Friday, July 8, 2022

Filling the Freezer, An Easy Afternoon

 The Ridge

On Friday, July 8th Bill was up and off to work at 6:45. I felt happy that I didn’t have to work today but I felt sad that he did. He’s a trooper, my sweetie is. So, after getting up on time to say goodbye, Gibbs and I went for a walk to the corner of North Line and Baptist Church Road. It was a really nice morning. 😊

Bill had to go to work

Back home, I made my tea and had some cereal. I was feeling hungry for it. I touched up the grocery list and left Gibbs in charge of the Suite. He got into his position on my dining chair and waited for his treat, which he seldom eats until we get home. He’s so good now when we have to go out, sometimes a whimper when it is both of us but, generally a very good little guy.

This morning's walk

I thought it was going to be a bright day 
but the clouds won for the most of it
 You can go now, Mom.
       I'm ready. 💕

I drove B.B. to Hanover and filled my cart with everything we needed. The only thing I couldn’t find was some kind of frozen fish filets. Bummer. I heard an announcement while shopping that Debit cards were not working. There was a problem with their internet connection so we needed to be prepared. I always use self-checkout because I like to bag my own and don’t fancy waiting in line if I can get out quicker.

I was prepared to either pay cash or credit card. I also really like the friendly staff who work at self-checkout and today they were going to be pushed to the max, explaining about the debit transactions. It came to more than I expected but I was still prepared to pay cash if I had to. Luckily, my credit card worked with no issues and I was on my way with many bags of food.

The back seat is full of food

Gibbs helped me unload, you know, running back and forth with me each time and he came in when I called him. I’m sure he thinks he’s helping Mom. I had a load of meat, especially, and it felt good to fill that freezer up again. It meant we had good options for our meals again. I separated the packages of chops, chicken thighs and ribs before I made myself a cup of coffee and had a snack for lunch.

Gibbs discovered something for him!

We were in and out a few times and each time, Gibbs came within a minute when I called him. Inside, I did a thorough vacuuming, the floors were quite dirty. Bill came home before 2, which was really good for a Friday. He’d even managed to stop at Walmart and Canadian Tire in Hanover to pick up a few things he needed that I couldn’t get for him. 😊

We dozed in our chairs, all 3 of us, and then I went to the Bunky and Bill went to the Hangar. Gibbs was on his leash just outside my door and enjoyed keeping an eye on things for us and dozing in the grass. When Bill came up at 6, we moved inside to start supper. His response earlier to ‘What do you want for supper?’ was ‘grilled cheese’ so although I rebutted with ‘how about toasted tomato?’, I knew it was an easy meal to prep.

This should keep us going for a while

Here we are with all that meat in the freezer and we still want simple. Go figure but it’s Friday night! Bill went for water at the Acreage and I worked on my blog. Be prepared,  my laptop cord has a booboo and so the battery doesn't last. I have ordered a new one but it could be a couple of weeks. 

Simple but quite good
with an ice cream cone for dessert

This was a wonderful day and although cloudy for most of it, the sun returned by 6:30. 😊

Thankyou for stopping around. 


  1. I heard the Rogers network was down and interact across the country was not working. Hopefully they fix it soon.

    1. Some people were really 'out of sorts' because of it. It affected over a million users. :(

  2. It's been an interesting day for lots of people. My daughter's cellphone is with Rogers, so she's had to rely on FB messenger to make contact since her WIFI is with another company. I understand all retailers were affected as Interac isn't available. I'm sure it affected business, especially those remote workers the most.
    Simple suppers are good! We had grilled burgers tonight - and not homemade burgers either. :)

    1. I didn't envy the retailers at all. They would earn their salary today!
      I do love easy meals but sometimes they aren't the best meals for this low carb thing I'm working towards! haha

  3. Good day Patsy, Bill & Gibbs,
    I love the picture of Gibbs sitting on your dining chair, he's so funny.
    When I went grocery shopping, they announced over the P.A. that they were only taking
    cash or credit card & not debit cards. So it affected us in B.C. too. All over the world, from
    what I seen on the nightly news.
    Looks like a good haul of meat, to last awhile. When I ask my husband what he wants
    for supper. He always says whatever you cook is great, well sometimes he'll say make
    something simple. I've been on kick, to try new recipes & he likes being my guinea pig.
    I know T.M.I. Well enjoy your day & take care, Melynda.

    1. Hi Melynda. That's exactly what I was doing so was glad they took credit although I still had my pay from Jamie in my wallet if necessary.
      The meat should last, I just wish I was better at preparing different recipes like you! Good for your hubby although sometimes I wish they helped us plan meals. ♥

  4. It does feel good to have a full freezer. Ugh vacuuming ... thanks for the reminder. Maybe I'll get to that today! LOL

    1. Yes, I use my Norwex dust mop when I can but eventually, the grit drives me nut and i have to vacuum. :(

  5. Such a great feeling to get stocked up for a while, and easier to do some mental meal planning too. I'm glad you've got Gibbs to keep you smiling. The ridge looks really lush and pretty.

    1. Thank you, Gibbs is who I can count on for a smile and he's always here. :) we should eat well for a while if I get my act in gear!

  6. Even here on the prairies one had to pay cash or use their credit card. Glad you managed to stock up just fine.

    God bless.

  7. I always enjoy it when you say it's been a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you, I can't find too much wrong with any day. I'm happy to be alive to enjoy each and every one. ♥

  8. Nice to be able to restock your Fridge and Freezer.
    Even Bill had a slightly early start to his weekend.
    Staples carry universal Laptop Charging Units.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your time off.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, yes, Bill often has an early start depending on how far he has to go.
      I should check out the price of the charge cords at Staples for the next time! Bill has fixed this one for a second time (Gibbs is the culprit but now he has grown out of chewing cords) so I'm good until my shipment arrives next week. :)