Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Heat Returns, A Lovely Ride

The Ridge

On Sunday, July 31st Bill was up and off for another morning flying. I was up and left the house before 8 to go into town to clean. Gibbs was on security duty and accepted the responsibility like a true home owner. 😊 The Mat wasn’t too bad but I had the need to test a couple of washers while there, in response to two new notes left. After finishing with a good floor washing, I headed back towards home.

In the Dead Tree, red-winged blackbirds
which are big next to a finch or chicadee

Instead of staying on our home route, I turned off to go to the Acreage. Gibbs’ blue saucer toy got left there last night but mostly, I wanted to see Bridgette and Chris again. They stayed overnight in the Ponderosa cabin and my niece and her spouse stayed at the Hilton, the cabin in the woods.  They were all sitting out in the sun/shade when I drove in. To each his own preference. We all had coffee or tea with us and enjoyed more chatter.

My lunch hit the spot

I knew Gibbs was quite fine at home and actually very tired still from yesterday’s adventures at the Acreage. He’d be sleeping so when everyone was eating or getting ready to eat, at 11:30, I drove home. Bill wasn’t home yet from the field and I was getting hungry so I made myself bacon and eggs. I made enough bacon for the two of us and would cook the eggs when and if he wanted them once he returned. 😊

Pictures from our ride
A water tower, corn crop and a

He opted for a tomato, cheese and bacon sandwich, had a snooze and we got dressed for a ride on Jazz. We wanted to get one in this weekend and tomorrow looks like a wet afternoon.  We have ‘Ridge work’ in the morning planned. It was the perfect day for a ride and before returning home, Bill pulled up to Granny’s in Neustadt for an ice cream cone. Yay!!

Crops, buildings and clouds

The young server made the best cones for the price and we each had a double scoop which looked more like a triple! Wow! Bill had Black Cherry and I had a new flavour called Caramel Turtle Chocolate or something like that. Tsk tsk. It was 3 when we left and 5 when we arrived back at the Ridge. I guess we wouldn’t be needing supper tonight.

A field full of round bales
makes a pretty picture
Cirrus and Cumulus clouds share the sky

Did I say it was a lovely ride?
It was!!

We took Ptooties over to the Acreage to pick up Gerry’s utility trailer. They were about ready to eat so we hooked up and after convincing Gibbs into the car, returned home. You’ll find out tomorrow what we’re doing with the trailer. 😊 We had chips and cheese for a snack around 8. Bill watched a movie downstairs and after my blog was posted, I watched tv upstairs.

Our cones - dripping and delicious

Before we left Neustadt, this beautiful
yellow door caught my eye
Now I realize how lovely the house is too

The winds dropped to nothing by 7 o’clock and the air became very still. It reached a high of 28C/82F today so it could be a hot evening for sleeping. This was another great day. I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend too. A shout out to my sister and husband, Donna and Gerry, on their 12th anniversary and to our friend, Ken, celebrating a birthday.

Not much is sweeter than my two love bugs
together 💗💓💓
good night!

Thanks for the visit!


  1. Nice ride ... and I LOVE that yellow door!!!! It sure makes the house stand out.

  2. Oh my, those ice cream cones are huge. I'm sure they were a lovely treat!
    I like the yellow door too, and the house is pretty.

  3. Good day Patsy, Bill & Gibbs,
    Love the pictures, & it looks like it was a great ride for you & Bill. I loved riding behind my
    man & taking in all the beauty that surrounded us.
    Looked like yummy ice cream a pair.
    Gibbs is cute & looks like he's enjoying his cuddle from Bill.
    I also wanted to tell you, that the jigsaw explorer site, also lets you make jigsaw puzzles
    out of your own pictures, check it out, so cool & I've done a few of your pictures already &
    am just now going to do your yellow door house. Well once I sign off, ha, ha.
    Have a great day & evening, take care, Melynda.

    1. Thank you Melynda. Oh! that's interesting about the puzzles. I do them every day so now I'll have to try and do some of my pictures too! Thank you for the tip!

  4. Great ride and those ice cream cones!! Nice you got some time with Bridgette and Chris along with the others :) I like the yellow door too along with the beautiful home! :)

    1. That home really stood out so it had to be featured in my blog. :)

  5. Glad you got out for a ride. We got to Harrison Park and I rode the trail through the woods, which I love.