Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Getting Through Hump Day

The Ridge

On Wednesday, July 13th I left the Suite first to go into Durham to clean. It was 7:15. I’m sure Bill wasn’t too far behind me. It felt a bit chilly inside our home but only because we’d left windows open all night, intentionally. We had a great sleep but I had a very interesting, but weird, dream. A very good friend of ours passed away just a little over a year ago. Every once in a while, something we/I do or say, reminds me of her. She was the basis of my early morning dream.

A nice looking day so why are
they forecasting rain?

I wish I could decipher dreams, but no, I’m not interested in buying a book to do it. Sometimes I can figure out the reason why I dream about certain people but not this time. The laundromat was in pretty good shape but one of the customers had some difficulty with seemingly everything she touched so that held me up a bit longer than it should have. I washed the floors and went to get our water bottle filled.

Gibbs must have smelled the frog
He plopped into the pond as my
'hunter' approached

I didn’t have long with Gibbs but we walked a bit before I left to go to the shop. It was a frustrating first hour, trying to help him get onto the Canada Revenue Agency/Service Ontario site on his phone. So much so, that I finally gave up and went to work on the 2015 Chev. Easy work basically, taping and papering inside the doors after M finished the gravel guard. I wasn’t sure when the rain was coming but it hadn’t arrived by 12:30.

A wrap for my lunch

I had my shower after a wrap for lunch and Gibbs and I sat and dozed. That seems to be becoming a habit! Oh well, I must need it. Bill was home around 4:30 tonight after finishing the job in Chesley. 


We had grilled pork chops, dressing and corn on the cob for supper and a piece of the sheet cake for dessert. It is nice even right out of the fridge too. Bill went to the Hangar and I stayed indoors with Gibbs for the evening. The sun was out full and it was a calm night. No rain after all. 😊

It was a pretty low-key day
Good night

This was a good day with not much happening. 

Thanks for your visit.


  1. I have trouble getting into Service Canada online sometimes as well. So frustrating.

    We haven't seen toads or frogs in a very long time.

    God bless.

    1. You'd think that for something that seniors (even those older than us!) need to get into occasionally, it would be simple. Ha! No way. I hope I can help him figure it out within the 2 weeks that he has the 'temporary' access code lasts. LOL
      This one was big, I couldn't see it but Gibbs did and it made a huge PLOP!

  2. Lots of times the Weather Guessers forecast Rain that never shows up. They are forecasting for the Kitchener/Woodstock area but give the alerts for the entire southern part of Ontario. When I watch the Radar and check the Hourly Forecast I do a better job then they do.
    Getting on any Government Site or Office is a real PITA.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I've never counted on the forecasts, I know they've been wrong often.