Monday, August 23, 2021

Hanging Around Home

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 23rd Bill was up and off to work by 7:30. He only had to go down the road, Grey Road 4, to the location I showed you yesterday. Mike and Tim were meeting him there. It would be an extremely hot day again to work outside and they will have no shade. He packed lots of water and then returned once to get Gibbs’ jug with ice to share. My only advice: Drink lots and don’t over exert.

A morning pond picture

Gibbs and I went for our walk soon after Bill left but again, at 7:45 it was already pretty warm. We got halfway between M’s and Turbine Lane and the brakes came on. Didn’t know puppies had brakes in their paws? 😊 Well, he sure does. When I said ‘do you want to go home?’ he turned back and started walking. Keep up with me, Mom. I got the hint really quick.

The old homestead across the road
looks eerie in the fog

Strutting along pretty good

Bright sun and clear sky

The geese are often in these fields

I was happy again that I’d published yesterday’s blog last night so I didn’t have to do anything, if I didn’t want to. I finished my tea and we went outside. There is a fair bit of water in our little pool now, so I moved the picnic table closer to our patio and moved Gibbs’  rope tether to it. He could reach the shade of the patio plus reach the pool for drinks or dips.

Some pictures of what I hung
West side of the Bunky

The big hat at the bottom is new

A bright sunflower adorns the Bunky entrance

A couple of things added here
Bunky east wall

While he was happy, I got out the hammer and small finishing/hanging nails. Remember, the wooden flowers I’d painted a month ago? Finally, I found places for them. My little $5 step ladder worked like a charm for reaching the higher points on the Bunky. I swapped out one of the straw hats, that wasn’t holding shape well, with the latest one I bought and also hung the new shelf unit I’d found at a garage sale. They can all just be lifted off the nails come fall when things get put away.

Bunky back north wall

I made a coffee and sat outside with Gibbs for a while. Around 12:30 I got changed to go to town. Bill needs milk and bread. As I was doing that, speak of the devil, Bill drove in to get a fill up of water and ice. 5 minutes later and he would have missed me. Gibbs looked after the house, free in the downstairs, and he also slept downstairs all through the night last night. I’m sure a better sleep than if he’d been up on the hot bedspread with his parents.

Gibbs stayed in the shade and watched me

I remembered to take the 2 bags of liquor bottles and cans to the Beer Store for the $3.90 that got me and dropped off 2 books that I’d finished in the book box in town. Kim and Gayle had also read these so no point in keeping them around. Someone else will enjoy them as much as we did. Town was busy, as it usually is at that time of day. I know tomorrow will be a busy day for me so I scooted home to relax for the afternoon.

2nd bloom

When I got back from town, I made some lunch. I had a craving for a summer sandwich that Daddy used to eat all the time. I only had one slice of bread and slathered it with peanut butter, green onions and thin cuke slices. I even folded it in half like he did and it tasted like 1970 again! 😊 I’d bought bananas and 3 plums from the ‘sale’ rack at Foodland so sliced some up with cream for dessert.

I watched this butterfly on the Cone flowers today

A pearl-bordered frilillary?

I had to Google it so it's the best
match I could find

It was on these flowers for a
very long time 😊

There wasn’t anything else to do today so Gibbs and I just relaxed. At 3, I left the little fur ball inside in the a/c and went out to the hammock with my book. It was in half sun and half shade and there was a lovely breeze. I was waiting for my Norwex order, which is supposed to be delivered today by FedEx. It was a surprise when I heard a vehicle slow down at the lane and then crawl up slowly. FedEx or UPS never slow down like that. It was Bill.

The corn was very good

They’d had a productive day on the job site and Bill said the breeze helped periodically to keep them cool. At least cooler. Gibbs and I sat outside for about an hour allowing Bill to have a peaceful doze inside. When we went in, I made a cup of tea. Together we watched NCIS and at 6, I husked and started cooking 2 cobs of corn in the microwave. They take about 6 minutes in dampened paper towels and are perfectly cooked. 😊 I also heated up the leftover lasagna so it was an easy delicious supper.

Gibbs is on a roll tonight, wanting out every 5 minutes
I put him on his rope and here he's trying to 
indicate "what? I'm being really good!" 🐶

Bill debated going out to cut some grass but he looked pretty much whipped so I was glad when he decided not to. Even so, being a good wifey (😊) I told him to sit while I did the dishes. When I was drying them, it dawned on me that my Norwex order hadn’t arrived. That’s odd. Well, maybe they shoved it in the mailbox, it would probably fit. I might walk down later, we’ll see. Bill did have to make his lunch for tomorrow so he did that before we had some ice cream. Surprise surprise, at 7:30 the FedEx delivery arrived. Two guys were in the van and it was obvious one was a trainee. A late night for them and when I said I hoped they were done soon, the lead man said 'One more delivery!'

A beautiful sky tonight at sunset
Last night, that big old full moon was sooo bright
Did you see it?
Have a good night!

The evening was another quiet one, watching some tv, reading and dozing in our chairs. But first, I had a blog to publish. This was a nice day.

Thank you for your visit.


  1. I get the look from Cooper, followed by sitting. Yup got the message. Lol. Your flowers are just beautiful and the decorations too cute.

    1. Ha ha, yup. You'd never think dogs could have facial expressions but........🐶.

  2. I feel so sorry for people having to work outdoors in this heat.

  3. Oh, I definitely do too! And I feel ashamed for whining about the heat when I'm at home.

  4. The echinacea is so pretty! The butterfly is pretty too.

  5. I love your doodad's on the Bunky - looks so cute and homey. We're pretty cool most days here in the Rockies, perfect really, hope you get some more temperate weather soon. Coneflowers, particularly that color, are some of my favorites.

  6. The Bunky looks wonderful. Love the way you have decorated it.

    Our cooler weather has been wonderful and it is supposed to last for the rest of this week at least. Sorry our hot weather came your way.

    God bless.