Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sundays are for Relaxing and That's What We Did!day

The Ridge

On Sunday, Aug. 29th we were surprised that we slept in until 7. That goes for Gibbs too! Obviously, we’d had a good sleep. 😉 By the time we got up and made the bed, I decided not to go for a walk. Sorry, Gibbs. Bill informed me that the day was going to be another hot and humid one even though it looked quite cloudy. We went about our day with no real plans in mind.

Bill and Gibbs share a moment

Bill was too frustrated to go back to working on the pump, we just can’t figure it out. Now, he has it working again, the pump seems to be keeping its prime but instead of shutting down after building pressure, it looks like it is letting water go back down into the pipe. Something is definitely different than the other day when it worked perfectly and we are at a loss. I didn’t really want him spending hours on it again today all for naught. He'll get it figured out, eventually. 


We had an earlier breakfast than usual, a Sunday fare of bacon and eggs, and then I did a couple of updates on my phone and laptop. I also splurged and went into Bill’s Atlas for Men site and ordered myself a couple of things. From that you can tell that it isn’t just ‘for men’. 😊 He has ordered a lot of really nice pieces of clothing from this Canadian company and we haven’t had a problem with anything so I thought I'd try.  I love how he is branching out and getting into more summer colours.

After breakfast, we had a porch visitor

He turned so I could check out his back side too

Bill and Gibbs had their snooze around noon and by then we had closed windows and turned the a/c on again. We should get relief from the heat this week and will be able to cut back on our power/hydro usage. We’re curious about the bill for the month of August. We’ve used air conditioning more this summer than we have in the last 20 years! Times seem to be a-changing.

"Are you getting this?" he asks.

Bill went out to his Hangar, he said he had some cleanup to do and until it got too hot down there, he would putter away. I didn’t really know what to get into this afternoon so just puttered. I’m debating getting my cross stitch out again, something to work at inside. I believe that I am feeling after effects of pulling the vine on Friday. My right bicep is achy when I lift my arm. I did some stretching exercises this morning to relieve what seems to be my sciatica nerve and this new pain. LOL

The rain last night did a number on the 
top of our lane again

Isn’t age wonderful? Well, again I say that it is better than the alternative so yah, I guess it is pretty great. 😊 The clouds are constantly changing positions in the sky so we are seeing white fluffies one minute but lots of blue sky in the background. Bill had some water leftover in the bladder in the back of the truck so he put what he could in the Suite freshwater tank and it took all of it, so that topped us right to the 100%. 

Gibbs and I spent the afternoon
down by the Hangar in the shade

Our supper was bbq’d sirloin steak and a potato with vegetables. A lovely Sunday night meal. We were also ‘topped’ up and didn’t need dessert tonight. I did the dishes while Bill finished up outside. He also rinsed the bladder with bleach, since that hasn’t been done yet this summer. These bladders that we have bought sure pay for themselves with us living up here on the Ridge. The amount of water toted from the Acreage is unbelievable!

I also just wanted to get a few pictures
on my phone

Looks a bit disgruntled but he really
did enjoy the outdoors with Mom

So much so that he fell asleep on his pillow
Bill made his lunch, sadly he has work tomorrow but at least it is just in town again. The weather network has issued another Storm Watch overnight and it looks like this one will bring in some more comfortable temperatures for Monday. 24C/77F or thereabouts. The nights will be cooler so we can opt to have windows open or not. The a/c won’t be necessary, maybe not even tonight.

A really nice supper

This was a wonderful relaxing day. I got a lot of my book read outside sitting in the shade with Gibbs. Bill got some things cleaned up in his Hangar and we even took time to peruse some Quartzsite parks. Dreaming, that’s what we’re doing.

Update: Bill has tomorrow off, yay!

A peek out the back window at the pretty summer sky
As I finish this at 8:20 pm, the sky is now black with clouds
with the occasional flash of lightning and the rumble of thunder
Good night!

Thank you for your visit today. Your comments are always welcome!


  1. With the limited info you gave I'd and if water is going back down the inlet when you turn the pump off, there's likely some debris in the check valve at the inlet letting the water flow back and you lose your prime. Ponds have stuff flouting around that you need to keep out of there because of that.
    And the ditch. Fix it by dissipating the water above it, don't make a ditch as collecting water just does damage like that. The key is do not collect water at all costs or when it rains hard things will wash out, so break up the ditch above by putting more little ones in. that spread out the water instead of putting it into one ditch.
    Got it? :O)

    1. I'm not very good at describing things I only have 'get' but Bill soaked up all your suggestions and appreciates the ideas very much and will follow up with them. :)

  2. What he said, cuz I haven’t a clue!!! Gibbs is a pretty expressive little guy. Too cute

  3. Just catching up. Bill might need to add a Check Valve to stop the loss of his water prime. Make certain too add a "T" with a Valve to empty the line for the Winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Bill has a check valve as well as another valve with a T up near the top of the hill to release air. The water will drain easily and he'll likely put the pump into storage for the winter. :) Thanks Rick.

  4. Did you folks get that whack with a storm last night? It blew through here, but didn't last long.

    1. We had a storm but it wasn't a scary one. The tv satellite went out, lots of thunder and lightning but I didn't think it got as close to us as others. :) Phew!

  5. Gibbs sure has some cute facial expressions! Your steak dinner looks awesome and yummy! :) Keep looking at campgrounds, fingers crossed!

    1. Yes, he does. I believe there is a personality in there! haha
      Thanks, ours are too and we will! :)

  6. Hooray for days off to do as you please! Hope Bill is able to figure out the pump issue soon.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. The pump is so frustrating, he'll get it but needs to break from it for a day or two. :)

  7. You'll have had another relaxing day today! But don't let me hear you complaining about your aches and pains!

  8. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

    A Blue Jay, I really miss them. They are not seen around here.

    God bless.

    1. I was really surprised when about 5 jays came into the yard at once. I was trying to photograph one in the far tree when this one landed right there - 3' from my window!

  9. I think Gibbs has the best life among the three of you. He gets good walks and even a nice tartan pillow on his picnic! Bacon and eggs are a treat for us as we try to be healthy. Why do fried foods taste so much better than healthy ones. Your supper looks like another treat too. Funny your supper is called dinner here. Supper for us here is eating after dinner around 10pm when we get greedy before bedtime!!

    1. Yes, he does have it pretty good for sure. And we even pick up his doodoo! haha
      See, for me, I believe that bacon and eggs IS eating healthy. Good fat is what my preferred eating style is all about. That's the paleo/keto way and my cholesterol shows no change. :) Funny about the supper, dinner. It's just a word but one we were raised with. :)