Monday, August 29, 2022

An Easy Going Sunday Together

The Ridge

We were up together around 7 on Sunday, Aug. 28th. It was going to be another hot, humid day for us with temperatures hovering around 30C/86F with the humidity factored in. The morning was warm but windy so Bill had no plans to go flying today. We had our morning tea and coffee and I think Bill had cereal.

Before we went to Owen Sound, our little boy
had been rolling in goose poop or something???
He had to have a bath before he was allowed
in Ptooties. 

We’d planned a drive to Owen Sound for dog food and to check out the bark collars. Also in the same plaza, Princess Auto was calling Bill’s name with an item on sale for the last day. 😊 Yes, Gibbs got to go for the drive. He seems anxious for the first 15 minutes, whining, but then settles right down. Not sure where that came from. We try to ignore the behaviour but reward when he quietens.

It's a tad blurry, but I love roads like this,
especially our back roads, with the trees
meeting over top. 
I have a different opinion when we are pulling the Suite. 

In Pet Smart, he was like a little kid in a toy store. I’m not sure if it was all the goodies or just the “I’m allowed in a store!!” excitement. He was funny and touched noses and sniffed the butt of another little munchkin. 😊 We were very hesitant about the collar, as I’m sure everyone is, but after being assured that it would not hurt him, we chose a middle-of-the-road (price) one and felt confident it would work.

It didn't take the clothes long to dry today

Back home, we had some lunch and Bill got the collar fitted to the little guy’s neck. He sat so patiently while Daddy adjusted it. It seems quite bulky under his chin but after the first ‘what the heck, Dad?’ moment, he didn’t seem to notice it. The first test was a bark that ended quickly with a beep and Gibbs jumped in a circle trying to figure where it came from. No yelp, so we know it didn’t hurt. He stopped barking though and the rest of the afternoon went quietly.

With his new collar on,
he lays in the Bunky beside Mama
Too hot outside today

One bark and he would stop and that is perfect for us. It isn’t going to be on him after bedtime and only for a maximum of 12 hours, according to the instructions. Eventually, we’re believing this will not be necessary for him to wear, he’ll learn. Fingers crossed. I worked on the puzzle while Gibbs laid inside under the table and then we went out to the shade when my eyes grew heavy too. 😉

This was a wonderful meal
I need to buy more of these ribs 💖

We were back in the hammock for a while and then came inside to start supper. It was a great Sunday meal. Pork ribs in Madame IP, all spiced up nicely, then browned with sweet and sour sauce on the grill mat on the Weber Q. I had potatoes for the bbq as well and mixed vegetables inside. It was delicious! Just enough ribs so we could finish off with some Butter Pecan ice cream for dessert.

It was a pretty sky 
See Bill's light on down at the Hangar?
It's pitch black when he walks up at 11.

Bill went to the Hangar after making his lunch and Gibbs and I were in bed at 9. I don’t know why I was so tired. The heat of the day, maybe. Gibbs did bark at Bill when he came up at 11, but he didn’t have the collar on by then. We’ll get there! This was a nice relaxing day together as a family.

This made me laugh because our last 
Cockapoo, Clemson, was afraid of the water too
Good night!

Thank you for popping around.


  1. I love those rural roads through the woods too!

  2. We used the collar on our Maltese and it was great. When he barked we would say no bark when it beeped. After 2 weeks without the collar the no bark command worked every time. He would look at the other yappy dogs in the campground like shut up. Good luck !

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I will start saying that. Appreciate your advice more than you know.

  3. Gibbs is a smart pup so I'm sure a bit of time with the collar and he'll have it all figured out.
    I think I would enjoy a drive down those country roads. Living in southern Saskatchewan, we don't have many roads that look like that.

    1. Thankyou Maebeme. Fingers crossed.
      The country roads are lovely.

  4. One time we went to visit Granny Ann in her LTC residence. We were horrified to see the old dears being served beans and weenies for lunch. I marched into the managers office to raise a stink but she soon set me straight. She said there would be a riot if that wasn't on the lunch menu once a week!