Sunday, August 28, 2022

My Delivery! Gorgeous but Cool Morning, Party, Ride, Campfire, Birthday

The Ridge

Saturday, Aug. 27th, I didn’t have to get up for anything specific so it was 7:30 when I got up. Gibbs only jumped off the bed a few minutes before me because he heard his Daddy into the cookie cupboard. Bill was getting ready to go flying and was packing some snacks. It’s a cool 10C/50F when I came downstairs so when Bill left, I turned the furnace on for a couple of cycles. I know that’s silly but it was 14C/60F inside our home and I was chilly.

We had a nice walk
longer than normal

The house on the corner has this
in their yard
I had to look twice and then realized it was just target practice

I had my tea snuggled with Gibbs and then we went for a walk. I knew that would warm me up so I turned the furnace off before we went out. It was a great walk, down as far as M’s shop when Gibbs decided it was far enough. 😊 I will be unplugging from power today too; the sky is fully blue. Love these days! It will be quite warm by mid-afternoon, somewhere near 30C/84F, so I may regret not keeping things closed up at some point. We’ll see.

My latest book

I forgot to mention that I received a delivery yesterday when I was in Hanover. No signature was required but at least Bill was here to accept it. 😊 The photobook that I’ve been working on during August arrived! I’m always excited to see the finished product and Bill pleases me that he is always anxious to read it too. I think I mentioned it was a new company, if I mentioned the book at all, and I went a bit too big on the font (the better for older eyes to read it!), but I’m very pleased.

The hummers are so cute to watch
but a challenge to capture on camera
when swinging in a hammock with Gibbs

Unless I tell him to get off the hammock,
he waits for me to come back

Gibbs and I hung around outside with the birds, swinging in the hammock until Bill texted at 12:40 that he was leaving the field. I came in and made some toast and peanut butter for a quick lunch. I was thinking there would be food at the party we’re going to. Yes, we’ve been invited to our neighbour’s place, 2 doors down, to a Housewarming/Birthday party for 6-year-old, Carson.

I'm still baffled

One eggplant is flowering nicely
I don't know if it will be ready for harvesting
before we leave though

The tomatoes are happy!

Meagan gave us a heads up that there would be about 15 little ones and their parents. 😊 We won’t stay long, methinks! We dressed in our jeans, even though it was a hot day, and we rode Jazz down the road. I’d listened to Carson and his brother on their dirt bikes all morning so we decided to show them ours. Ha ha.

I was happy to see white hosta flowers
A nice change from the usual purple 

King of the castle
Ever wondered why birds perch on the tallest branch?

Meagan met us with hugs and we were introduced to many young people, 3 sets of parents (in-laws plus step parents), and about 6 large friendly dogs. The place was buzzing. 😊 They have lots of room for the overnight, shelter tents and a parent’s trailer. 

This is actually Carson's little brother, Colton,
opening some gifts too.
I remember doing that for our children

The family dogs
Luna is on the left, Gibbs' furry 'fighter'

It was nice to be included and after a tour of the house and chit chat for about 90 minutes, I slipped into my boots and leather jacket and we went for a bike ride for a couple of hours. It was perfect weather.

A few places on our ride
Mount Forest


Clifford wins the prize for the most
gorgeous flowers along the Main street

Prettiest town in Ontario?
So the sign says

It does have some pretty cool looking
buildings, of which are still in business

On the way home, we were hungry around 5 so stopped at our favourite stop, Jenny G’s, for fish and chips. Oh my, they were very good. Back home, we felt exhausted so cat-napped for half hour. 

There was a Harvard flying over
It wasn't easy to catch a moving target in that
blue sky on a moving motorcycle!

Are the kids ready to go back?
I'm sure it's 50/50

Droool, this was delicious!

A selfie on the bike
Not a halo, just bright sun behind me 😂

Bill slept and Gibbs and I rested. I can never drop off so easily in the afternoon. We were having a campfire tonight so invited Donna and Gerry over around 7. It started out to be a very calm night but by 10, the winds from the south were cool on our backs.

Gibbs was a little imp around the fire
Good thing we love him
He went inside around 9:30 and went to bed. 💗

Long post, many pictures, a day late.
Good night!

This was a busy but good day for all of us. 

My big sister is having a birthday today. Happy Birthday, Gayle!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Happy Birthday Gayle!! Boy does your garden look good. Nothing like fresh home grown tomatoes. I can't wait for cooler weather to show up here. Yup everyone went back to school over a week ago. It's about time we got back to "normal".

    1. Thank you for the wishes for my sister and the garden comment. I am surprised that the tomatoes seem to grow no matter what!
      Our kids don't go back until Sept. 6th. after Labour Day.

  2. Happy Birthday to Gayle!
    Wow that was a chilly morning, we haven't quite hit that low yet. Sounds like a really great day.

    1. Thank you for the wishes for Gayle. :) Yes, it feels chilly after all the heat we've had and then during the day, we are right back up to the high 20's. Weird, like Arizona weather!

  3. Sacramento weather can have big variances. There have been days we run the heater in the morning and the AC in the afternoon. How nice to be invited to the neighbor's party.

    1. I suppose it is similar in many places. Thanks Elva, we are not alone then! It was very nice to be invited. We feel quite comfortable with our neighbours now. :)