Friday, July 29, 2022

Seemed Like a Saturday, A Wonderful Day

The Ridge

On Friday, July 29th I was busier than if it was a regular work day for me. Bill left, pulling his cargo trailer to the flying field. I was behind him by a few minutes, with the laundry in the back, an empty water bottle and a shopping list a mile long for groceries. 😊 Okay, half a mile. Gibbs was in charge of the house until I returned and he took his reward like a good little house-sitter.

I was up in bed last night and saw this out my window
so got up to take a picture

I could tell Jamie had been in to the Mat, it was mostly clean and I quickly learned that all of the machines had been emptied of their change. I had none to retrieve to do my wash loads. Woops! I, of course, had bills in my wallet in the car so I put a $10 bill in the coin machine and proceeded to start the washers. THEN, I retrieved my own $8.

Gibbs got a new rubber frisbee toy

Here, he is barking with it in his mouth

I finished up by washing the floors, leaving the place spotless for the new owners to take over sometime today. After filling our water bottle, I drove to Hanover’s Walmart for groceries. $200+ later, everything was crossed off my list with 2 exceptions so I drove to Dollarama and then Giant Tiger to take care of those. By now, it was 11:15 and I’d left the house before 8. Gibbs would be anxiously waiting.

Told you the clouds were white and fluffy

My shovel dahlias

So pretty!

When I backed in near the Suite and opened the hatch, I heard Bill coming up the lane. It was a surprise that he was back before noon hour. Apparently, there was no one else there this morning so he got some flights in and when the wind increased, packed up for home. 😊 It was almost noon when I had the groceries put away and I needed something to eat.

That kind of day

This teeny little guy found his
way onto my sandal

We called them inch worms when I was a kid
but I'm not sure if they are worms at all

A simple lunch of yogourt, apple and cheese along with a coffee fit the bill. Then I went out and hung the clothes. There were white fluffy clouds in the blue sky and it was a lovely day. When the sun disappeared though behind a cloud, the air cooled off considerably. We reached 22C/72F today and there is no rain in sight for a couple more days.

Jumping to supper

Tomorrow is to be a duplicate of today
but I hope there are even less clouds

I was exhausted but when Bill dozed in his chair, I couldn’t do the same, so I went outside and tried to relax on my lounger. Gibbs was running free and was quite obedient, staying close to me or Bill. He’s getting better every day. An idea came to me so I moved into the Bunky, put Gibbs on his rope and did some more painting. Just puttering mostly. I made my cup of tea with the Keurig out there and that was nice.

For supper, Bill reheated/grilled the Smokies and I opened a bag of Caesar salad for our side. Nice and simple but they tasted great in the fresh Villagio buns. 😊 I added sauerkraut and mustard to mine and Bill had his own additions to suit his taste. We brought the clothes in off the line together, (I’d forgotten them!) and took turns emptying the basket as we put them away.

I bought ice cream today so that was our dessert. It has been a long time since we’ve had any in the freezer. 😊 I closed things up in the Bunky, the air has cooled off and the windows were open. Inside, I wrote my blog and downloaded pictures. I’m feeling pretty tired so not sure how late this gal will be up. This has been a great day and the weekend has begun! PS – Bill is off until Tuesday as well. Yay!

The lovely day ended with a lovely evening sky
Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. A nice start to your long weekend. It looks like there might be a Motorcycle Ride coming this weekend.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Nice day!! I love hearing the pups bark with something in their mouth. Muffles Coopers shrill bark!! Looks like Gibbs loves his new toy. Also nice that Bill got in some flying!!