Saturday, August 28, 2021

Morning Clean Up, Puzzling Afternoon, Birthday Celebration

The Ridge

On Friday, Aug. 27th, it was again a cloudy start to the day. Bill was up at 6:30 today, he only had to go 10 minutes down the road for work. Gibbs and I got up around 7 and we were actually out the door for our walk before Bill left. I thought we’d walk to the east this morning, since that was the way he would be driving. Gibbs had other ideas. The big hill seemed to freak him out so he braked. 😊 I guess, from his perspective of 10” off the ground, it would seem daunting.

Walking into the sun

Then walking to the west corner

So, we turned back and walked to the corner of Baptist Church Road before returning home. Bill was delayed only because he’d got a call from the boss that he was delayed, which meant he was just getting ready to leave around 8 when we got up the lane. It was a walk none-the-less, even though only 20 minutes, better than no walk at all. Inside, I had my tea and finished publishing my blog. I’d taken a lot of pictures and videos of Mona yesterday so had to sort through those.

Heading towards home

Gibbs notices the pond
and that means a drink
I prevent him from doing that out of this water

Sadly, she isn't looking too good. I kind of hoped she would pass on her own in the safety of her cage. I feel bad that she got so far only to be stuck. With her antennae still moving, we just have to let her live out her life. I figure there isn’t much I could have done differently and she gave me an amazing experience regardless of the outcome. I had some yogourt then Gibbs and I went outside. While he remained on his rope leash, and behaved very well, I went up the berm and began pulling vines off the fence and out of the trees.

It is a useless vine, the small grape-like things, are not good for anything but perhaps birds. They must not like them though as the branches are loaded. The vines are strangling the small trees and I should have got out sooner to take care of this. It seems every year, they just take over. Getting them cut at the base of the plant is the thing to do but it is not easy, as most of it is either on the other side of the fence or down in long grass.

Back on time to see Bill head off to work

I used the clippers where necessary but mostly just pulled and pulled with gloved hands, freeing the trees and fences from its grip. It is a tough vine for sure. I was glad the day was cooler and there was a breeze but I was still huffing and puffing like an old steam engine by the time I finished for today. There is still more to get at it but that was a start. I also have to pick up the piles but I’ll do that another day too.

Just a small example of what this vine did
The fence line was  almost covered and some trees dying

A couple of the 4 piles of vines and a cleaned up fence

From the right side of the fence, the vine reached over
to the apple tree
It is actually a great feeling getting it pulled out of there

Such tough vines, a few times, I've almost
ended up on my bottom from such pulling

Back inside, I had some lunch and worked on the puzzle again. I love the picture so very anxious to get it completed. Bill surprised us by coming home early today, working only until noonish. He had his lunch and he and Gibbs went up to the bedroom for a snooze. They had a nice long one today. We’ve noticed a big improvement in the little guy’s behaviour lately. Oh, there are still a few things that he does to ‘test’ us, but he is getting so much better at many things. 😊

Today's harvest
The peppers will be shared with Gayle,
they like a bit of 'Mexico' in their meals

I finished the puzzle around 4 but was disappointed to find 2 pcs. missing. I kept hoping they would be found at the end but no, they weren’t. When the boys were snoozing, I took the opportunity to trim my toe nails (when Gibbs wasn’t around to help), removed my polish and gave them a fresh coat, in red this time. 

I wanted to share a picture of someone who is tired
of Covid 19's 'plexiglass'
I'm in the shower and had to open the door to grab my phone for this
sad picture

He doesn't like the plexiglass separation
any more than we do!

When I stepped out he had to check it out

We are going out for supper to help celebrate my sister, Gayle’s, birthday. A new place for all of us, I think, and there will be 8 of us. It will be nice to get out.

Now, you see why I was anxious to finish this odd shaped puzzle
The pieces were very odd shaped too with a few hidden doggie things

We left the house at 5:30 and drove to Hanover. Gibbs was in charge of the house and seems to take on the responsibility with grace now. 😊 Woops! We arrived at Queen’s Bush at a few minutes before 6 and got seated on the patio at our bar table. 

Set up under the big tent at 6 and you can see
that it would have been a great time for us to have met
Meals would have been much quicker

It wasn’t until I texted Donna that Bill realized that the reservation was for 6:30. LOL That's what the waitress meant when she said "hmm, the early birds get the worm?" We didn't get her joke until later. There were complete renos going on inside so no indoor seating which worked well since it was a lovely evening. Other than a couple of yellow jackets (bees) pestering us all, we enjoyed the fresh air. The humidity seemed to have dissipated on time. Bill and I were alone for the first half hour so started off with a rum and Coke and a Margarita. Why not? It was a celebration. Hmm, I need to make these at home again!

We had a bit of rain, which lasted about
5 minutes but then this beautiful sunset

Unfortunately, Ronin, our waitress was run off her feet as the place filled up with diners by 7. Maybe we should have all arrived at 6! This meant the chef was apparently overwhelmed and it took an hour before our meals arrived after ordering. We were all about ready to start chewing on our arms. 😊 Well, not quite, but we were hungry for sure. I ordered their homemade lasagna with Caesar salad and garlic toast and Bill ordered their QB burger with fries. Both were very good, no complaints. I brought half of mine home.

My lasagna

Bill's QB burger

Donna and Gerry invited us all back to their place for carrot cake that John and Gayle brought but we declined. We’d left the house at 5:30 and it was already 8:30. Time to relieve Gibbs of his duty. Bill had also worked this morning and was ready to call it a night. We enjoyed ourselves though and say goodbye. At home we watched television until 10 before the 3 of us went up to the bedroom. Gibbs would be cool enough upstairs on the bed with windows open so we gave it a try.

It would have been a perfect picture had I not got my
finger in the way 
Still getting used to the new phone camera
Happy Birthday, Gayle!
Good night everyone! Sorry it's late.

This was a dandy day. 😉 I hope your end of the week was as well! Thank you for your visit.


  1. The puzzle is awesome, shame about the missing pieces. Happy birthday to Gayle! It was lovely that you were able to get together even if your meals were delayed. More time for visiting and catching up with one another.

    1. thank you for your comment and wishes for Gayle. :) It is nice that we get to celebrate together.

  2. Those are wild grape vines you're pulling off. They do seem to grow very fast in late summer!

    1. Thank you, figured they were some kind of grape vine. :) Too bad they weren't concord or something, I'd be making wine!! haha

  3. Oh how terribly disappointing to be missing two pieces. Love the puzzle.

    God bless.

  4. Happy Birthday Gayle! Love the bond you sisters have :) Your dinner looked incredible! Too bad it took so long to get. Margaritas reminded me of beer margaritas ohh so good! Hopefully this winter we can have some together! The puzzle is too cute.