Tuesday, August 17, 2021

A Sister’s Spree and Opinion, Half Day of Rain

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Aug. 17th Bill was up and off to work just after 7. There had been a nice dousing of rain overnight although I didn’t hear it, nor did Bill. This morning brought a few more light showers, enough that Gibbs and I didn’t go for our usual walk. I relaxed at my laptop and since I had finished my blog post last night, I strayed onto different sites just for fun.

The sky was clearing in the afternoon 

Having those extra GB of data will make a difference for me by not being so hesitant to open emails with videos. With the update on our phones happening mid-month, the 30 GB (per phone) started right then, regardless of what was left of our original 10 GB. We were at ‘ground zero’ again. 😊 Last night, I felt comfortable being on the live video chat with Marie, Donna, Joanne and Gayle, not concerned about how much data I was using.

Before I left for town, the rain
had dampened the dirty cap of the Suite

So, I was curious how clean my Norwex mop would get it

with just water, see for yourself!

A big improvement, methinks πŸ˜ƒ

This morning, I checked and read Marie’s (Norwex) updates with new ideas and products. Donna’s party is open until Wednesday to order and I’m trying to decide which of the many things like would I get the most use of right now. The rain petered off but texting with Donna I learned that it was still raining in Hanover, 30 minutes away. That’s where Bill would be working today and after helping with something indoors at a former site, if the rain stopped, they’d be back at D & G’s house. The windows are almost done so I’m sure they are very pleased about that.

I love that once my Corabelles bloom
they stay in flower for lot of the summer

At 10, I’d cleaned up and slipped into a long summery skirt and top and drove to Hanover myself. I picked Donna up and we went downtown to one of our favourite stores. Fabulous Fashion Consignments is always fun to peruse through and now that I was looking for something in particular, it was worth a shot. You just never know. We wandered through and just as I’d determined that I wasn’t going to be successful, there it was on a rack at the exit door!

And this weed, that I've not pulled
has a yellow flower again

With the perfect jacket priced at $29 – 30%, I slipped into the change room with my dress (which I’d brought along) and with Donna’s opinion, we all agreed that it was perfect. Woohoo! I was thrilled. The shoes I bought at Value Village would work but because they are wedges, look a little less classy than I’d like so I would be on the look out for something in a different colour to accent with my new accessory. 😊

I thought we might be in for more rain
but not today!

I dropped Donna off at her house, made a quick stop at Independent Grocers for a couple of items there before stopping at Walmart for the last of the food items on my list. With the food in my cart and at risk of the ice cream melting some, I found the shoe section. They sure don’t have much selection for dress shoes but darned if I didn’t find what I think will be the perfect addition! Truly, a happy camper with the shoes and price, I drove home.

Looks like a wren party at the feeder

No surprise to me, Bill was home for the afternoon. The rain had continued into late morning. It was a few minutes after 12 noon and he’d just arrived before me. Gibbs came bounding out the door for his piddle and we further discovered that nothing was amiss inside the Suite. He was alone for 2 hours and behaved very well. He had a Greenie treat untouched that I left him, with the same instructions so now he figured he could relax and enjoy it. Which he did. Goofus.

Sorry, another Coneflower/Echinacea
They are so pretty

Bill and I had a bite to eat and when my sweetie stretched back in his recliner, Gibbs stretched out on the floor for his nap. I Googled some more and then when I knew I couldn’t doze listening to Bill’s snores, went up to the bedroom with my pooch. I slept for about 15 minutes, which is usually enough for me, Gibbs had settled down really quickly. We joined Bill downstairs when I heard him moving about around 2:30.

I'm disappointed in my hibiscus this year
It is only about 12" high and just now
showing buds - very late!

He had the front field to cut so he went to do that and I put Gibbs on his rope leash and sat with him outside. The day had turned quite humid earlier but now seems to have levelled out to about 23C/74F, so bearable at least. I hadn’t started a book yet so tried to get on Libby overdrive to order one of the ones I’ve listed as 'I want to read'. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck with my library cards, the West Grey one has expired and because of my location in West Grey, Libby won’t recognize the Bruce County card. LOL

Bill and Gibbs sitting on the couch
The picture, just because they were both watching the tv

Supper was very good
Ice cream for dessert

I put it away for now and will update my card in town this week. With the mower put away, we came inside and I started supper. Tonight, it was Italian sausage, carrots and Meaford potatoes. 😊 I cooked it all inside so that meant a pile of saucepans but it sure tasted good! After dishes, Bill went to the Hangar for a bit and I watched America’s Got Talent. That was our evening. This was a fun day, spending time with Donna, finding what I need for the wedding and Bill getting home early. Good grief! We've passed the middle of August!

I had a dream about this little sweetheart last night
so need to include a picture from
Aug. 17, 2018
Even though our hearts are full again, we still miss you, Clemson! πŸ’—
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Wow those coneflowers!! Beautiful! I think Clemson and Gibbs would be good buddies.

  2. I love the echinacea flowers, they are so pretty! Nice photo of Clemson.

  3. That's interesting that Libby won't let you use your other library card. I can use both my Kelowna card and my Yuma card and it doesn't matter where I am.

  4. Still a busy day. Nice that Bill only had to work half of it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.