What a wonderful day! All those special people coming to hang out! Lucky you! Very nice that Ken and Bill were able to get your ice maker all hooked up! Kept them occupied for a bit LOL. Cherry pie looks awesome!

  2. Sounds like you had a marvelous day. Gibbs just wants to get to know everyone.

    The pie looks very tasty and now you have made me want pie.....

    God bless.

  3. It was SO nice to see you! Thanks for the hospitality.

    1. 😍Ditto!! So happy that you were able to pop in for a visit.

  4. Looks like you had a positively lovely time. You sure do get lots accomplished in a day. Little cutie Gibbs fits right in.
    Love all the pictures.

  5. Well congrats Gibbs on his jumping abilities. It's always so funny to see their faces when they do something like that. Fixing that fridge was a BIG job! Good thing Gibbs was there to supervise!! Sounds like a very nice day ... there's nothing like good company.

    1. Thank you, now he forgets how he did it! haha
      It's great to have ice cubes again. Gibbs gave the job a πŸ‘πŸΎπŸΎ

  6. Sorry to have missed the great get-together with all your friends. I am sure everyone had a good time visiting. Nice that Ken gave a hand to tackle the issue with the fridge and that must have been quite a job. I think your RV fridge is bigger than my household fridge ;-)