Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Weekend Begins! And it’s a Long One! ♥

The Ridge

On Thursday, July 28th I was the one to leave the house for work. Bill was up at his usual time and was eating his cereal when Gibbs and I came down at 7. He’d received notice that he wasn’t expected in to work, this morning at least. So I got dressed in ‘home’ clothes and after Bill went out to start cutting the fields etc., Gibbs and I went for a walk down to the corner. 😊

While we were sleeping, it rained
a nice rain that left the trees sparkling in the sun
as it rose

I admired them out the back window

It seemed cooler and I only had a summery, sleeveless top on so I slipped on a long sleeve cotton shirt. Well, before we got to the corner, I had to remove the long sleeves. That sun was incredibly hot on my back! Lovely! There is no humidity, so it makes a huge difference in how we accept the heat. Also, there was a nice breeze that only increased as the hours passed.

Gibbs did too πŸ’— from his perch on my chair

Again, I wasn’t positive what I’d be doing at M’s, thinking red Datsun dust again, so I wore the same jeans and shirt. He was waiting for an installer from Explornet to arrive so after removing paper and tape from the 2014 Ford (he’d finished painting it last night – yay!) for a few minutes, I drove into town for an errand, returning within half hour. Mr. Explornet was working away which was good in case M needed my help with the e-transfer. He did. 😊 No surprise.

We may be doing something to improve
our view of the pond along the laneway
next year ✌

I finished removing the paper and then used a new razor blade to scrape overspray from the windows. It seems the tape he’s bought is not doing the complete job of protecting the windows. Grrr. It was an easy 3-hour shift and the time went quickly without me even getting dirty. Bonus! Back home, I found out that Bill wasn’t needed all day so he was just finishing up cutting grass in the corral, everything else was done. Great job, sweetie!

Bill cutting the grass out by the road

We had lunch, he ate his sandwich and yogourt and I made a peanut butter, tuna and lettuce sandwich for myself with my own yogourt. While Bill and Gibbs had their snooze, I went out and cut my areas. Boy, did it seem to get hot! I persevered, without stopping, and finished everything just before my battery (well, the mowers, not mine persay!) began dying. It only lasts about an hour, it’s quite a few years old.

The birds were calling a meeting

Mostly chickadees and finches but I think
a few starlings too
Meeting is in order!

My turn for a rest, I was tuckered and very hot. As I sat with Gibbs, Bill had found enough energy to do some weed trimming. I wish I could say I dropped off for a snooze but that doesn’t happen often. At least the rest helped and I cooled off nicely before we went back outside. I puttered a bit and Gibbs ran around, sticking close to where we were. I swear he is getting better every day. Too bad he’ll have to be on a leash down south but he is even good when we tether him.

A beautiful morning

I swept our patio mat off, lots of small stones gather from a particular little 4-legged monster. 😊 Sadly, it was the last of the Sweepa rubber broom heads we have (bought 2 at the Q show in 2017) and it finally split. We were unable to buy more last winter because they did not have a booth this year.   So, I found them online and ordered a replacement head. They are great brooms for outdoors or indoors.

If you're squeamish, sorry
but we did manage to catch the little
guy sneaking into our hall close.
Who doesn't love peanut butter!

We came inside together around 4:30 and I made my cup of tea. Bill had a cold drink and Gibbs drank water. I started my blog and at 5, began making a rib rub for supper. I will cook them in Madame IP, she hasn’t been used much in the last few months, and finish them on the Weber. We haven’t had them for quite a while. I think I have potatoes to bake on the side as well.

Our delicious supper!
The ribs were perfect!!

Supper was later than it usually is but it was worth it. I cooked the ribs in the IP for 20 minutes, let them release naturally for 20 minutes. I slipped in our last 3 potatoes, under the ribs, so they could cook all at the same time. When the time was up for both processes, I wrapped the spuds in tin foil and took them and the ribs out to the bbq. Bill’s favourite sauce is sweet and sour so I coated them and let them brown.

Because of a shortage of pictures today,
let's take a look at some visitors we had in 2017
on this day

Inside, I cooked broccoli for me and corn for Bill. We were eating at 7. It was delicious! There were 4 soft cookies left, so without a touch of guilt over a keto dessert, we finished those off too. When the dishes were washed and/or in the dishwasher, we relaxed for the evening. We’ve reached a high temperature of 24C/75F today with some clouds, some sun and even a rain shower around 11 this morning. A lovely day.

there have been a few changes since then,
but these were wonderful times and great memories
Bill, Clemson ♥, George and Suzie
This was the beginning of our Ridge campouts πŸ˜ƒ

Clemson loved Suzie and visa versa

Get ready for a long weekend! It’s called Civic Holiday and is celebrated on the first Monday of August in some of Canada’s provinces. Ontario is one so yahoo for holidays! I’m off until Tuesday, maybe Wednesday and perhaps Bill is too. Mike’s text in the morning will confirm that.

Told you!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

  2. Aww great picture of Clemson and Suzie!!!!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of grass cutting - good thing you split it up a bit. The ribs look fantastic, funny enough we had ribs the night before, great minds? Yum!

  4. Nice starting a Long Weekend with great memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Dinner looks awesome! Love the memory pics of George and Suzie! Enjoy your long weekend!

    1. Thank you. I love looking back at our memories of past winters and summers. :)

  6. Wonderful memory pictures. Enjoy the long weekend!

  7. We celebrate here in Saskatchewan as well. We call it Saskatchewan day (also a civic holiday). I am looking forward to Kris arriving with the grandcat tomorrow.

    God bless.