Sunday, August 21, 2022

A Good Day to Putter, Rain Returns After Lunch

The Ridge

On Sunday, Aug. 21st we all slept in. Gibbs had Bill up and out at 6 but they came back to bed until 8! It was a great sleep for me, almost 10 hours! I know I was dreaming just before waking and it was a good one and yet I remember none of the details. 😊 I slipped out of bed first and hopped into the shower. Now I could start my day.

Gibbs and I got out for a walk before lunch
He must like the wildflowers along the roadway as he
keeps pulling to in there 

We had no where to go this morning so we made our morning brew and relaxed for a bit while drinking it. Bill did go and get a bladder of water around 9 and then completed 3 other small jobs around the Suite. Outside. It was a beautiful morning but humid so we closed windows and turned the a/c on.

Daddy working on the trailer
Mom in the Bunky
Gibbs sits in the middle

The forecast is for rain but it wasn’t until after we a later lunch that it started. A nice steady rain and some grumbling skies. I was in the Bunky for a while working on a small project of my own. Mine was for fun though, stitching some small gift bundles together from eye glass cloths. We always get them with our glasses so rather than throw them out, I keep them and decided to put them to use.

Looking out my back Bunky window
I like the view

I have a few ideas for what to put in them. 😊 There is no wind today, hence the decision for the a/c, but Bill wasn’t planning on flying anyway because of the pending rain. I dust mopped our floors again, they get such tiny little stone pieces that I can’t stand walking in here in bare feet. I think Gibbs is to blame for that. We can wipe our feet on the mat and/or remove our outdoor shoes. He can’t.

My boys having their afternoon snooze

I have apples to use up so will be making something yummy for dessert. Apple crisp or pie……It’s a rainy day so the perfect inside thing to do. I decided to use Madame IP to make the apple crumble. It turned out differently than I expected but I scooped it from the inner pot into a sealable dish and put it in the fridge.

This was so easy to make
and it was all done from start to finish
in 30 minutes

Finished product

When it came time for supper, Bill and I decided on meatballs, mac and cheese and bean salad. It turned out great but we’ve both agreed that we’ll probably never eat all of that salad. It’s certainly good enough but not on our top ten list. Then for dessert, we had some crumble with a scoop of Chapman’s Butter Pecan ice cream.

An easy supper

After clean up, I went upstairs with Gibbs to watch a different movie than what was on downstairs. Pitch Perfect is one I have never watched and I was surprised that it kept me interested enough to see it to the end. Gibbs gets hot upstairs so after the zoomies on the bed, he was soon off, laying on the cooler floor in the hallway. What a little sweetheart.

He spents many evenings on the floor
Look at that silky coat of fur
It's as soft as it looks too
Good night!

This was an inside day, spent mostly together, because of the rain. A nice way to end a weekend. Thank you for your visit!


  1. What a good day with every one resting and relaxing from morning till evening. I love the rain and it is raining here now. A slight drizzle but it has brought our temperature down quite a bit. You ll have to show us your gift bags made from eye glass clothes. Sounds unusual and interesting. I like beans but not in salad, I like them warm. Hope you get good days ahead and not too humid.

    1. Thank you kestrel for the comment. A calm steady light rain is nice and it does help cool things down along with other benefits.
      I will take a picture, the gift bags are very amateur, but they worked for what I needed.

  2. Sure wish we'd get some of your rain! Your apple crumble looks awesome, like a fall day! I agree with Kestrel, would like to see your gift bags. :)

    1. I could try and send some rain your way. Yes, the apple dessert does seem like a fall treat.
      Thank you Shirley, my workmanship on the little bags is very amateur but still handmade!

  3. Sounds like a very nice day. The apple crumble looks delicious.