Saturday, July 16, 2022

Where Did Friday Go? Great news!

The Ridge

Friday, July 15th was a whirlwind and writing a blog didn’t cross my mind until I crawled into bed at 10:30. Well, there was a reason. I was pretty busy doing one thing or another. 😊 So, here it is. Bill didn’t have to leave for work until around 11 as his job was just down the road. Actually, at Donna and Gerry’s Acreage. They were building them a sturdy gazebo, after losing theirs too many times in the winds that are prevalent here.

Taking a break after the main lawn
area got cut
You can tell how dry it is here

However, I did have to get into town so was up and on my way to arrive at the Mat at 8. I took the sheets and duvet cover off our bed to wash them while I worked. On the way out of town, I stopped into the Home Hardware and picked up M’s can of black spray paint and then at Rethreads to buy a couple of second-hand sheets for the shop as well. We use them inside usually for covering the upholstery before he paints a vehicle. I was on my way home by 9:30.

Someone mentioned Oregano
My small 'original' patch has filled out
completely behind my garden
I don't need it for drying, I just enjoy the scent
Bill has instructions not to trim there πŸ˜‡

Looking across the berm from the garden

Bill took the opportunity before work to get us a bladder of water and then he started cutting the grass. When he left for town for fuel and then the Acreage at 10:30, I had the sheets hung and was cutting my areas of grass. I thought I’d get it done before it got too hot but it was already 23C/72F at 9 o’clock! I was wearing a halter top under a flimsy shirt but the shirt was soon off as I worked my way around the patio area and took a break in the shade with Gibbs. 😊

Looking to the West from the same spot

It was then that I noticed a voice mail. The good news is that it was the Mrs. of the couple who have purchased the laundromat. They are open to me working for them as I did for Jamie, even for just the 5-6 months! Woohoo! She sounds young and they have 3 young boys under 8 so I’m sure this will be a big help. Over the next 2 weeks, we’ll do a meet and greet with her family and Bill and I. I texted Bill my news and then went back to the chore.

I might be good at growing hostas, periwinkle
and tiger lilies BUT look at the
frightened little Rose of Sharon bush

I was just as happy when the battery died as I was finishing on the corral top, as I was pretty much done too. Inside, I did a dry mopping through the Suite and then had a grilled quesadilla with meat, veggies and cheese. I’d first thought of an egg/breakfast one but remembered that we had no eggs left. Woops! No worries, it was still quite tasty. We went out to check the garden and I let Gibbs run around the area. He was being pretty good, going then coming, then going then coming.

When I went out to work on the puzzle,
Gibbs found the shade quickly

With the windows open in the Bunky,
it was cooler so I coaxed him inside with me

Bill was home around 3, I think, and they had a snooze in their chairs. I meant to play my afternoon Wordle games but went out to work on the puzzle instead. He had his movie on and I wasn’t in it at all. 😊 I made great progress and when Bill came out with Gibbs later, we got him on his rope tether so he could do what he wanted and I could carry on without concern of where he was when out of my sightline.

He mostly stayed, at least until
the sun moved further to the west
and he had more shade outside

It's much nicer than the last fiasco.

For supper, we had grilled bacon cheeseburgers, loaded, naturally. When dishes were loaded in the washer, we packed a cooler with drinks and drove to the Acreage for a campfire. 

You've seen this burger often

Mike, Bill’s boss, was out at his trailer too so we enjoyed a quiet evening. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous, glowing through the trees but I couldn’t get close enough for a picture so Donna and I walked, really fast, with Gibbs running ahead, to the back for a better view. Lovely!

When we arrived, Donna had the fire going
Not because we needed the heat
Mike said it created the Ambience.😍

This was our clue about the sunset

So we almost ran to the back

The skitters were hungry and although a very warm evening, we all had our jackets on as protection. It seemed none of our sprays were enough to keep them off us. Buzzing around our ears is the worst! We left shortly after 10 under a cloudy sky and crawled into bed soon after. The ISS went over but we had no hope in heck of seeing it tonight.

It was worth it

That was a great day!

I don't claim to be good at hand-held selfies
I need my funky tripod or selfie stick to get a good one
But this was fun anyway
Good night!

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  1. Busy day! Glad you're able to continue working at the laundromat.

  2. Awesome news. Great picture of you and your sister.

  3. That's awesome news for the time being.
    Skeeters are a pain in more ways then one.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. That was good news on the laundromat front, and to top it off with burgers, fires, friends and a gorgeous sunset - what a day!