Wednesday, August 24, 2022

A Pretty Easy Day, Black Beauty is Home

The Ridge

Wednesday, Aug. 24th we followed our routine from home. Bill and Gibbs were up early and then back to bed until 6:30 when we took turns getting up. Gibbs was the last to get off the bed, sleepy little bum. I washed, dressed and was on my way to clean the Mat by 7.

I actually got a morning sunrise today
It's quite spectacular too!

Things didn’t quite go as planned, after cleaning, I drove to Foodland for a ‘quick’ stop to get milk. My patience was tested to the max when only one cashier was open and of course I got behind an elderly person (I really tried to grant her space and time) who stretched what should have been 3 minutes to 10 at the minimum. LOL, absolutely no concern for anyone else and no apology from her or the cashier. Grumble over.

My Moon Flower is not done yet!
It loves this location! 💓💓

Back home, Gibbs quietly greeted me at the door and Bill had taken Black Beauty to Grey Bruce Fleet. She would be staying there until Thursday night to get the ball joints done and alignment checked. Billy picked him up on the way to their job site in Durham. Neither of the guys like working for this ‘man’, he is not a pleasant client, but at least they were in town.

I mentioned in an earlier post about making
little gift bags from glass cloths
They are mostly a rectangular shape
so I just stitched with the ribbon around the edges
and pulled it all together to be tied.
At least now they won't get wasted!

I drove to M’s at 9:30 and had a pretty good morning. Some papering/taping, and painting touch ups. I’m not sure where the time went but it seemed to zip by quickly and I was on my way home with $$ in my pocket at 12:30. Today was another warm day of 25C/77F with a slight breeze but with the humidity, it felt more like 31C/88F. I’m not complaining, but I imagine it was hot for Bill and Billy working on soffits and eaves.

Stir fry for lunch

I worked on the puzzle after lunch and Gibbs hung around on his rope outside in the shade. He was good and I tried hard to keep on him when he barked at the neighbours’ and traffic. Actually, he doesn’t bark at cars on the road as much, which is nice. I made good progress on the pieces and when I heard Billy driving up the lane with the work trailer, I did my best to control our little greet monster.

We had a call back from Billy saying that our truck was sitting outside the shop at G.B.F.S. so after a phone call, we went to pick her up. Everything is done with the exception of the alignment. We’ll take care of that another day at a different location. G.B.F.S. doesn’t have the appropriate set up. Back home, I made a cup of tea, even though it was 5 o’clock. Bill and Gibbs had a snooze and we didn’t start supper, fish and chips, until 6:30. Tonight, we’ll try the peach pie. 😊

The puzzle is a great challenge
I'm enjoying it

Supper was very good as fish and chips usually are. It’s nice to be in control of our own cooking, sometimes in a restaurant the fries are never quite to my liking. Our Fry Daddy does them good. We did have the pie for dessert with whipped topping that I made up while things were cooking. Oh yum, the pie is a no-bake and it tasted fresh and wonderful.

Fish and chips

We loaded the dishwasher and Bill packed his lunch. I hadn’t decided whether I’d go to the Bunky for a few more pieces of puzzle by the time I wrote this so at the very least, I will go and close windows and the door for the night. Gibbs is eating his food better these days. Sometimes with incentives, sometimes without. We aren’t worried about him anymore. He’s getting enough to eat. 😊

A pretty special dessert
and it was delicious
Good night!

This was a good day and we’re sliding towards the end of the week. Thank you for the visit!


  1. That pie looks delicious Patsy! All I can think of now. 😊

  2. Whoa the pie!!!! I have a puzzle for you ... 1,000 pieces, all the exact same shape. Maybe we can try it together in Quartzsite because there's no way I'm doing it myself!!

  3. The little bags are adorable!! What a clever idea. Oh that peach pie looks so yummy, with a cup of coffee in the am...heaven LOL.

  4. The bags are really cute. The pie was "no bake"?

  5. That puzzle looks like it would be a challenge. Great idea about the eyeglass cloths, turning them into little bags. I bet they will be very useful.

    God bless.