Thursday, August 19, 2021

Unexpected Drive, Great Day Together, Birthday Wishes

The Ridge

On Thursday, Aug. 19th, our plans changed. Before the Jell-o jiggled, we had plans to take a drive to CanAm in London on Saturday to pick up an item that Martin had ordered into their stock. Wednesday night, after having finished the job at D & G’s in Hanover, we learned that the boys had the day off today. Jiggle jiggle. 😊 Let’s go to London then!

Gibbs took a while to settle down

So, we didn’t set an alarm but still woke up simultaneously at 6:30 and had a bit to eat before hopping in Black Beauty. It was around 8 when we left the Ridge. Gibbs was excited too as he got to come along. It took him a little while to settle and stop the whimpering but he soon did. This is important with the lifestyle we have; we need him to be comfortable riding in the back seat in his ‘seat belt’.

I just hope no one was seriously hurt

The drive was uneventful for us although before Mount Forest, we noticed that it was catastrophe for someone else. A lot of first responders, ambulance, police, fire department were on scene and then we saw a small car in the dish in pretty rough shape. We can only assume that it had something to do with the cement truck at the side of the road but without rubber-necking, we can only guess.

He finally settled down and relaxed

We first went to Costco and Bill parked in a shaded spot far away from the entrance and he went in to pick up the items on the list. He is best to do that as nothing much slows him down where I get distracted looking at other things. Gibbs and I sat on a blanket under the tree and got his fill of water and released some piddles while we waited. Bill was back in 20 minutes. 😊

the CanAm lot looks different than it used to
before Covid 😕

Gibbs and I wait in the shade out front
for Bill to get the mattress

From there we drove to CanAm and Wendy helped us out with our purchase. Literally helped Bill get it in the back of the truck!  We bit the bullet and ordered a new RV mattress. We’ve talked about it for a year and decided if the price was right, we’d get one. We’ve heard good things, good commendations from others who have them and can only hope that the firmness will aid in some of the muscle aches we’ve noticed. More than me, I hope it helps Bill sleep better.

The sky had a few wispy clouds
making for lovely pictures

We were making really good time and so headed out of the big city. One stop at our favourite fast food place, A & W, along the 401 we ate lunch in the car. That was good as usual. Today I had a Teen Burger combo since $2 went towards MS today. I enjoy the Uncle Cheddar Bacon better but there truly isn’t a huge difference. We were home by 2:30 and put the food away before Bill and Gibbs had their snoozes.

By this time, Gibbs was easily dropping off to sleep
on the drive

At 3:30, it was time for a cup of tea and we did some banking together. Then it was time for the inevitable. Hah! Remove the old mattress and bring the new one in. Neither of us thought this would be easy, that king mattress on the bed now is one heavy sucker! We turned it a couple of times in the last 5 years and that wasn’t easy. Surprise, surprise! It was actually quite easy and between getting it out and the new one in place and opened up, it only took half hour.

First, we lugged the old one outside

Second, the supervisor approves the action

Third, the old mattress folded and wrapped
for disposal

This is a Springwall rv mattress and it comes rolled up in a box. We placed it on the bed platform, Bill cut the plastic off and we watched it unroll. At first, I said “this isn’t big enough” but that comment was moot as it expanded before our eyes, filling the entire king platform base. 😊 Wendy advised us to wait a couple of hours and it would be ready for sleep. We were able to fold and wrap the old mattress in the plastic and tape it together for easy transport. To the dump to the dump……..

fourth, Bill says it's a good mattress!!

Gibbs was very helpful by supervising the whole outside process, of course. For supper, we weren’t overly hungry so we shared the leftover sloppy Joe’s and Bill had ice cream while I had some popcorn. That hit the spot. After dishes, we tested the mattress after making it and are excited to see how we sleep tonight. Bill got a text from work that he had one more day off. No point in starting something new on a Friday. He was happy about that and so was I!

Fifth, this is after it is unrolled from the plastic

This was a wonderful day, a nice surprise to get our mattress early and check that off our list. 😊 I hope you’ve enjoyed this hot, humid day. It’s going to stick around our neighbourhood for a while!

There were 3 of us pretty pooped out
from the work of the day 😂

When we got home, our new macerator was on the step
waiting for us

Happy Birthday to my little brother, Michael
Hope it was awesome!
good night y'all!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Hmm. That looked easy...not the old mattress job, but the new mattress job. Maybe the RV mattress doesn't have to go into an RV, maybe it can go into a boring old house! Hope you post a report on how you like it.....

    1. It was very easy. Once we took the plastic off and laid it on the bed, it unrolled and over 2 hours poufed up and rose to it's 8 1/2" thickness with a soft top. It is a firm mattress and yes, it could definitely go into a 'boring old house!' Wendy from CanAm has hers in her house and still loves it after 3 years. :)

  2. It was interesting that you have to buy a special RV mattress. We had no idea that was an issue with some RV's, our RV uses a regular mattress and it is still going strong after eight years. But that is definitely something we will look at if we ever replace our RV, we would want to go with a unit that uses a regular mattress rather than an RV mattress.

    I look forward to hearing that it is very comfortable and you are happy with it :-)

    1. Maybe I led you all astray. We didn't 'have' to go with an rv mattress, we chose to go that route. ;) Not sure what it was about our mattress but when you wake up achy and sore (Bill especially) a new mattress is the recommendation. These mattresses can be used in regular beds as well but not ALL regular king mattresses would fit in our rv. Hopefully, I've explained that better.

  3. We got an Endi mattress delivered in a box. We watched it unroll and puff up. It's a Queen and possibly the best mattress that we have ever had. Amazing how things work these days.
    Enjoy your new mattress and as always love that little Gibbs. Such a very good boy.💙

    1. Yes, these are just like the Endi but happened to be the ones CanAm get in their stock. ;) I think we're going to love it too! A mattress in a box! Whodathunk!

  4. Isn't it amazing how those rolled up, squished down mattresses expand. We bought one for our spare bed and I was almost trapped by it. It is really comfy and I hope yours is as well.

    God bless.

    1. It is amazing, a 'see to bellieve' experience! haha
      Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the photo of CanAm it shows our travel trailer :-) Hopefully the mattress will work fine for you. Sometimes it takes a while to get used to a new one, but I'm sure it is a quality one and should last for some time. Great that Bill has a long weekend and the weather should be good too. Enjoy!

    1. Your trailer is at CanAm? Or just one like it? :)
      We think the mattress was a wise choice, it is nice and firm but a soft top.
      Bill is loving the days off with much to do around here. :)

  6. YAY for a new mattress!! Hope you sleep better. I've always wondered how those puff-up ones work. Let us know. My how Gibbs is growing!!!

  7. Awww Gibbs is so cute in the back seat! Congrats on the new mattress! We were just talking with the neighbors last night about RV mattresses! Happy Birthday Michael! Just heard this am that the US won't open borders until at least 9/21 :((

    1. Thank you, he is a cutie whereever he is! haha
      thanks, the mattress is working out great so far. Good sleeps!
      I know, that Biden just doesn't want us in, does he?

  8. A new mattress is a wonderful thing. Enjoy!

  9. Happy sleeping! Hope it works for your muscle aches.

  10. You have to come from the south border to get in. Then no problem. What is it with you Canadians that Biden is concerned about???