Sunday, July 31, 2022

Getting the Holiday Weekend off to a Great Start

The Ridge

On Saturday, July 30th we were full into our long weekend. I know my Sweetie was enjoying the time off work to the max and off he went for his 3rd day of flying at the local field. He was having a great time whether he was alone or if his flying buddies met him there. 😊 It was a quiet morning for me around here with Gibbs and other than dust mopping the floors, I didn’t do much productive to start.

One of my purchases at the garage sale
Bill has often said 'we need a live animal trap'
For $10, we got a steal

It was later in the morning that the clouds started to clear and Gibbs and I went outside. He ran crazy for his ‘freedom’ spurt around the close area. I’m so proud of him and my does not go crazy when he disappears for a couple or three minutes. I know he hears me call or clap my hands and soon comes running back into my line of vision. It’s like ‘here I am, Mama!’ and he gets a head rub for obeying.

Gibbs and I walked to the front field and down
the road to visit the new neighbours
What is it with rolling around over another
critters feces?

It was mostly dried so didn't get on him
but it sure looks like he's in heaven!😂

I decided to take my long-handled clippers and go down to the back field and trim the 5 or 6 trees that Bill has to drive around when cutting the grass. This is usually done at the very least, once every 2 summers, so he doesn’t poke his eyes out if he should forget to duck under the low-hanging branches. I actually enjoy doing this and I find that I take off more than is really necessary, once I get started. My clippers can only clip a certain diameter so Bill will take his saw down for some.

From the front field, I caught a large
and small turtle on camera
I was going to zoom in but I like the picture as it is

Tree trimming
Bill should get under these easily now

When Bill returned from flying around noon, he let Gibbs off his leash and walked down to meet me. We walked into the area that I have admonished him for cutting (& getting stuck, as you may have read in his latest post). You can read about his ‘oopsie’ (oft repeated, I might add) here at On Our Way. I hadn’t eaten more than a bit of cereal so we came in for lunch. I think we had toasted tomato sandwiches. Geesh! That’s what happens when I don’t write daily!

Those will be my last two to trim

After he had a snooze and a shower, we all packed Ptooties and drove over to the Acreage for the rest of the day and evening. I didn’t take many pictures at all so will just talk about the day. We sat for a while with Donna, Gerry, Harvey, Uncle Jerry, John, Gayle, Ted, Joanne and Mike. Within 10 minutes, my Bridgette and her spouse, Chris, arrived. I’m always thrilled when our family gatherings bring my children to our neck of the woods, well my daughter usually each time.

An easy supper on the bbq

We sat for a while and once I suggested our Bocce Ball game, Bridgette glanced at Chris and smiled. I think he’d been forewarned and he was delighted. 😊 They formed a team and Gayle and I played the opposing team. It was a lot of fun; I’d much rather do that or something active than sitting all afternoon. It killed a nice chunk of time with Gayle and I coming out the victors by a single point! Yay! Close game and a lot of laughs.

Gibbs took the opportunity while we ate
to rest his busy little bones
He hardly stopped the whole time

A bit more sitting around and then most of the gang disappeared to the back to cook their meals. That left Bridgette, Chris, Bill and I at the front so we had two tables all to ourselves. 😊 Bill cooked the cheeseburgers and reheated the corn I’d cooked at home. It was a nice meal. Gibbs got tethered while we ate so we could enjoy our meal without watching where he went. He’s even pretty good over at the Acreage now, he’s been there enough.

The pond reflections are always so pretty

Bill started a campfire when we were all cleaned up from the meal and the rest soon meandered back up. Lots of chatter and at Mike’s request, Chris got his guitar out and the ‘crowd’ strong-armed Bridgette into singing a few of our favourites. Gayle and John didn’t bring their trailer this year so they left first for Chatsworth and we left shortly after. It was 10:30 when Gibbs and I crawled into bed.

Settling in for the evening
Gibbs found a piece of wood - of course

It was a lovely day and evening. The weather co-operated just like we requested it to so Donna and Gerry were pleased. What a great Saturday!

A few campfire tunes 💖

Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.



  1. I was wondering why no post. Aha, you guys had a great get-together with family and friends, so that explains the delay. See, your followers notice. Enjoy the great summer weather.

  2. Good day Patsy, Bill & Gibbs,
    Great to have such wonderful family get together & enjoy every single solitary moment of it.
    Enjoy Sunday & Monday too.
    Take care, Melynda

  3. A nice way to spend your evening with family and friends.

  4. What an awesome group hanging out! Looks like so much fun!