Saturday, August 21, 2021

A Working Morning, Quiet Afternoon, Beautiful Bloom

The Ridge

Friday, Aug. 20th we took our time getting up. Gibbs was restless through the wee hours of the morning so Bill took him out at 3:30. That was the ticket as he did both jobs and dropped off to sleep quickly for the remainder of the morning. It was 7:30 when we all woke again and got up. Bill didn’t have to work today. Yay! It was a Mat cleaning day for me but since I wanted to drop my return ‘postage-paid’ parcel at the Post Office anyway, I was in no hurry. That meant being in town until at least 9 am.

Something beautiful to wake up to
My first Hibiscus with more buds to come

Such a small plant but loaded 😍

I left around 8:15 for town. Turns out, the box I was dropping off fit into their outside mail box so I could have done that anytime. 😊 I dropped it plus a greeting card and drove to the Mat. No one was there and it was fairly clean. M popped in soon after I arrived and paid me for the couple of hours of work that I did for him on Wednesday. That was a surprise, I wasn’t expecting to see him until Saturday.

It was quite a foggy morning

I could tell that one of the Lindsay’s had been in to fill the pop machine and retrieve change from the machines. The floor had been swept too. The young couple I met a week or so ago came in with many bags equaling many loads of laundry. The change machine gave her $4 change in return for a $20 bill. Not good. I couldn’t help her this time since the washers had been emptied of change. She was pleasant about it and offered to go across the street to get change from the gas station OR to take an IOU from us. 👍

We can see car lights but wandering
animals are harder to see so I drove slowly
along Baptist Church Road

I took a chance and texted Jamie to see if he or one of the kids could pop down. He was there within 15 minutes and found a twonie had jammed the dollar pot in the machine. things out of his control. At least there was no way you could lose your bills; the machine wasn’t accepting them. So, Jamie got her fixed up with $40 in change and he left. I finished with the floor and it was then I realized he’d left some keys in the back room. Woops! On my way out of town, I easily swung by his place and dropped them off.

Oooh! Our windows were dirty

At home, Bill and Gibbs were back from getting water at the Acreage. I’d decided to wash the inside Suite windows and since I didn’t use the correct Norwex mop last week on the outside, did those again today. It is so nice to only use water, just spray it on the wet mop and use the dry window mop to finish off. Easy peasey, no chemicals and no odor! Bill worked on a labour intensive project that he had on the go but fortunately he was able to finish by noon before the real heat of the day set in.

They wash up really nice by hand
and I use the rubber brush

It was very humid already by noon, at 20C/68F going up to 29C/85F by end of day. We agreed that after our bacon and eggs lunch, we would do our own thing and just enjoy the day. It was nice that Bill had a second day off, rather than working in this heat. Gibbs bounced between the two of us, always in our presence even when he was sleeping. 😊 Such a special little guy and we seem to be his whole world, which is precious.

A different tractor was doing something in the back fields

Bill went to check it out as it was sure stirring up the dirt
Huge implement behind the tractor

After dishes, M texted asking if I could come and finish deadheading his flower boxes out front. I had just showered and wasn’t feeling up to getting all hot and sweaty again today. It would only be an hour so we agreed on tomorrow afternoon at 1. They are too wet in the morning to work on. When I go, I will take any items Bill and I want to sell and have them added to his Yard Sale. It isn’t a crazy busy road at all but M has signs out drawing some people in off the highway so it’s worth a shot.

It wasn't windy but I was still glad I didn't have clothes
on the line
The other day they came through spraying something
so maybe they are mixing it into the soil for the next planting?

I sat for quite a while inside while the boys had their respective snoozes downstairs and then before putting my mop system away, washed the windshield on Black Beauty. Gibbs and I walked to the mail box around 2:30 and I was excited to see my 2nd Amazon parcel had arrived. My new wallet phone case. 👏 I’m happy to have a safe way to carry my phone now, either in the wallet or in the detachable protective case. It was a lazy afternoon for the remainder of our Friday and that was quite nice. Mostly we hung around inside the Suite with the a/c set around 24C/74F.

I'm happy with my new Wallet phone case
It won't hold all my cards plus change, plus bills
but I don't need to carry them all anyway.
This will go in my purse and I can take it in the stores
by itself now
The phone case itself detaches with a magnet to take pictures
or slip in a pocket

For supper, we prepared fish and chips together. I cook the fish and Bill does his fries in our Fry Daddy. I had leftover cauliflower rice to eat and some vegetables so that made for a very nice meal. I grew up with Mom having a lot of choices of condiments on the table, each night, so tonight I enjoyed some olives and one of my small tomatoes. Bill must not have had that as he never adds them or he just likes the 'meat and potatoes' stuff. It also adds colour to my plate! 😊

Sometimes our supper really ranks a 10
for me and this was one of those

With dishes done, we followed up on an invite from Donna to join their campfire so spent the evening from 8 until 11 outside at the Acreage on a lovely night. The moon rose up over the trees after 10 and was beautiful. No pictures of that, since they never turn out well anyway for me. Bill turned the a/c on in the bedroom as Gibbs seems to get quite hot up there in all his furry glory. We dropped off quickly after that. What a nice day!

the drive over to the Acreage
and the hazy sun was pretty
Good night!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. Just a word of caution about watering your plants with water from the pond. My sister did the same thing cause she was on a well and though that using the pond water would be better. Well evidently the pond also has lots of other stuff in there. She ended up with so many weeds in her garden that she didn't know what to do. It was the water from the pond that contained all sorts of 'whatever'. She never did that again.