Thursday, August 18, 2022

A Pretty Busy Day, The Rains Arrived, Meeting the Family

The Ridge

It is Wednesday, Hump Day, Aug. 17th, and we are witnessing another summer month flying by. Wow! It is incredible how quickly time passes. I do admit that Bill and I have been busier this summer than last, at least I have been, (he is always busy with work) so working most mornings does have a play in August’s speed. 😊 

Thunder storms can be threatening and scary at times,
but today's was minor, brought a nice rain and gave
me fodder for beautiful pictures. πŸ’“

In some ways, I’m a bit saddened that we are both working so much because it takes away from things around home. However, we are enjoying reaping the rewards of our labouring so we’re not complaining. The pay is a real bonus towards our winter travel and we’ll need all we can get with the fuel prices. We’re not staying home because of it! Today, Bill left with Black Beauty to Grey Bruce Fleet services. It was time for a ‘checkup’ to get our yellow sticker for the large truck. Another good reason for the extra money coming in. Billy was meeting him there to drive him to their work site in Durham. 

The grass is cut and we're just waiting for the downpour

And it came so we closed the awnings and hustled inside
No need to close the windows though, nor the screen door.

When he'd left and I'd finished my tea, I vacuumed and washed the floors. It was about time. After hand washing the Norwex pieces used and our placemats, I hung them on the line. Then, Gibbs and I went for a walk, very watchful. When Bill took him out at 6, they both spotted a black and white critter that wasn’t a cat! It was in the neighbour’s field, the other side of the fence. He'll be in hiding during the day, I'm sure. We might be using our live trap yet and Gibbs will be on his leash first thing in the morning and last piddle at night. πŸ˜•It was too close a call for Bill. Yes, Gibbs chased him.

A nice walk before work at 9:30

A dahlia in bloom and another one close

The hummers are crazy over their food!
3 and 4 at a time
Time to boil more!

I left for work at M’s at 9:30. Today, I was working on Mike’s truck, which is getting really close to painting. The front bumper needed sanding as did a few spots on the roof that M had putty filled.  He was back and forth from shop to apartment, trying to find a leak in the shower. I left him to it and worked pretty steady on the truck. I finished my shift by lightly sanding the primed hood and fenders. When I got home, I had my quesadilla for lunch and then Gibbs and I went outside.

Not afraid of the rumbling, Gibbs curls up in my chair

I got my mower out and got my area of grass cut just in time. The thunder rumbled and black clouds moved overhead from the northeast while I was cutting but I’d put the mower away and Gibbs and I sat on the step watching and waiting for the onslaught. It was a nice rain, actually, heavy enough but not threatening and there were no winds. I don’t mind ‘storms’ like that. 😊 

Then the sky changed altogether
The storm is over, for us.
Gerry said later that they were getting it.

Yesterday, M sent me home with a container of homemade chili for our supper. I’d already planned our meal last night and since we’re having company later, this is the perfect night for a quick meal. The heavy rain stopped and then a few minutes later, it was like the epilogue of a book when it returned briefly, much lighter.

A quick and easy supper

The blue sky returned behind some white fluffies but boy it was still. Only a twitch of wind rustled the tree tops. Bill was home early around 3, from the Acreage, after he and Billy completed the gazebo for Donna and Gerry. They will be happy to see it done. The chili was very good, I had mine on the leftover white rice from last night and Bill had his on toast. We finished off the cherry Jell-o for dessert and yes, it jiggled naturally. 😊

Waiting outside for company I took a picture
of my plentiful geraniums
beside our Arizona spinner

My new laundromat bosses, Kaitlyn, Sandy and the 3 boys arrived shortly after 7. I’d only met K so it was nice for us all to get a chance to meet. The boys are a handful, very inquisitive, but what else do you expect from 5- to 7-year-olds? It was fun watching them run around with Gibbs, even though they were a little timid of him. He was having fun too. We showed them around, got to know them and visa versa. Bill got the drone out for a spin and gave them a sneak peek into his ‘planes’ trailer. 

It was a beautiful evening

Typical little boys and they were a joy
So many questions, I didn't know who to answer first πŸ˜‚

Gibbs rested at the top of the hill
while the boys encouraged Kaitlyn to join them
She tossed her shoes too and then ran up and down a few times

It was past their bedtime, I know, when they left at 8:30. I’m glad they weren’t shy, all 3 showed no hesitation to hold my hand after getting to know me. 😊 I guess I’m missing my grandchildren being that age. They will sleep well tonight after being in camp all day – ahem, so will Kaitlyn after running up and down the hill with them!

a two part collage here
Top: Gibbs off to the side, watching the 'get set'
Bottom: But on the 'Go!' he ran and beat them all up the hill
They loved it! πŸ’“πŸ’“
I enjoyed the evening with this little family
Good night!

This has been a great day with a nice ending. Thank you for your visit!


  1. Oh, I'm glad you finally got some rain. And especially without a wicked wind.
    Nice too, that you had a chance to meet your new employers and their entire family. I bet Gibbs enjoyed the fun!

    1. thank you for sending the rain! :)
      Gibbs a lot of fun and the boys got used to him. He thinks all their gestures mean they want him to play.