Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Rain Dance Worked

The Ridge

On Tuesday, July 12th we were awakened in the wee hours of the morning by the sound of rain. Bill heard it before me and was up closing windows. Usually, the rain doesn’t bother 90% of our windows because the slant to open but it was also quite windy and even those ones were flopping. As he came to the side of my bed to close mine, I woke from my half stupor and reached up to shut it. The edge of the mattress and sheet was wet. Woops!

After a long absence, the goose family
ran ahead of me up the lane today
The babies are almost the same size as the parents now

I dropped off again but was awake a couple more times after that from dreams. That said, 6:30 came really quick! Ha ha. 😊 I didn’t hear the boys go out nor feel Gibbs come back to bed. He can be every ounce of his 23 lbs. at times but when he jumps up onto the bed he is as light-footed as a fairy. Hardly noticeable. I’m glad for the rain but it was still spitting when we said goodbye to Bill at 7:20 so Gibbs and I didn’t get out for a walk.

My lunch today was a very healthy one

With my tea and cereal, I started my Wordle games and then in the chair found myself dropping off. I debated going to work at all but after a 15-minute doze, I felt revived and went over to M’s at 9:30 as planned. It was an easy morning for me, there is so much drama in M’s life that sometimes the stress of all that makes it hard to focus on what I’m doing. Never-the-less, I do what I’m asked and things were pretty good this morning with a few chuckles.

Out with the old and on to the new!
A cup of tea and a new puzzle to go

We’re getting close on the newer Chev but we are taking extra care covering things that aren’t getting painted, plus the inside of the cab to protect from over-spray. This is monotonous and can be frustrating when the tape doesn’t stick to the foam edges around the doors. I resorted to using duct tape in places rather than waste any more time. It worked much better! 😊

Tea is gone and the border is done.
I'm loving how there are variable colours in this one! 
Much easier on the eyeballs.👀

Back home, I had my lunch, a nice veggie plate that was very filling. Once again, I was falling asleep in my recliner so Gibbs and I went up for a nap at 2. When we were just getting up at 2:30, he started barking after hearing a vehicle. I couldn’t see anything but soon Purolator came into view coming up the hill. That little guy has such sharp ears and doesn’t miss a thing! Bill’s soldering iron arrived a day early so he’ll be pleased.

It's a pretty picture

After she left, I decided to make a Peanut Butter Texas Sheet Cake. I’d never heard of it before but get recipes from a Keto chef and I save them for a later date to try. They mostly require the ingredients that I have in my cupboard, otherwise, I scrap the email. I can’t be bothered in most cases. So, as this was in the oven baking, Bill drove in. Early again, which is very nice for him. It wasn’t long and he was dozing in his chair with Gibbs doing the same in mine.

I loved the rain but I also loved the way
the clouds moved out of the way this afternoon

I made my cup of tea and slipped out to get rid of that puzzle. The next one will be easier, I guarantee that! Quickly, it was rolled up and stuffed into the garbage and I got another one out. A smaller one, only 750 pieces, and they easily fit onto the table. I made short work of getting the pieces turned over and border pieces separated and put together. Yes! That feels more like what I’m used to! 😊

Supper was good
These chicken chunks were very meaty

When I came inside, the boys were awake and we started supper at 6. Bill cooked fries in the Fry Daddy and I cooked Chicken pieces in the oven. I also heated up the last of the asparagus and cleaned it up. There were a few tough pieces but for the most part, they were all good. The sun has changed the look of the day; the rain stopped by 4. It turned into a lovely afternoon and our garden and plants are suitably watered.

this is a very moist cake😛

Easiest icing too

We loaded the dishwasher; Bill made his lunch and there’s the sound I’ve been listening to all day. Gibbs is eating his breakfast/supper. He’s eating just once a day so we make sure it is a big meal. He sure isn’t short on energy. 😉 Here we go with an ending to another great day. I hope you’ve enjoyed yours too.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by to see what we’re up to.


  1. Your lunch is so colorful and appetizing looking. The photo of your new puzzle could be a scene from somewhere in Germany and reminds me of places I’ve seen.

    1. Thanks Marlene, and it tasted just as good. :) I should see if it says where the puzzle picture was taken. You could be right!

  2. Whoa ... lunch looks delicious!! Okay, I'm going to the store and buying a puzzle. The best part is it will take me three times as long to finish it as it does you!! Funny ... Cooper is only eating once a day too. Your cake looks and sounds delicious ... you know I'm all about the frosting!!

    1. Thanks Nancy. Yes, get out there and buy one. We may be working on one in Quartzsite again! :) The frosting is peanut butter and cream cheese mostly. ♥

  3. The puzzle reminds of your stay in Paisley. Very pretty.
    Glad you got some much needed rain.

    1. Paisley or Germany, now I have to check the box! It does look like a lot of the old buildings in that small town.