Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Day After a Celebration, Find Another!

The Ridge

On Saturday, July 2nd, I was in no hurry to get up. I know I slept well and deep but I did wake up with a couple of dreams. One, not so nice, so because I am superstitious to a degree, I will not repeat a Friday night dream. Ever. When I got up, Bill had the blinds open downstairs and was getting his breakfast and thermos of coffee made. Wait, what day is it?

This is me trying to finish my blog
from Canada Day

Then I remembered that he wants to go flying today and tomorrow, which is much better than work! Looking out my window, yes, it was very calm and sunny. 😊 We got up on time to say goodbye and I sat with Gibbs, played my word games and drank my tea. I’d already set my mind to a chore and so got the Norwex mop/window pad system out and went out with only water to wash the Suite windows. Outside first.

A Grosbeak visited today
He didn't face me long enough to get a picture of
his brilliant red throat

Gibbs waits while I wash windows

It is so easy now, that I never grumble about it anymore. I got at it and finished all around before it got too warm. I washed the 2 pads in the stain remover liquid and they came out almost like new. I had to share that with my Norwex rep since I was so impressed with the outcome. Then I washed the insides with the regular window cloths. We can see out again and take pictures from indoors without streaks! Yay!

You may wonder why we love 
and keep this dead tree
It's because it gives the birds a place
to gather 💓

Gibbs was outside with me but on his rope so while I watered the garden plants, he ran around with me. I’m pleased with them all, the tomato and pepper plants have flowers and the egg plant is now standing nice and tall. The other day they looked wimpy. 😊

It's another beautiful day for outside sitting
or for doing whatever you fancy

I wanted to go into town to check out the celebrations for Durham’s birthday/homecoming so left around 11. It was packed and people were lining up all along the main street. Lots of pictures but you can skip through if you like. 

I've never seen Durham like this
but yahoo for the vendors!

Durham's Fire Department
We pray never to need them

Ptooties had prime parking
Shaded and free

I parked at the Mat, and had the best, most shaded spot in town. 😊 The parade didn’t start until 12 noon so I wandered around and picked up a few small items. I donated some $ at the groomers for the Animal Shelter in O.S. and she gave me 3 sample treat bags for Gibbs. He’ll be happy about that! He loves his treats. 

I haven’t been to a parade in many, many years, never really getting the oohs and aahs out of them that many people do. Santa Claus parades are not my thing, but did see a couple when the kids were small. This one was special, our home town. 😊

These are the 'used to be' fire trucks,
some from nearby towns

It was very long, which was quite impressive for such a small town. It lasted 55 minutes from beginning to end. I took way too many pictures so will have to collage the most important ones down to give you just a taste. 

A showcase of vendors
Rockwood Terrace, Mom's last home 💖💗
Durham Furniture and Northline Service and Repair
just down our road
(also where we get our hair cut) - they don't use
weed whackers, btw!

Methinks the hearse in the top picture
had carried many former Durham residents to 
their final resting place

I enjoyed it and when it was done, drove home. Bill had also just returned and we had a late lunch. He rested and when he went down to work in the Hangar/cargo trailer, I drove over to do a bit of secretarial stuff for M for an hour. I offered this time.

It isn't just because I'm working at M's now,
but I've always loved the old classics
I'm sure many of you can name all of these in
the  pictures

After I got back, Gibbs and I sat outside until Bill suggested we hop on Jazz and go to Jenny G’s, the chip truck near Hanover, for supper. Sold! No cooking for us tonight!  

I thought they were winding down but
then the tractors came

I have never seen so many different ones
in one place!

It was a lovely ride, just after 5 and I had a loaded hot dog and poutine, while Bill had a cheeseburger, fries and milkshake. They were all good, we like their food and their dedication to their customers. Bill took a self-made detour on the way home and it was nice for a change.

Everyone seemed happy and enjoying 
I know I was both!

The day was coming to a close and he went back to work on something in his cargo trailer and I finally finished yesterday’s blog. Gibbs wanted my attention so until I put him down, he showed me who is boss and who loves his Mama.  

This was another great day. It reached about 21C/73F and at 8:30, the air felt quite cool. Another repeat of this day tomorrow so maybe another ride is in order. 😉

Oh man, this was good! and I ALMOST
ate the whole thing!
Good night!
(I'm still a day behind, but I'll get caught up.)

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Looks like a great parade for a small town!

  2. Actually what I should have said is it is an awesome parade especially for a small town, it rivals those that I have seen in major cities!

  3. What a wonderful parade! My daughter and grandson went to one in their small town and he was so excited - she has videos of him dancing as the floats go by. I recall as a child, the farm equipment was always the last items in the parade - and not only tractors, but swathers and combines too. :p
    My goodness that hotdog and poutine look delicious!

  4. Love those small town parades. The tractors are the best!!! Dinner looks delicious.