Monday, August 16, 2021

Back to Routine, Forgetfulness, Good Puppy

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 16th, things were falling back into place as they do when holidays are over. It took me a long time to get to sleep last night, for some reason, and I tossed and turned until midnight. Gibbs settled down quite well but my shuffling caused him to shuffle positions too. We were up at 6:30, before Bill’s alarm and he was ready and headed off to work around 7:15.

When the floor is that bad upon
my arrival, I do a quick sweep before
anything else

It was also my morning to clean, so I took Gibbs out to say goodbye to his Daddy before closing the door to the Suite. With a milk bone and request to look after the house, there wasn’t a peep. Weaning him off the crate is the plan unless we’ll be gone for more than 3 hours. It would be nice not to have to lug the crate south this winter. Darn it all! I got to the corner and saw our neighbours, Bethany and Rob, putting out their garbage and we’d forgotten.

These notes appear every once in a while

With a bi-weekly garbage pickup (every two weeks), I didn’t want to miss it, so turned back and entered the Suite to gather it up. Another small treat and Gibbs sat at the table waiting for me to leave. Good boy! 😊 The laundromat floor was a ‘pig sty’ again (excuse the expression) so I swept and picked up the worst of it first. One patron came in to dry his wife’s laundry (so he said) and he pointed out a sign on the bulletin board that ticked me off. Maybe I shouldn’t take it personally but when it is in regard to the ‘dirty laundromat’, who else but me? It bugged me so before I left, I added my own 2¢ to their sign. 

Aside from the fact that I misspelled laundromat 
I had to add my own note
I was trying not to be harsh, I just want customers to understand that it is beyond my control after I leave the Mat clean, it is the customers themselves who make the mess. I felt better after writing it at least. One thing I know is that when I leave the place, all washers and dryers have been cleaned, the washroom, chairs and door knobs wiped. The floors have also been swept and if needed, damp mopped. It's all I can do.

This car was in the lot beside the Mat

I nipped up to the Water store and filled Gibbs’ 1-gallon water bottle before heading home. The rest of the day was spent with Gibbs inside or out, some time at his pool and me reading and then inside to finish my book. I chatted back and forth with Donna a bit after trying on my dress for the November wedding. I need to find a cover up, jacket, bolero to match and she mentioned a few she had that I could check out.

Gibbs and I both enjoyed the pool

A book and a pool

Bill was home soon after I finished my tea on the patio and he brought the recycle bin up for me. Saved Gibbs and I walking down to get it. 😊 First day back doing windows at Donna and Gerry’s house in Hanover and Bill needed a snooze. I wasn’t surprised after a week off from the labour-intensive job. Not hard, per say, but hard enough for someone in their upper 60’s. They went up to the bedroom and I worked on my posting.

Gibbs liked the cool of the awning

My gladiolas are a gorgeous colour!

I also now have hostas with white
All my others are purple

Supper was cheeseburgers and Caesar salad to finish it up. I barbecued After dishes, Bill went out to cut some grass and by then, the clouds had moved in, hiding the sun completely. There were two neighbours also cutting their lawn. Before the expected rains, I guess. 😃

Supper was delicious

I had a 7:30 Norwex zoom meeting for Donna’s virtual party so was busy with that for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, although I could hear the 4 other participants, my own microphone chose not to work.  This was a pretty routine day, as we get back into the swing of things.

Bill cut grass after supper

A lovely Ontario sunset

Good night!

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  1. Love your note back to the writer! The would make me mad too! Your dinner is making me hungry! Looks so yummy! Beautiful sunset!

  2. Lovely sunset photo! I agree with your clap back comment to the note writer. If they don't like how frequently the laundromat is cleaned, perhaps they need to find another place to wash their clothing.

  3. Hello Patsy and Bill! I'm finding that it's hard to read and not comment.