Sunday, August 14, 2022

And Then They Were Gone, Quiet Afternoon

The Ridge

On Saturday, Aug. 13th things happened, kind of in sequence. Bill had said goodbye to our company as he knew his plan was to be up, pack a lunch and on his way around 7:30. He slept in, we all did, longer than he’d hoped, but it wasn’t too much after that when he left. No cleaning for me today so I took my slow old time getting moving.

while they were all together, it was time
for a picture

the Wilsons' leave first

It felt quite chilly inside the Suite but the sun was out full so I went out to see how it was. Kim and Ken began packing up around after 9 and I puttered by putting the chair cushions out, boiling and filling the hummer feeders. George has seen them around and when I saw one in our tree out front, I filled 3 to encourage their return. It’s my fault they vacated for a while. I also filled my one regular seed feeder and the finch container. 😊 They should all be happy now for a couple of days.

George took the dogs to the field for a run
and a tustle

I had my shower and after the Wilsons’ left around 11:30, I think, Gibbs and I went out. George wandered around with Gigi mostly, around the fields, and Gibbs ran back and forth trying to encourage Mom to join. I was just sitting with my coffee and was quite content. Rose and George were also packing up to go and around 1, they, too, pulled out. It always seems so quiet when our company leaves, whether it be 1 or 2 rv’s.

Rose and George left just after lunch

I didn’t put ‘the dreaded’ sign out, Kim and Ken know it well, although Bill threatened to a couple of times. It always gets a laugh but I doubt it will ever be necessary to put it outside anyone’s door! We had a great week. We don’t have to change any regular routines, everyone does what they want mostly and we get together at Happy Hour. No pressure on anyone and that works best for all of us.

Here's the sign that has brought many
I think it keeps guests in line. 😂😂😂😂

M had called around noon needing some help with an app on his phone so I went over at 1:30 and it took a few short minutes to fix the problem. He took me on a walk through of the boarding rooms/apartment that his brother and friend are continuing to work on. It is coming along and maybe Monday I’ll paint a couple of doors at the entrance. I don’t know if he’ll ever get it rented again but he’ll have much better control when he does.

Garden fare, rhubarb still?

I needed to grind some of my coffee beans
from Patty & Duncan

I got my puzzle out
It's a small 550 piece one this time

Bill was home around 2, I think. You can tell I’m on vacation, time isn’t as important this week. 😊 He’d taken his lunch as I mentioned so we relaxed together for a bit before I went out to start one of the puzzles I bought at the thrift store. It should be fun! Bill worked on his big plane in the Hangar for most of the rest of the day and quite enjoyed himself. No, we didn’t meet for Happy Hour, I had a tea in the Bunky and he had a Zero Coke while he ‘worked/played’.

Finally, the field behind us is being harvested
It sure wasn't pretty anymore!

Thankfully, it wasn't windy and we didn't get
any crop dust

We consume more alcohol when company is here and that is fun but on our own, we seldom crack the bottles. It was bittersweet to see everyone leave but that’s just the way it is. We enjoy our friends very much and appreciate that they enjoy coming enough to pull away from their home bases to come and visit. We also enjoy our own time even though we aren’t always side by side.

I'll have lots of cherry tomatoes soon

I did getsome gladiolas from my bulbs
but I kept forgetting to take a picture!

For supper, Bill grilled steak and potatoes while I made asparagus and corn inside. Yum, that was like a Sunday meal and it was delicious. 

Yummy supper

Bill went to the Hangar and Gibbs and I went up to watch tv upstairs around 9.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open and felt chilly so I crawled under the covers. I still saw and heard midnight glowing on the ceiling but didn’t watch any complete programs the whole time. LOL This was a nice day. Gibbs is lost. He can't figure out where everyone went, especially his new sweetheart, Gigi. 💓

Bill got his drone out for the yearly Ridge photo

Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. It sounds like you had a great time with friends. We have had all our kids here for the last week and they all left this morning so now I have time to catch up on blogs :-)

  2. Loved the sign. Sounds like everyone had a great time.

  3. Always nice having fun when friends come to visit.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. What an awesome photo from the drone. I'm sure there is a little sadness to see your friends leave, but now you can look forward to their next visit. :)