Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Rain Never Came, Wrong Again!

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Aug. 16th we woke to semi clear skies. It was only 13C/56F but, with no wind, it was very pleasant. Gibbs had Bill up at 5 to go out, so he must’ve had to go! They got up around 6:30 and I wasn’t too long after. I was out the door at 7 to get my cleaning done.

Before I get onto today's pictures,
I just have to share last night's beautiful sky

I noticed that 3 or 4 of the ‘tagged’ washers had signs missing, so assuming they were repaired, I tested 2 and all was well. I’m guessing the other 4 need parts. I signed the calendar in their ‘office’ and left for home. The place was pretty spotless. 😊 If I do say so myself. Back home, Gibbs and I had a run around the immediate area, well, he ran, and we came inside until 9 when we went for a walk.

Gorgeous, huh?

At 9:25, I drove around the corner to the shop. I didn’t work in the auto shop today, first I figured out the Kijiji problem and then painted a newly constructed wall. It isn’t easy painting plywood because of the grooves in the wood but it did look better. These are not first or second-class rooms by any means but if M can get decent renters, it will be just fine for a couple of tenants, short or long term.

My quesadilla was yummy
Which reminds me that I need to buy more tortillas

Back home, I made a fried quesadilla with veggies, meat and eggs. I made enough for 2 days so tomorrow will be easy. Lazing around for an hour was nice with my little charmer and then we went out to the Bunky. It didn’t take long to finish the puzzle and then we stretched out on the hammock for 15 minutes. Gibbs’ nose was in the air breathing in the smells but didn’t budge.

It's so cute!!

When we came inside, I made some of the keto chocolate chip cookies that we both enjoyed. They turned out just as nice. 😊 Bill was home by 4 and after relaxing until 6, I started supper preparations. I started cooking some rice and making a stir fry while Bill lit the Weber and grilled the Pork souvlaki kabobs. Supper was delicious and great for a change. Thank you to a lady at the flea market and Kim for the idea.

Our time in the hammock was peaceful
Security Gibbs was on duty

After loading the dishwasher and washing the pans by hand, Bill made his lunch and Gibbs and I worked on my blog. He still likes to sit behind me waiting for the chance to sit on my lap. In between watching Dad with the cheese. That’s the enticement for him to eat sometimes and like our other little rascal, Clemson, he loves it. 

Supper was good too!

Today was another good one. Bill and Billy were close by on the job (Happy Birthday, Billy!) and that’s nice when he can take Black Beauty to work. We didn't get the rain storm that was called for by those who 'should know' those things. Bill said he got about 30 minutes of rain where he was and we got about 10 minutes here. As I write this, the sky is blue and shows no signs of precipitation. 

I needed one more picture so this is from
Aug. 16th, 2018
The Hangar had just been erected and Bill
was adding his own touches
Good night!

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  1. Beautiful sunset pics, and that's a wonderful shot of Gibbs (so handsome after his clipping a while back), and the puzzle was a pretty one! You're still enticing me with those quesadillas, smart that you made extra.

    1. Thank you, Gibbs takes great pictures. Always, I'm jealous!! haha
      I do love the quesadillas.

  2. It's funny how the "kids" are always on the watch for intruders. Cooper is now growling at the garbage cans out front. Great puzzle ... I'm bringing you a 1,000 piece box. You are welcome to throw it away if you wish!! LOL

    1. I know about the watchfulness, our protectors! ♥
      Gibbs growls at the funniest obstacles too, those garbage cans can be dangerous you know! I'll take the puzzle! I might need help with it though, hint hint.

  3. It rained here again this morning and we have thunderstorms in the forecast. I do hope it heads your direction soon.

    1. Thank you for the rain showers, we finally got some and everything is happy because of it. :)