Sunday, August 22, 2021

Taking it Slow in the Heat

The Ridge

On Sunday, Aug. 22nd, we had a different wake up experience. Heck, we had a different overnight experience. We’ve noticed on these overly hot days/nights that our furry little Gibbs isn’t sleeping through the night. He seems to get overheated, maybe I’ve mentioned this before. When Bill doesn’t have to get up to work the next morning it isn’t so bad, but otherwise getting up at 3:30 to take someone out because he is moving around the bed, panting, that is a different story.

I deadheaded the dahlias on the berm
and there are still some lovely blooms

We decided because of his extra coating of fur/hair, maybe he’d be better off sleeping downstairs on the floor. The bed is too high, even before the new mattress, for him to jump down on his own so Saturday night, Bill left him downstairs and closed the door when he came up to bed at 11. There wasn’t a peep from our little boy all night and we slept in until 6:30. Bill said he was still awake a few times through the night but at least he wasn’t having to go outside.

And I'm loving the colour of my glads

Today, I was up, we had the laundry sorted and I was on my way to town by 7. Nice and early. The place was vacant so I quickly got the job done plus our 2 loads of dirty clothes. I went to the Water Store to fill our big jug and back home hanging our clothes within an hour and a half. The day was hot already. We had some cereal and went out and loaded the old mattress onto the truck. Priceville’s Artemesia Waste site opened at 10.

Finding the Artemesia Waste Depot was easy
and 10 minutes from home

the continuous flow of customers kept the young attendant busy

Gibbs rode in the back and gave some helpful back seat advice. 😊 This is a place that is only open on Sunday for 8 hours. We’d never heard of it, nor had a few other people I asked, but it sure was popular. We were there by 10:15 and about 6th in line. Once directed to the sea can for mattresses, we lugged it out and into the container. They ship them out, diverting them elsewhere instead of going into the landfill. I think it’s a great idea since ours, for eg., would still have life in it for someone in need.

It was very well organized with easy maneuverability to drive big
vehicles around

On the way back home, Bill pulled into one of their upcoming worksites and had a look at the foundation for the shed/garage that had recently been poured. He’s not sure when they’ll start working there. 

One of the job sites
foundation laid and ready

At home, we had some lunch, the leftover pancakes with bacon. 

This was a nice easy lunch and they
tasted as good as they did last night

We loaded Donna’s tiller and our 2 gravity chairs into Black Beauty along with the water bladder. Donna said they would buy our chairs so I’d picked them from the yard sale earlier. Yay! We’re glad they can use them and we gave them a good deal.

Donna and Gerry will make good use of these
at the Acreage

Bill worked outside in the heat on our pump set up. Yesterday, it lost its prime because the pond had dropped so that was a full afternoon. That was why we needed a bladder of water. I got my paints out as the project I made at Ladyfest needed the edges painted. I still can’t show you that but soon. When I finished that, I made an effort for the second time in 4 years to repaint Fagan. This is a plaster face mould that Gayle made and painted for me in 1982. It’s almost 40 yrs. old!

I set my paints up on the patio table
It all packs up in one box so easy for me to carry in
and out

Because of the age but mostly because I’ve had him sitting outside for the past 4 or 5 summers. On him, I can really see what the sun can do! He looks better and will spend the remainder of his days inside, for now, in the Bunky. 😊 When Bill finished working on the pump for the day, we came inside and I started supper. I had ground beef out but until 4:30 wasn’t even sure what we were going to have. The answer came to me when I moved inside.

Fagan got a face lift again
He looked a lot better 40 years ago!
(I guess we all did!)

Madame IP cooked up a pot of lasagna for us. I made a salad from scratch and cooked a large cob of corn to share. From beginning to end, it took an hour to prepare and cook. The whole meal was wonderful and because I didn’t have to use the convection oven, it didn’t add to the heat in the Suite. I’m a genius! Ha ha. After dishes Bill made his lunch and I made us each a Black Cherry ice cream cone. That was a lovely finish to a great weekend.

Our delicious Sunday meal

We watched a movie together before Bill went up to watch one of his upstairs. He had to psyche himself up for the work week to begin again.  I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend as well. The temperature as I sit here is a warm 25C/77F dropping only 8 degrees overnight. Gibbs will be sleeping downstairs again tonight.

Just a peek out my window at the sun getting
ready to set through the awning and the trees

Thank you for stopping around. Your comments are always welcome and read.


  1. This heat sure is tough going isn't it?
    I used to have a collection of those plaster heads. My children used to show them to their friends and tell them it was their "fathers". Each had a favorite, LOL.

    1. The heat is indeed tough some days! Well, the humidity is, I like the 'heat'. :)
      My sister made a lot and I think she used to sell some but still has hers in her home.

  2. Your gardens look so nice Patsy. We planted gladiolus but only one came up and it was a beautiful yellow. I really like the colour of yours. Yes our little pets sure do feel this heat and humidity. So glad that we got Freddy a short9 cut for the summer. Gibbs sure is sweet.

    1. Thank you Loree. This is my first time with the glads so will have to remember to dig them up this fall. :)
      Gibbs get cut tomorrow so I hope he lets them do a good job. ;)

  3. There is nothing good about the heat. It's hit here making every little weed seed in the country pop up like a fuzzy carpet. Hoping it lets up soon.

    1. Yes, the days can be unbearable, you know that better than us!

  4. Your flowers look so pretty! Your dinner looks yummy! I know it's nice to have Gibbs sleeping with you but sounds like you did the right thing putting him on his own. Winter will be here soon enough and then he'll welcome the body heat :)

  5. What a great idea on the mattress. There are always people in need, so great way to help others out. We are currently in a park in, mid-KS.... last stop before returning home. It was 100° yesterday with 1 AC. Supposed to be 102 today. Elec here is 30 amp only. Ugh. We leave in the morning. Will be glad to have 50 amp again. We've managed but glad we don't have to do this everyday. Your garden looks great!! Such colorful flowers!

  6. All our furry babies must be uncomfortable in this heat I am sure. Although I love summer, these recent hot days with high humidity are really too much. I feel sorry for Bill and hope he manages ok working outside. Looking at your beautiful gladiolas I think I will plant some bulbs too next year.

  7. Hopefully this heat breaks soon for you. It must be uncomfortable for Gibbs, since he can't take off his fur coat.

    It sounds like Bill is ready for his work to end. I know it's not easy to get up and go to work when it isn't enjoyable anymore.

  8. You two certainly sound like you're enjoying life! Take care.